Aiel: Ok. my friend Ekari Turone is gonna be writing this story! eeee!

Ekari: ok, here goes!

Cosmo floats out on stage

Cosmo...Come to the Dark side...We have cookies!

Cosmo looks very happy. " You have cookies! Wait, is there milk?"

Yes, there is, just sit in that chair right there

"Okie-dokey!" Cosmo floated and sat on the chair. Chains sprang out and prevented him from flying..

Know Your stars...Know Your Stars...Know Your Stars...

Cosmo Interupts: "Why did you trap me!" He poofs out of the chains, then back into them "I mean, Houdini couldn't get outta this!"

Cosmo...He's really Jorgan Von Strangle, Toughest Fairie in the universe.

Jorgan pops in..."No he is not! this is the moron that sank atlantis THREE TIMES! my mighty muscles were very annoyed!" Binky pops in, looking sore "I'll say" Jorgan leaves

Cosmo just looks at the fly hovering around him...

Cosmo...He's Albert Einstien in disguise...

"I am? Cool!" cosmo says. "FEAR MY THEORY OF RELITIVATION"Cosmo yells out.

No you're not!

You should never lie about my brain!

Cosmo...He hates pudding...


Yea-huh! Cosmo...The best wish granter ever!

"I am? Yay! Snowball!" He waves his wand and the three-headed-fire-breathing hybrid appears and destroys the set!

Now You know...Cosmo

"HEY!" Cosmo yelled "ARENT YOU GONNA LET ME OUTTA HERE! I MEAN COME ON! YOU'D HAVE TO BE A GENIOUS TO GET OUTTA HERE! RRRR!" Cosmo says as he poofs in and out of the chains. Wanda comes in and shines a flashlight in Cosmo's face, Cosmo looks guilty and says "Coma...?"

Ekari: Ok, Chip Skylark up next! yayzies! Read Ekari Turone's story "Fire Phoenix, Book 1! see ya!

Ekari, why did you put me in that closet? When I-

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