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Chapter 4

It has been a bad few days for both Danny and Aiden.

Aiden had not spoken to Danny ever since the day she threw the engagement ring in his face.

Danny, however, had tried every way possible to talk to her. But every time he tried, she will just turn her back and walk away, with no intention to listen to him.

They have yet to draw a case together and Danny hoped he will be able to talk to her someway if they do.

Aiden's cold shoulder towards Danny did not go unnoticed by their colleagues, especially Mac, Stella and Flack.

They had never seen Danny so miserable since, well, since never. Weird though, since they had been so happy together a few days back.

Stella was walking past the lab rooms when she spotted Aiden in the layout room, going through some evidence.

After a moment's hesitation, she went in, "Hey, Aiden,"

Aiden looked up, "Oh, hey…" then went back to her evidence.

On closer inspection, Stella noticed that Aiden looked very tired and sad. Cautiously, she asked, "So, um, how's Danny?"

There was a long silence. Stella thought Aiden wasn't going to answer her, then-

"He's a real big lying bastard!"

Taken aback, Stella raised her eyebrows, "Why? What's he done?"

"Freakin' two-timer! A few days with me and 'bam'! Trades me in for a new model!"

Stella frowned, "You saw-?"

"Damn right, with this blonde bimbo! I saw it with my own eyes!"

"Really? Well… that doesn't seem like Danny," said Stella.

"That pig! Who knows what he would or would not do?"

"You asked him about it?"

Aiden hesitated, then said, "No… but it was pretty obvious, wasn't it?"

Stella sighed, "It could all be a misunderstanding… Why not hear Danny's side of the story?"

But even as Stella said that, she knew that Aiden was too stubborn to do so. Aiden did not say anything. Stella noted that Aiden wasn't wearing the ring Danny gave her.

With a wry smile, "Look, I'm just saying… you and Danny are great for each other. Don't let it slip away so easily…"

She gave Aiden a pet on the shoulder and left, leaving Aiden with disturbed thoughts.

Aiden returned home to her apartment. She sighed, at this time last week, Danny and she would be out for a dinner date.

Suddenly feeling tears burn her eyes, she turned to her answering machine, a new message.

She pressed the play button, "Hey, Aiden… Look-"

Aiden turned it off the moment she recognized the voice.

She had to admit, she missed Danny a lot. But after all this, how could she forgive him?

She turned on the radio, just to take her mind of Danny. A catchy tune was just starting and Aiden just closed her eyes and listened. (A/N: Smirk, try and recognize the song before I tell. Oh, I don't own it either…)

Hey, time won't wait,

Life goes by,

Every day's a brand new sky,

Every tear, comes to dry…

All that really matters in this crazy world,

Is you and I together, baby just remember,

The first leaves of the tree,

The way you look at me,

A thousand chiming church bells ring,

The simple things are free,

The sun, the moon, the stars,

The beating of two hearts,

How I love the simple things, the simple things just are.

So, here we go,

Let's just dance,

Teach my soul to take this chance,

Put my heart, in your-

Aiden turned off the radio as well. The lyrics were too painful for Aiden to bear. Hundreds of memories seem to flood into Aiden's mind.

"Clever girl!" "Shut up!"

"We are the Andersons,"

"Put you on the hood?"

'Wall of the Worms…"

"My Italian grandfather,"

She couldn't hold it in anymore. All alone, Aiden let the tears flow down.

The next morning, Aiden entered the lab and headed over to the reception area to sign in.

As she was signing the form, someone came up beside her and said, "Excuse me, I'm here to see Danny Messer?"

The female voice was vaguely familiar and Aiden looked up.

Out of nowhere, new anger flooded through Aiden's veins, it's that blondie who came between Danny and her!

The girl must have felt Aiden's gaze because she turned and looked at Aiden's startled face. Surprisingly, her face broke into an easy grin, "Aiden Burn, right?"

Seeing nothing else to do, Aiden stared coldly back while giving her a slow and wary nod.

The girl's face turned sheepish, "I guess I should apologize… I must be the cause of you being angry at Danny,"

Aiden wanted to reply with a forceful, "Damn right, you crazy woman!" but instead, she said, "What?" blankly.

The girl raised an eyebrow, "Danny told me, you're angry at him because of me…"

This time, Aiden found her voice, "And you still have the guts to come here and say it to my face! What? Taunting me now? Sure, alright, you got Danny, you won!"

The girl stared at her, and Aiden stared back. After a moment, the girl burst out laughing, "I won? Woah up there! Who says I won anything? You can have Danny, I wouldn't want him!"

Aiden suddenly felt another wave of anger but for different reasons, "You wouldn't want him? What, so you're just using him? You're planning to dump him when you get bored? Let me just get this straight, missy, Danny deserves better!"

The girl looked blank for a moment, then she held up both hands, "Ok… I think there's a huge misunderstanding going on here. Why don't we start all over?"

Aiden crossed her arms as the girl put out a hand for her to shake.

"I'm Denise Messer…"

Aiden could have choked. "Messer?"

Denise simply smiled.

Aiden gasped, "You're… Danny's s-sister?"

Denise grinned, "Little sister…"

All of a sudden, everything made sense to Aiden. She could suddenly see the huge resemblance; Denise had Danny's crystal-blue eyes, Danny's easy grin, Danny's exact New York accent, Danny's easy-going attitude. How could Aiden have been so stupid!

Aiden put a hand to her forehead, "I am so, so sorry…"

Denise said, "Hey, no problem. But I think someone else needs your forgiveness more then anything else…"

Aiden nodded and practically skipped off to find Danny. She walked from room to room and finally found Danny in the locker room, bent over, and tying his shoelace.

He looked up and his eyes met Aiden's.

Catching her breath, Aiden said, "Your sister?"

"My sister…"

Aiden couldn't find anything to say.

"Guess I should have told you I have one, huh?"

Aiden gasped, "Hell, yeah!" And she gave him a mighty hit on the arm.

"Ow! Is that anyway to threat your hubby?"

"Don't push it, Danny…"

"Ok," grinned Danny.

There was a moment's silence, then, "So… I'm still gonna be your hubby?"


"Hey, just checking!"

"If you behave, yeah…"

"Yay! Then, I believe this belongs to you…" Danny took out the ring from his pocket and slipped it back onto its rightful place on Aiden's finger.

"My ring!"

"Your ring? Who paid for the damn thing?'

"Ok, you want to wear it? You can even wear the wedding gown on the day…"

"Sorry, dear…"

"That's better,"

Without another word, Danny captured Aiden's lips in his own and they shared a long awaited kiss.

At that time, Mac and Stella walked past and they both smiled.

Stella said, "Sweet isn't it?"

Mac shrugged, "Maybe now we can finally get some work done…"

Stella rolled her eyes and they left, leaving the couple alone to enjoy each other's company.

The first leaves of the tree,

The way you look at me,

A thousand chiming church bells ring,

The simple things are free,

The sun, the moon, the stars,

The beating of two hearts,

How I love the simple things,

The simple things just are…


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A thousand chiming church bells ring,

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