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Hermione Granger had been staying at the Burrow for several weeks. She had never felt so at home anywhere. Sure these days she felt like she was invading Lavender and Ron's happiness, but she still loved the invitation, no matter whom Ron was dating. It had been three years since Harry had triumphed over Voldemort. Hermione and Ginny had gotten closer then ever, which was the main reason Hermione had discovered herself in her current living situation. Ginny had asked Hermione to be the maid of honor at her wedding to Harry. Hermione had of course instantly accepted even given the shaky state of her relationship with Ron. Hermione remembered how Ron had gotten together with Lavender and it still nearly made her sick to her stomach. The image of the two of them together in the bed she and Ron had shared so often burned into her brain. She didn't care anymore though she had long since accepted that she and Ron were wrong for one another. She had begun to see that her life was never meant to be spent with Ron, for the first time since her breakup with Ron it didn't hurt to see him with someone else.

"The twins are arriving today, they've decided to spend a whole week before the wedding." Molly explained as Hermione sat at the breakfast table chatting with Ginny and Harry and trying her best to avoid looking at Ron and Lavender. She felt butterflies in her chest at the mention of Fred Weasley.

"That's great Molly, when are they getting here?" Hermione asked casually.

"They told me around two." Harry said

"I still don't understand why they've decided to stay, it means that Harry has to move back into my room."

"I'm going back to visit my parents for a week. I'll be back the night before the wedding." Lavender reminded everyone.

"So we lose one and gain two."Molly explained with a smile. "It will be the same arrangement as when you were kids." Molly smiled. However, at that moment there were two loud pops followed by a crash from the kitchen. Molly got up and walked inside. "FRED!"

"What's the matter?" Hermione ran into the kitchen she was halfway through her third year of medical school and from the sounds of Molly's scream she ran to assist. Fred Weasley lay on the floor of the kitchen. He had a broken glass dish next to him. A large piece of the dish was stuck inside Fred's arm. It was bleeding fairly badly.

"He's fine, mum look he's not even bleeding very badly." George said

"I'm fine all right, I apparated and apparently I missed by a bit and ended up in the pan cupboard. I fell wicked hard on this bloody casserole dish trying to get out." Fred explained Hermione laughed now. Then saw the large laceration on his chest his shirt was ripped to shreds by a second glass shard.

"Let me have a look." Hermione said she motioned everyone else to move out of her way as she got to Fred.

"Have you got Lacewings, monkshood, and a bit of dragon saliva?" Hermione asked strangely. "If you can find me those things I can make a wound healing potion, otherwise I think we'd better take him to St. Mungos." Hermione explained Fred cringed.

"Come on it's just a little cut right?" Fred asked Hermione frowned.

"It's actually very deep." She explained

"Come on, let's get you into somewhere where everyone isn't looking." Hermione smiled; she got Fred up and led him into the nearby lavatory.

"What in the world are you making such a fuss for?" Fred asked Hermione smiled peeling his shirt off to look at the cut.

"It's nasty." Hermione said in an almost sexual way Fred smiled.

"Why Ms. Granger." Fred said. He felt strange in such close proximity with Hermione.

"I was talking about the cut." Hermione explained

"I was talking about what happened the other day." Fred said. Hermione hadn't actually expected that. She had taken a part time summer job and flourish and blots and would often swing by Fred and George's shop. The last time she'd gone in she spilled a bottle one of their ridiculous love potions and for nearly half an hour she and Fred had fallen in love with each other. Of Course after the hour was up, the potion had worn off and Hermione had found herself wishing it hadn't ever since.

"That was just the potion and you know it." Hermione said only half convinced Fred smiled as Hermione stared at his naked body looking at the cut on his chest.

"We found everything you needed. We were afraid of the dragon saliva, but Harry had it in his auror kit." Ginny smiled. She looked from Fred to Hermione strangely.

"Luckily for you Fred this Potion doesn't even have to stew." Hermione said grabbing her wand she took the large cauldron Molly handed her and began to fill it with water. She muttered a few spells and added the three ingredients the water turned a murky greyish pink. Fred looked at it strangely.

"I'm not drinking that." He said.

"You're not supposed to." Hermione smiled. At this she grabbed the ladle Molly had given her with the cauldron. "But it will probably sting horribly."

"Awwww." Fred said as she began to pour the potion all down the cut. "You weren't joking were you."

"Let me see the arm now." Hermione said Fred wretched his arm away from her.

"If you think that I'm going to let you get that near me again." But while he was distracted Hermione managed to get the potion into the second cut, Fred wailed again.

"Do you enjoy causing me pain?" He asked looking at the healed spot where the cut had just been.

"I suppose I do." Hermione smiled. "But as it turns out, that's a good thing."

"Is he going to be ok?" Molly said instantly. Hermione and Fred had both forgotten she was watching from the doorway.

"He's fine." Hermione explained. "See the gashes are gone."

"I'm fine mum." Fred said with a ridiculous grin Hermione laughed.

"You did lose a fair amount of blood though." Hermione mentioned. "Do you feel light headed or nauseated?"

"No." Fred said.

"Then everything should be in order." Hermione smiled at him.

"I need to go get lunch started." Molly said finally scurrying off.

"Be out in just a minute." Hermione said. She then grabbed her wand and quickly mended the tears in Fred's shirt.

"Thanks." He said as she handed it back to him.

"Are you sure you're all right?" Hermione asked.

"I'm great." He smiled. "Thanks to you." He leaned toward her as if kiss her. Her heart was pounding in her chest. She didn't know how she felt about Fred but she knew she wanted to kiss him again. However, at that exact instant, she heard a voice in the doorway.

"Oh I'm so sorry I forgot you were still in here." Ron said with his eyes wide looking at the scene of Fred and Hermione.

"I was just examining Fred throughly those cuts were nasty and I wanted to make sure there was no other serious damage." Hermione smiled

"I see." Ron muttered. "I'll just go and use the other toilet."

"I really should go see if Molly needs help in the kitchen." Hermione managed and snaked her way out of Fred's reach he looked after her and wondered if she felt the same way about him. Fred walked out into the livingroom and took a spot next the lone George on the sofa. Harry and Ginny had gone to town, Lavender was getting ready to leave and Molly was in the kitchen.

"Did you get anywhere with her?" George asked. "Did the plan work?"

"It would have if a precious baby brother hadn't chosen the exact moment that I was about to kiss her to invade." Fred explained "But I think I got her thinking."

"I can't believe it's worked out this way mate." George said. "When we were kids, I always thought it would be Ron and Hermione."

"Ron screwed up his chance with Hermione." Fred said "I think it's only fair that I get mine."

"I agree with you." George said "If it hadn't been for Oliver Wood breaking Katie's heart, I never would have gotten a chance with her." George had been dating Katie Bell for nearly a year and it seemed to be a match made in heaven. George was planning to ask Katie to marry him at Ginny and Harry's wedding reception. They both knew and had been very willing to allow it.

"She's a rare find George." Fred smiled seeing George's face lit up in way he'd never really seen until Katie.

"So is Hermione if she'll have you." George explained.

"I can't believe I never realized how amazing Hermione was before." Fred said gently.

"You have a love potion to thank for that." George smiled

"The weird thing is that after it wore off, I didn't feel much different." Fred paused. "I've always had feelings for Hermione. I just never even thought she might return them until now."

"It changed absolutely everything didn't it?" George said.

"Yeah." Fred smiled now his mind clearly still on Hermione.

"What are you two blokes talking about?" Ron said slumping down on the couch and conversation ended at that very instant.