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It was another early morning for Gabriella. Usually she'd be getting up to go work but today was a special day. Today she was going to the airport to pick up her childhood and long-time friend Randy Orton of the WWE. Lucky isn't she? Well, not so much to her. Ever since they started hanging out it started out just as your basic grade school crush, then eventually when they were in high school the crush never went away and the feelings became stronger. Had he ever found out about these "Feelings"? Nope, she was too afraid of what it would do to her friendship with him and basically that's where she stuck at today.

Gabriella was getting dressed when her cell went off, she hurried at put her jeans on almost tripping over them, "Hello?" She spoke into the phone.

"Hey, sweetie how are we doing this morning?" Randy's voice spoke through the phone.

Gabriella smiled into the phone, "Oh, not much…I just thought I'd get up a little early and head out to the mall."

Randy made a face at the phone, "Bella, you know you have to pick up in an hour right?" He asked using the nickname he made for her.

"Huh, oh my gosh I totally forgot!" She exclaimed as if surprised.

Randy got a frown on his face, "Ha-Ha very not funny."

Gabriella just rolled her eyes, "Oh come on don't take everything so seriously…you know I wouldn't forget." She spoke as she pulled out a t-shirt from her closet.

"Mm Hmm, you better not." He said as he looked down his aisle. "Oh shit, I better get off one of the plane attendants is headed my way…see you soon Bella." He said quickly before hanging up the phone.

Gabriella did the same and finished getting ready. She needed to head to the bank and put gas in her car, deciding that'd take a while she grabbed her keys and headed out into the fresh breezy air. Slipping her sunglasses on and starting the car, she was ready to hit the road.

Thinking there was going to be more traffic, she pulled into the airport parking lot a half-n-hour early. "Oh well." She told herself. Making sure the car was locked, she grabbed her purse and headed into the airport.

Gabriella walked through the crowd and into the bathroom. She was only in there to make sure she looked decent, not like he cared but maybe today he would. Rolling her eyes at herself she went back out to wait for Randy. Another 20 min. went by and finally people started walking through the airport from their final gates, she stood up to get a better glance. A smile spread across her face as she saw him walking towards her.

Randy looked left and right trying to find Gabriella but nobody seemed familiar to him, "Maybe she did forget." He thought to himself. But it was when she was walking towards him that he recognized her, it had been only a couple of months since they saw each other last but she looked totally different…in a good way that is.

"Randy!" She squealed as she jumped into his arms. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her tight. They stayed that way for a while before they loosened their grip on each other.

"You look great Randy." She spoke up as she noticed he gained a little more muscle.

Randy put on his infamous cocky smile, "Thank you…and you Bella you look beautiful as always." He replied with a sincere smile.

Gabriella ignored the fast pace her heart was going and smiled. "Yeah sure…so how's my Randy been doing?"

Randy shook his head at her insecurity then continued on to answer her question. "I've been pretty good, you know how much I love my work…but I do have to say it's good to get a little vacation."

"Yeah, I'm glad." She smiled. "So did you want to get something to eat or just go to my house?" She asked as she pulled her car keys out of her purse.

"Your house sounds good…but umm I should've told you this earlier…"

Gabriella looking confused, "What Randy?" She asked.

"Well, I brought a couple of friends with me." He answered as both a woman and man came walking up.

She didn't know what to say so she just planted a smile on her face. Randy grabbed the woman's hand; she was somewhat tall, red hair, and what looked like blue eyes but which changed colors.

"Gabriella this is my girlfriend Christy, Christy this my long-time childhood friend Gabriella." He introduced. Feeling like she had just been punched in the stomach she politely put out her hand and shook Christy's hand. "Nice to meet you." Christy said excitedly. Gabriella just smiled at her.

"And this guy right here is my great buddy Dave." Randy introduced now by the man's side. He was tall, dark, and what looked like a very handsome guy. She put out her hand and smiled, "Nice to meet you Dave." "Nice to meet you too Gabriella." He repeated with a charming smile. Gabriella was taken back by how strong he was and that's when she noticed all the big muscles on his arms. She just shook her head and got back to reality.

"So umm…home it is?" She spoke up.

"Yeah, sounds good…Dave and I will go get the luggage while you and Christy bring the car around." Randy suggested.

She let out a sigh that nobody would hear, "Yes, of course." She replied as she walked by Christy's side.

"It's so nice to finally meet you…Randy has told me so much about you…I wish I had a friend that I knew back when I was little." Christy spoke without taking a breath.

"Yeah me too…I wish I would've known about you though…but I'm sure he meant to tell me." Gabriella spoke coldly as she unlocked her car. She looked at the hurt look on Christy's face and was about to apologize but Christy just started talking about her and Randy. Gabriella just started the car and drove around to the front where Dave and Randy were already waiting.

They packed up the car with Christy moving to the back with Randy and Dave up in the front with Gabriella. She sped off out of the parking lot getting looks from everyone in the car in which she ignored. As quickly as this vacation started she already wanted it to end.