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Chapter One

Kagome ran through the forest as fast as she could. 'Why do I always go back to him when he breaks my heart over and over again?'

Kagome had just come back from her era. 'I wonder where Inu-Yasha is?' She pondered about this for a moment and shrugged. 'He's probably at Kaede's village'

Kagome ran to the village as fast as she could carrying her huge back pack. Once she got the village she saw that Inu-Yasha was not there. She went over to Kaede's hut finding Sango and an unconscious Miroku on the floor.

"Welcome back Kagome." Sango went over and hugged Kagome. She returned the hug.

"Hey Sango. Have you seen Inu-Yasha anywhere?"

"He said he would be at the bone eaters well waiting for you." Kagome stared at Sango.

"Oh. I must've missed him while I was looking around for him. I'll be right back." Kagome started walking out the hut.

"Be careful Kagome." Kagome turned around at the door and smiled at Sango.

"I will." She than turned around and started walking towards the bone eaters well. While walking down the path she heard muffled voices. She followed the noise to see Inu-Yasha hugging Kikyo.

"I will always love you Kikyo. I don't care if your dead you will be my one and only love." Inu-Yasha looked down at Kikyo.

"What about Kagome?" Kikyo looked up.

"What about her?"

"She would kill me when she gets the chance if I join your group."

"If she does she will pay."

Kagome stood up at this with tears streaming down her face.

"Inu-Yasha how could you?" She turned around and started running.

"Shit" Inu-Yasha started running after her.

"Kagome please wait!" Inu-Yasha was right behind her.

"Why should I why don't you go back to you beloved Kikyo?" Inu-Yasha grabbed her hand and hugged her.

"Kagome…" he sighed. Kagome pushed away from him.

"What the HELL Inu-Yasha? Why do you do that? You tell me you love me than you go to Kikyo and tell her you love her! Than after I see you with her all the time you come to me hug me and say I love you more than I love her! I believed you all the time! Do you like playing with my feelings? Everytime I catch you with Kikyo you tell me the same thing over and over! I'm tired of it Inu-Yasha! SIT….. sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit SIT!" There was a huge crater with Inu-Yasha in the middle. Kagome turned around once again and started running away. This was the last time Inu-Yasha ever played with her feelings again.

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