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Chapter Seven

The following days went on as usual. Sango and Miroku healed and would sometimes accompany Kagome to the dojo. They would train with each other too as the Lord of the Western Lands and their friend sparred. Inu-Yasha would be caught walking around the outskirts of the castle or even inside it just sitting around. But they found him doing something else that they never would expect. Inu-Yasha just kept on throwing out surprises.

The sounds of fighting and clashing weapons had the three running out to the dojo. Throwing the doors opened they saw Shippou and Rin sitting against the wall cheering for who they wanted to win. Inside, was Inu-Yasha and Sesshomaru in an all out 'battle'.

"What are you two doing!?" Kagome ran out between them as she screamed at them for fighting. "I thought you guys were going to give a peaceful relationship a try!" Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha stopped their fight. Sesshomaru stood straight letting out even breaths as Inu-Yasha breathed heavily. That's when they noticed it. Neither of them were using their own swords. They were using regular bokken, wooden swords, not Tensiega or Tetsaiga. Inu-Yasha took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"What does it look like we're doing! We're sparring is all." He huffed as he rested the sword on his shoulder much like he does with the Tetsaiga. Kagome blinked. Sparring? They were actually having a friendly sparring match with each other? What?

"Aw! We never got to see who won!" Shippou pouted seeing how the fight was stopped.

"Sesshomaru-sama would've beat Inu-Yasha! Rin was right!" Rin smiled as she punched the air with one of her hands.

"What! No way! Inu-Yasha was doing great! He would've won, not Lord Sesshomaru!" Shippou puffed out his chest as he spoke for Inu-Yasha.



"You two," Kagome intervened. Shippou and Rin immediately shut their mouths. "Stop and lets go get some lunch." At the sound of food the two bolted up and ran out of the dojo totally forgetting about their argument earlier. Ah… being young...

After a fairly peaceful lunch with the occasional fight between Sesshomaru and Inu-Yasha and Miroku and Sango, they went on with their own little schedules. Sesshomaru went to his office to deal with the affairs of the Western Lands. Inu-Yasha would leave and go do whatever he was doing. Sango and Miroku would be exploring the castle or staying with Kagome as she took care of the little kids. Just the regular the days…

Iris sat on her own throne in the field with the basin of water in front of her. She sighed in boredom as she closed her eyes trying to think of what her sister was planning. Why did her sister blacken Inu-Yasha's heart? Why did her sister lead him to Kago…? Oh no… Iris furrowed her eyebrows as she replayed everything she saw in the basin. She couldn't possibly… she wasn't thinking… Opening her eyes she flowed to the basin and stared into it.

"Lord Sesshomaru's castle please." The water shimmered at first before showing her the image of the castle. Everything was at peace. She bit her bottom lip. Was she… just being paranoid? Thinking a little harder she tried to remember the other people Seri had taken from the light, people she had tainted. "Naraku." The water shimmered again before showing the real Naraku speeding through the forest with his demon army. "Where are they going?" This was what she feared. It took her back to where she asked at the beginning. Seri was doing what she frightened of.

Kagome numbly played with the Shikon Jewel that hung around her neck. Just a little more. A little more and it'll be complete once and for all. Then she'd be able to grant Inu-Yasha's wish and then… and then… What happened afterwards? Would she go back home? To her time? Forever? Leaving everyone she met here behind? She couldn't do that. She'd have to come up with a way. They could come with her. Or… She could…stay here. She let out a sigh. She'd decide when the time came. No time to be worrying about it right now. A shrill shriek overhead made her look up from the kids as they tortured poor Jaken. It was that falcon. Iris' falcon, Sen was it? What was wrong with him? He flew in a wide circle around the castle screeching and crying out. Everyone looked out of the windows at what was causing the noise. Sesshomaru stepped out onto the balcony connected to his office. Inu-Yasha stared through the branches of the trees he was sitting in. Miroku and Sango looked out of a window and up into the sky. Shippou and Rin even looked up distracted from their game. The screeching continued as Sen flew around warning them of what was coming. That's when it hit.

The almost newly repaired front gate exploded by the troupe of demons running through. The guards and even servants pulled out weapons and began fighting back the demons.

"Jaken, take Shippou and Rin somewhere safe." Jaken didn't need to be told twice. It wasn't because Kagome ordered it, but it was because Sesshomaru had already given him the job of protecting them and also because they were growing on him a little.

Jaken took Shippou and Rin with him inside the castle to somewhere safer than outside. Kagome stood outside unsheathing the sword she was given by Sesshomaru and began to hack at the demons.

She was soon joined by Inu-Yasha and his Tetsaiga, Miroku, Kirara, and Sango with her hiraikotsu. Beside her she could feel Kitsuki's presence watching her back as she fought against the demons occasionally letting out a few bursts of her purification power. Sesshomaru came as well with Tojikin out and ready easily slicing through at least twenty demons in a white blur. Kagome would have admired it but she didn't have time for that. A light laughter carried itself across the castle. It was both a woman and a man.

"Give us the Shikon Jewel!" Naraku himself appeared through the torn gate.

"And we'll promise you a quick death." Seri floated above them with an evil smirk on her face.

"Seri!" Iris appeared in a flash of light behind her sister. "Enough of this!"

"No!" The darkness around Seri swelled around her as she sped towards her sister. "I'm tired of you telling me what to do!" Above in the sky, in a battle of their own, Seri and Iris, light and darkness, fought in a cloud of lightening, fire, water, and earth while Sesshomaru, Kagome, and everyone else fought below. The demons continued to poor into the courtyard of the castle. There just seemed to be too many for them. When they killed one two more took their place. They just seemed to keep on multiplying.

"I'm growing tired of this. Move!" Naraku threw his own men out of the way as he went over towards Kagome bent on getting the Shikon Jewel himself. Kagome stabbed a demon through the eye in a clean strike before whipping it out and cutting a few more down at their necks and chests. Sesshomaru glanced at Kagome seeing how fluently she moved. So was Inu-Yasha the thing that made her pause to think of? Grunting, he let out his golden whip cutting down the group of demons around him. That little thought seemed to anger him a little, but he had no time for that. Think later, fight now.

"Kagome!" Kagome looked up hearing Shippou's voice, when she did, however, she was greeted with the site of a huge twin headed dragon flying above them, Ah-Un. On his back sat Rin steering and handling Ah-Un, Shippou, and Jaken. They landed on a couple of the demons before attacking some themselves. Rin pointed out demons to dragon who happily cut them down with his claws or whipped them with his tail.

"Fox fire!" A stream of the blue fire caught a couple of demons ablaze, but not really doing much damage. However, Jaken whisked his Staff of Heads out and burned the demons to a crisp using its own fire attack while they were distracted by the small fox's fire. They all shouted with joy as they continued their part of the fight. Kagome couldn't help but smile even though they seemed a little too violent for their age.

"Watch out!" Kitsuki screamed as she pushed Kagome out of the way. It was then at Naraku lashed out his tentacles striking Kitsuki hard on the side making her fly against the stone castle walls.

"Kitsuki!" Kagome turned on Naraku emitting her power making a white lit glow around her. He began to tsk.

"Tsk, tsk, little miko. Give me-"

"Shut up!" 'Give me the Shikon Shards!' Give me the Shikon Jewel or I won't hesitate to kill you.' 'Hand them over little miko or else you'll suffer a horrible fate.' The light around her spiked and flashed. "I'm tired of you all saying that!" The sword she held fused with the light making the blade become a pure snow white. She charged at him not acting like the old Kagome at all as she hacked at his tentacles. At first, Naraku was a little overconfident with her doing this. A little human girl like her couldn't take down the great Naraku.


Oh so wrong.

In a blur Kagome suddenly appeared face to face with Naraku.

"Die." She plunged her sword deep into his stomach letting loose of her purification power that she let build up on it. Naraku let out a loud yell as he was slowly burned from the inside out. In the same white blur she moved herself and all of her friends out of the way as Naraku burst into colorless flames. The demons that were closest to him also caught fire and ran about screaming trying to put it out. The others ran away from the display seeing the great lord fall to such power. Hearing the sounds of battle diminish, the fight in the sky also stopped. Seri looked down at the castle enraged.

"I'm not going to lose!" She sped down to the ground towards an almost collapsed Kagome. "I'm not!" A clawed hand struck her hard on the cheek right before she collided with Kagome. With the speed she was going at she fell hard on the ground right next to them. Sesshomaru stood there staring down at the weak girl. Seri rotated her jaw a bit as she held a protective hand over the reddening cheek. "How DARE you!" She was met with the tip of a blade between her eyes.

"Don't." Iris landed on the ground lightly as she took a step towards Sesshomaru. He didn't look up at her. "Don't kill her." He glanced towards her but didn't lower the sword.

"Seri and Iris. They are the yin and yang of the world, the balance. If you kill Seri, darkness, you'll be putting the whole world into chaos." Miroku easily explained.

"Please. I'll take care of her." Iris held her hands to her chest eyeing her sister deadly. Sesshomaru, albeit hesitant, lowered his sword from Seri's face.

"Hm." Iris smiled.

"Thank you." Seri smirked before she began to laugh.

"I'm not going down that easily." Snapping her own fingers a small crystal appeared in her hands.

"Seri don't you do it." Iris looked panicked as she ran towards her sister.

"I told you. You aren't going to be telling me what to do anymore." Pinching it between her fingers she blew at it lightly letting the darkness inside grow and grow.

She screamed.

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