-Pink, Black and Red-

Author's Note: I know you people are all excited about an update on this, but this is a ONE-SHOT fan-fic, a mere excerpt from a larger fic of mine. I probably won't update this for a while, but if I end up with another romantic section involving Shadow and Amy, I'll add it.

Shadow noticed a large cut in Amy's left arm. "Amy…your arm…"

Amy held on to the wounded limb and looked away a little. "It's okay. Really."

"Let me see it," Shadow said as he reached for it. Amy shied away.

"I'm serious. It's just fine," she replied, now slightly annoyed.

"For the last time, let me see."

Amy finally relinquished her grip on the wounded limb, and Shadow looked it over, his ruby-red eyes scanning it carefully, and rubbing his gloved hand along the wound.

"Doesn't seem major…needs to be bandaged, though." Shadow glanced around, and noticed some rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and some cloth.

He put some of the alcohol on the cotton ball. "Okay, Amy. I just need to disinfect this…"

Amy winced as he applied the disinfectant.

"Sorry, Amy. Now hold still." Shadow began to wrap the cloth around Amy's arm.

"Shadow…you're such a sweetheart," Amy said with a tiny squeal. "Let me finish." Amy finished wrapping the bandage around her arm, pulling it tight to make sure.

Shadow glanced at his hand. It was stained with Amy's blood. He groaned.

"Shouldn't have touched that spot. This stain won't ever come out."

"Oh, Shadow…you've been so nice to me lately…you're like…Sonic…before he changed."


Amy turned away and stared at a tapestry on the wall. "Yeah…we did go out a few times…it was great…but then things turned bad, just after he found that…thing…"

"What happened?"

"He started yelling at me…slamming doors in my face…"

"That's it?"

"No…then he…" Amy broke down, put her hands to her face and began sobbing, all before she could finish.

Shadow moved a little closer and shook his head in disbelief. "Oh god…he started beating you, didn't he?"

Amy nodded, still sobbing.

"And yet…you still love him?"

Amy stopped and lifted her head. Her face was black from her tears. She then bowed her head and smiled a little. Before Shadow could do anything, Amy was embracing him. Her eyes were closed. "No…not anymore. Oh, Shadow, how could I have been so blind? When he was hurting me, you relieved me without even asking me what was wrong! When he insulted me, you made me feel better! I was looking for love in the entirely wrong place!"

Shadow quickly realized what she was saying. Then, everything he had kept bottled up for all those years…his true feelings…in that instant came gushing out like a great river once dammed up. He embraced Amy back and closed his eyes too. He could feel her beating heart.



"Don't ever let go."