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Chapter 12: Spellbound and Locked Down

Our mistakes don't make or break us - if we're lucky, they simply reveal who we really are, what we're really made of.

- Donn Moomaw -

In another time, another place, perhaps a battle between he and the devilish Tomb Robber would be welcome. A chance to finally settle the score and to bring peace, or destruction to the globe.

But at that precise moment, in the middle of a village of unsuspecting villagers who had purposely sealed themselves away from civilisation in an effort to maintain their self-preservation, a battle was out of the question.

Unfortunately, as Atemu found from the sudden lunge of Bakura as he leapt straight from the crowd, his hands glowing a deadly black-blue, he didn't have a choice in the matter.

His puzzle lit up, glowing a great and pure gold as it sent waves across his body, a barrier against the attack that was yet to come. And it did.

Striking that barrier and exploding into fireworks around them and they stood at a standstill, eyes glowing and fists clenched.

Neither spoke, allowing the crackles of electricity in their lungs to speak for them and they launched at each other in a myriad of gold and blue which quickly shifted into every colour of the spectrum in their collision.

Sparks and bombs of light flew from them as their fists collided in waves of energy, but as they were both too busy to care about the aftershocks, Seto 'kindly' manipulated his own powers through his Millennium Rod to create a dome like shield around the pit.

Luckily for him he didn't need to hold the golden staff in his hand in order to use it, as his hands were already completely occupied with holding the wrists of Jou and Yugi, the latter of whom seemed ready to leap forward and tear apart Bakura for daring to attack his precious Pharaoh.

But Yugi was rendered immobile by that arm and all he could was watch, heart breaking in fright and worry as Bakura sent slices of energy at Atemu to which he responded with similar warps of power.

It was frightening in its strength, yet... beautiful. It looked almost choreographed as they moved, twisting in mists of colour and strength, it was truly extraordinary in its wonder.

So much so that Yugi wasn't completely sure that it was an actual attack, until his keen ears twitched in horror at a particularly pained grunt came from Atemu.

Surrounded by a dome of Shadow Magic, the two warriors glared down at each other in the world created for only the two of them.

"What are you doing here? How on earth did you-"

"Let's not worry about details, Pharaoh. Not when I'm about to kill you."

Biting his lip with the steeliest glare he could muster, Atemu responded. "Like you could. I'll beat you down long before you even get the chance."

"I'm so sure you could, Pharaoh, with those pathetic flashes you call attacks. You're holding back on account of these pathetic fools around you, me on the other hand..."

His arms flared with power as the Shadows around dissipated. "I couldn't care less if I clip a few wings or-" And he stared towards the forms of Yugi and Jou as they suddenly became clearer. "- cut a few tails."

"You sick bastard..."

And they began again.

Seto stared at them from his position on the ground with a solemn glare, having already noticed the lack of action and he made his own move.

In a move that could only be described as being only a split second long, the barrier around the pit glowed and shattered like fragile glass all the pieces suddenly shifting and flying straight towards Bakura's body.

Immediately the albino screeched, leaping in the air and swirling around in a tornado of Shadow Magic, destroying the fragments that flew at him. It was a pathetic attack but it was enough for a distraction and he realised it all to late as Atemu, surrounded by intense, righteous flames leapt towards him like a Phoenix from the ashes.

And an explosion of light blinded all around them, there were many gasps, screams and yelps from everyone around and then...



And the world came into colour again.

The entire community stared between the Pharaoh, who now stood alone in the pit, and the sudden snowfall of lights.

Horror was etched onto everyone's face, none more so than Atemu's in anticipation of the sudden bombardment of questions. But they never came. After a few moments, someone finally moved and Atemu recognised the shaggy figure.

Tau had the twin persona's of a lion and a bear, and even more authority and strength than the two combined. Which was lucky, considering the situation.

As the tiny fireflies fell to the ground like a light rain in the silent night, Tau stood to his feet, clapping his paw-like hands together with a loud smile, one which encouraged the rest of the crowd to clap, albeit reluctantly at first.

"Bravo, bravo! What a magnificent magic act!"

"'Magic Act?'" Atemu repeated, blinking with confusion which quickly quelled at the knowing look from the leader of the village and he played along, bowing obliviously and momentarily forgetting the thief... if only for a moment.

The people looked to each other and slowly clapped in confusion but the the persuasiveness of Tau's voice, of Atemu's grin and of the rest of the crowd's growing applause, spurred them on and they fell into the lie, although a few seemed rightfully unconvinced.

Atemu's eyes slyly moved to look towards Seto who nodded and moved off, releasing Yugi and Jou as he subtly escaped to made contact with the Chief of Guards.

Yugi immediately darted from his spot, ignoring the sudden pain in his arm from where he was held down, and he lightly grasped Atemu's own arm, leading him away from centre stage with a slightly forced smile.

They ducked away through the crowds, leaving Jou alone to clear away the instruments for the next act, not caring that Jou would be left alone for a few, very awkward moments with Mai. But that didn't matter to Yugi as he dragged Atemu to the royal man's seldom used room in the central inn.

Moving upstairs quickly, Yugi tore open the door to the room, immediately moving to the window in the room that dared to overlook the centre of the village and shutting it firmly.

It was at that moment that he turned to stare at him with the most serious expression Atemu had ever seen on him.

"What- was that? Who was that guy?"

Atemu sighed and tried to think of a plausible explanation, one that wouldn't worry the boy further but in considering the look on his face and the events of only a few moments, he couldn't think of anything decent.

"His name is Bakura. He's a criminal."

"A criminal?"

"Yes. He's attacked me before, back in my home."

Yugi registered this in horror, his face morphing into complete mortification. "You brought a criminal... here... with you. Oh no..."

"I have no idea how he got here... How he managed to-" He broke off into a sigh, a frustrated, angry sigh. "I'm sorry. I'll stop him, don't worry."

Turning to Yugi, he was startled to see the boy standing there, features frozen with his hand over his mouth, almost ready to throw up.

Slowly, Atemu grabbed him by his upper arms and led him down to sit on the large mat still carefully arranged on the floor.

"This isn't good... this is so very, very bad..." Yugi mumbled to himself, clinging to those few words as he rocked back and forth in Atemu's loose grip.

The Pharaoh rubbed those arms soothingly and pulled Yugi as close to him as he could, ignoring the tiny thought in his mind that this was a bad idea in favour of trying to comfort him.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of things."

Yugi shook his head, and he surprised both of them, as he placed slender fingers across his face in a pained gesture, tears slowly falling down his cheeks.

"Atemu, you don't understand. I... I like you."

He blinked and replied blandly. "I like you too."

Shaking his head with a sad, choked laugh, he responded. "No, no... I really like you... Atemu..."

Tilting his head upwards, he pressed his lips to Atemu's. A simple, chaste kiss exaggerated using the pressure of desperation and pain.

Atemu broke it fiercely, pulling him away. "Do you really? Or are you just..."

"No... I have for a while now... but I... you're going to..." He broke off with a startled choke and shook his head, fists automatically going to the white shirt and pulling it closer.

Shaking his head and swallowing his sobs, he began again, "You're hurt."

That clawed finger stretched out and poked his arm and the Egyptian cringed and groaned as he suddenly felt a pain shake from his wrist to his shoulder.

Atemu looked at his arm as the pain reclined, it looked perfectly fine, the same bronzed skin covered in thick gold bracelets. Perfect. Except...

He grabbed that arm with his other hand and twisted it around, wincing as he felt more pain hit him but at least now he knew why.

A long cut, an unnoticed after effect from one of Bakura's attacks, stretched along the back of his arm only available to Yugi's eyes through the close hug.

"At least it's not bleeding... well not anymore."

Yugi's crying had been reduced to sniffles at this point and he moved Atemu's arm gently upwards, manoeuvring himself around and leaning forward, licking the wound from top to bottom.

Atemu shivered at the contact but he didn't stop it, instead moving his hand to gently caress those soft, white ears with his thumb.

"You sure you're not part vampire?"

Yugi laughed as he lowered his head, bringing it back up again to stare into those bright red eyes of Atemu's.

"Wouldn't that be fun... but who wants to live forever?"

"Maybe it would be... more bearable if... you had someone with you."

Yugi smiled and leaned back into that touch, even though it was tinged with sadness. "Like you?"

Atemu smiled back, not noticing this melancholy. "If you wanted me."

Laughing breathlessly, Yugi leaned back and pulled their lips together again, throwing his hand behind Atemu's head as the Pharaoh kissed him back, hands wandering from around his frame to underneath the slight clothing, rubbing every part of that skin with the feverish desperation of a doomed man.

And as he was lowered to the ground properly, allowing himself to enjoy the comfort of Atemu's weight upon his body and rough but skilled hands sailing across his bare torso, Yugi made a decision.

For his tears, the fears and the sadness that continued to erupt from the soul, Yugi would only show at that moment, it would be the only time he would allow himself to cry in front of him. And he would continue to allow Atemu to believe that these tears were down to fears over the thief, he would not let on to the other fears that echoed in his mind.

Finally wrapping his arms around Atemu again, he kissed him back. And allowed himself to become lost to the pleasures of the flesh.

Bakura had watched the applause with a sickening look on his face as he turned away from the crowd, limping through the catacombs of the village with increased vigour.

'Those... damn guards will be after me soon...' His mind considered as he reached the place of his choice, sneakily dislodging the window with all of his expertise and slinking through the small hole in the wall.

Closing the window again and slumping with his back to that wall, he waited a few moments with baited breath as hefty footsteps passed by behind him.

He gave a sigh as the steps finally died down, clutching his injured side as he moved to one of the two tables in the room, grabbing random items along the way and setting them down.

Tentatively, he dipped a towel into a bowl of ice cold water and moved it to his side, removing his shirt and drying all the bloodstains from the wounds in his torso and leg.

Wincing and hissing at the sensations, he wished with all his heart that he had healing abilities in his arsenal at this point as he fell to the floor again.

A light suddenly echoed across the dark room, coming directly behind him as he smirked and harshly wiped his side a final time.

With a low smirk, eerily glinting in the candlelight, he turned around and stared at the boy standing in the doorway.

"Hello again, Kalulu." He murmured almost sinisterly.

Before the scream could erupt from that terrified mouth, Bakura leapt forward, kicking the door closed as he wired his hand around that mouth and fisted the other into the mop of feathery light hair.

His mouth widened even more, his face seeming to almost split apart as he smirked, leaning forward and tickling those long ears with his giddy breath.

"I have an offer you simply cannot refuse..."

And Ryou felt genuine fear flow down his spine for the first time in his life.

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