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Queen S of Randomness 016- It's violent and educational, but mostly violent. YAY VIOLENCE!LOL. Cosom and Danny Forever!

CrazyCosmoFan- Sorry about the punctuation, Ekari wrote the first chapter. Pleez write a story so I can review! LOL

Chip Skylark walks on stage, and seeing a chair with his name printed in gold, sits down.

Know your stars...Know your stars...Know your stars...

Chip Skylark... He is really Skip Sparkypants...

"Uhm, I think you're mistaken. I am not that wannabe".

Chip Skylark... He is a wannabe...

"Ok, man, no offense, but are you insane? Cuz I am NOT a wannabe, I'm the real thing"

Riiiiiiight! Chip Skylark... He is Mark chang in disguise...

A short kid with a very weird expression shouts"I'm Free" as Chip is pulled of by Mark's betrothed.

Chip Skylark... His teeth are yellow and dull...

Hello, Is anyone there? Helloooooooooo. Drat, Lost another screening to Ditech.

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