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"This is speaking"

Chapter 1: Lost Travellers

The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land."
-- G. K. Chesterton

Sand, as far as the eye could see. An entire ocean of golden grains flowing majestically under a gleaming sun.

Tanned, dusky bronze hands reached up to block the sunlight from the person's face, beads of sweat being wiped away by the other hand.

Staring across the way at this companions, he noticed that they were in the same condition.

The four guards that accompanied him stood beside two sleek, white horses. The High Priest Seto rode on one of the horses, the heat bothered him, which was obvious due to the thin beads rolling down his tanned skin, but he still kept his graceful demeanor.

The Pharaoh sighed as he once again futiley wiped away the thin sheet of sweat laying across his forehead.

They had been travelling from Qaria for many days, yet they still had at least another 5 or 6 days left to travel.

"The Peace Treaty with Qaria went will, don't you agree Seto?" Pharaoh Atemu spoke , trying desperately to break the intense silence that accompanied them through their travel.

The said High Priest merely grunted in agreement which caused Atemu to sigh in annoyance.

The silence was slowly eating away at him and they still had several days left before they reached the palace.

Pulling a small container from his satchel, he placed it to his lips and drank down a small amount of the crystalline water within it, sighing in appreciation as he trailed the back of his hand across his mouth.

Cobalt blue eyes rolled heavenward as Seto shook his head and stared ahead, but soon stopped in his tracks.

The rest caught on as they halted ther movements also to check the problem.

"What is it Seto?" Atemu asked as he stared across towards the distressed brunette in confusion, that is until he followed the direction of Seto's gaze.

A small drift of sand and dust began carrying into the air, acting like a dancer who twisted and twirled in the midst of a wave of water. It quickly changed and melted together violently as the now aggressive movements became more wild and frenzied, lifting the world around in it's path towards the group.

"A sandstorm," he whispered to himself as his horse cried out and swayed slightly, "We have to find shelter!"

"And where would that be Atemu, there's nothing but sand out here and that storm is approaching to quickly to avoid," Seto stated as he attempted in vain to control his horse, who was trotting backwards in fear.

Atemu growled as he pulled the reins on his own horse as the creature began to panic and twist around.

"Seto, what about Shadow Magic?" The scarlet eyed youth suggested.

"No good, it's coming too fast, we don't have enough time," Seto pointed out as he gritted his teeth in worry.

The Pharaoh winced turning his gaze back to face the oncoming storm. Curses! There must be some way out of this, but what?

Small, cat like ears twitched curiously as if sensing danger nearby, their owner eye's widening in shock.

The same young teen, who was currently gathering water at the moonflow, (1) quickly dropped the pale and darted off through the village, ignoring the confused looks anyone gave him along the way.

Running through to the largest house in the village, he rushed through the doors and manouvered his way to a single room in the back of the house.

"Honorable Elder! Honorable Elder!" A young, worried voice called out.

The said Elder, swirled around to face one of his favourite charges with a patient smile, though it skillfully disguised a worried frown.

"I know my boy, I know, I felt it too. The Winds of Ekuna have picked up early this year and it seems that a few lost travellers are caught in it."

"Then we must help them, they might get hurt in the winds," The teen stated in concern shaking his arms for emphasis.

"Alas, my boy, we cannot do anything, you know the rules, it would endanger us to leave Haruna," the elder replied sadly, turning away signalling the end of the argument, but the boy wouldn't listen.

"But Elder, we must do something, they could be seriously hurt or..." he left off, unwilling to finish the sentence.

"I'm sorry, but we cannot, it is for the good of the village, I understand how you must feel, but that's how it must be."

"Would you like it if it were I out there in the Ekuna winds, Great Elder?" He fought back, continuing when he failed to hear a response.

"How would you feel if one of us was out in those winds, fighting for survival?" Again he received no response.

"We could help them, bring them to the village until they are well and the winds ease down then we could perform a Minusha charm on them!"

"Hmm... I suppose but..."

"Please Elder?" The elder didn't even need to look at the boy to know that he was using his infamous puppy dog eyes, but all the same he turned around and was caught up in the sparkling gaze.

"Alright, we'll help," He decided with a sigh, cursing himself for once again falling against the adorable youth's tactics.

The cat like teen could've danced with joy, but decided not to push his luck as he ran outside to seek help.

"The Minusha Charm isn't what worries me, my boy..." The Elder said to himself after the teen left, "It's what it leaves behind that worries me..."

The Pharaoh and his companions weren't faring well against the storm, once calm golden sand and dust swept around them violently as the young winds of the storm fanned out.

"What're do Your Highness?" One of the guards asked through gritted teeth.

Atemu shook his head as he brought his arms over his face, gritting his teeth as he fought against the wind.

The storm was getting worse as time passed on, the group, though managing to hold on impressively, were slowly falling to the pressure sent their way.

Soon the winds would grow so ferocious that the sand and dust would blind and choke them all.

A sudden wave of dizziness overcame the Pharaoh as he swayed back and forth on his horse, and apparently it was contagious as his comapanions began swaying also.

One by one, each of the guards fell and soon, so did the High Priest, after he gave Atemu a look of seldom seen concern.

The Pharaoh was holding on for as long as he could, until his movements became so violent he tumbled off of his frantic horse.

In the distance, he faintly heard the confused and terrified cries of both horses as they galloped away from the storm, abandoning the group in the desert wasteland.

Atemu's ears suddenly perked up as the sounds of unfamiliar voices filled them, soft footsteps and hushed whispers heard barely in the deafening storm.

His scarlet eyes rolled upwards to see a blurry figure hover over him, but he could barely see the person through his unfocused gaze.

A gasp reached his ears as well as a sweet, angelic voice before darkness claimed him...

(1) Moonflow: A name taken from the river banks between Djose Temple and Guadosalam in Final Fantasy X, but has a different purpose in the fic.

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