Chapter one

Ginny Weasley couldn't wait until morning to purchase the most recent volume of Quidditch through the Ages. She left Flourish and Blott's at about 10:30pm in a hurry realizing how foolish she was to be out so late and alone. To distract herself as she hurried down the street, she opened the book and slightly scanned a few pages looking ahead every so often. She stumbled over a crack on the street and dropped the book. As she knelt down to pick it up, someone grabbed her by the waist, covered her mouth, and drug her down an alley way. Kicking and trying to scream under the strong and forceful hand she realized she was being drug down to Knock Turn Alley.

The man that had a hold of her turned her around and slammed her hard against the wall. Ginny's head seared with pain as she became dizzy unable to make out her attacker. His hair was dark. That's all she could see. Still covering her mouth and cutting off her air, he started pulling at her clothes violently trying to remove them. Realizing his intentions, she was able to bite his hand and tasted his blood. He screamed in pain and backhanded her in anger. Her head began to pound along with her heart. She began to think. This isn't happening, this is just a bad dream. He continued to pull at her clothes and threw Ginny to the groundforcing himself on top of her. This isn't happening, this is just a bad dream. All of the sudden she heard a loud commanding voice yell "What's going on there? Get off her!"

"Mind your business! Just keep walking. This doesn't concern you boy!" The dark haired attacker yelled and pulled out his wand while still restraining Ginny.

"Oh but I think it does." The boy said in a calm and cold way. "Doesn't look like she's enjoying her self much now does it? Release her or you will deal with me!"

"I warned you boy!" The dark haired man raised his wand and attempted to curse the boy but he wasn't fast enough. The boy's curse hit him dead on.

"Stupify!" The dark haired man froze unable to restrain Ginny and slammed hard to his side.

The boy rushed to Ginny kicking the man further to the side. "Are you alright?" The boy asked in a very concerned manner.

"I think so." Ginny replied weakly as he tried to help her cover up. Her robes were torn and bloody.

"We need to report this to the Ministry immediately." The boy said as he gently helped her stand. She fell back feeling faint. Her legs were shaking and wouldn't lock into place. She began to fall dangerously fast to the ground as the boy caught her and scooped her up into his arms with no effort. Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head on his chest.

"No please. Just get me out of here!" Ginny whispered and began to cry uncontrollably.

"I can take you to my home. Are you alright with that?" Ginny didn't answer as she was unable to stop the crying. He accepted that as an agreement and apparated them to his home. Ginny didn't lift her head nor did she ask any questions. She couldn't think. She could barely breathe. The boy opened the door with a little difficulty as he had one arm supporting her back and the other under her legs. "Pablum! Prepare the guestroom at once. We have an unexpected guest."

"Yes Master. Right away." The house elf squeaked and ran upstairs. The boy carried her up the stairs and into the guestroom. He gently laid her on the bed. Ginny pulled her knees to her chest and continued to cry into her hands.

"There's a bathroom to your right Miss and I will have one of the house elves bring you some clothes. I will be back to check on you in an hour." The boy said and left the room.

Ginny lay on the bed sobbing loudly replaying the events in her head. Why did she need to get that book tonight? Why didn't she fight harder? Thank god that boy came to rescue her! Then she realized…He didn't sound like a boy. He had rescued her and carried her to his home with no hesitation. Those weren't very boyish things for someone to do. He had sounded and acted like a man. A very strong man who saved her. Then she realized that she didn't even know where she was let alone who she was with. She stood from the bed, her legs regaining some strength and walked into the bathroom.

She turned on the shower and scrubbed herself from head to toe three times. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself with a very soft white towel. She noticed a green robe hanging on the door and put it on. Ginny wiped away some of the steam on the mirror and observed what he had done to her face. Her eyes were bloodshot and she bore a thick purple welt on her cheek from when he had backhanded her. She then felt the back of her head and discovered another welt that appeared to be an open gash. She had scratches and bruises on her chest and arms. Every time she closed her eyes, she replayed it in her head.

After staring at herself for some time most of the steam had evaporated and she noticed a picture behind her. "Miss?…My house elf brought some clothes. Are you alright?" Her rescuer said behind the door. His words startled her as she turned around quickly facing the door.

"Thank you. I will be right out." Ginny said softly. She noticed the picture out of the corner of her eye and stepped in front of it to see who was in it. She placed her hand to her mouth and couldn't breathe. How could she possibly be in his house? How could he have been the one to save her?

"Excuse me Miss? I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name. My name is Draco Malfoy." Draco said politely.

As soon as he finished his words, Ginny opened the door slowly to face him. She waited a moment and took a deep breath and walked out. He was sitting on the bed with his head in his hands feeling concerned for the woman he had just saved. When he heard the door open he raised his head slowly and stood. He squinted at her trying to believe his first thought was impossible and took a few steps closer.

"You." Draco said in shock.

"YesMalfoy, it's me. I had no idea it was you until I saw your picture with your family in the bathroom. I'm sorry to have bothered you. .….I will get my things." Ginny said slowly still very weak from the night's event. She walked up to him and grabbed the clothes that were now behind him on the bed. Draco still stood there in shock staring at her with a look of confusion on his face.

"If I would have known it was you, I." Draco couldn't finish what he was whispering. How could he not of recognized her? Her long shiny red hair should have given her away. He was so concerned for her welfare that he didn't care who she was. He wanted to scream at her for setting foot in his house. Then he remembered she hadn't. He willingly carried her in. He had rescued her from a terrible thing.

Ginny noticed him arguing with his own thoughts. "I know Malfoy. Don't worry I'm leaving. " Ginny said calmly.

After a few moments of silence he looked into her eyes and demanded "No. You will not leave. You have been through too much tonight. We can go on hating each other tomorrow. Right now you need rest."

"Don't you dare take pity on me Malfoy." Ginny said with fire in her eyes.

"I'm sorry but I will not continue this argument until tomorrow morning. This has nothing to do with pity or pride. What happened tonight is terrible and I refuse to let you leave. Goodnight. I am in the room next door if you need anything." Draco said forcefully and closed the door behind him. He turned around and breathed in deeply. Shaking his head, he entered his dark room and took off his shirt. He sat on his bed with his head in his hands just as he did in her room.

Ginny stood there holding her clothes to her chest and decided to stay. She couldn't believe how utterly decent he was being. She couldn't sleep. She wanted to thank him for rescuing her and being so determined to let her stay. She had just stood there and let him close the door without saying anything. She changed into the green flannel pants and green thermal shirt the house elf brought her. She assumed they were Draco's as they were a few sizes too big but extremely soft and comfortable. She sat on the bed wondering if it would be inappropriate for her to go and thank him. After much deliberation, she didn't care if it was or wasn't appropriate. She needed Draco to know that she was sincerely grateful for all that he had done for her.

She opened the door and walked down the dark hallway dimly lit with one candle on the outside of what must have been Draco's room. She stepped in front of the doorway and saw him sitting on the bed with his head in his hands and his blonde hair swaying back and forth over his forehead. She cleared her throat to get his attention. He stood up quickly with a sharp look and then softened at the sight of her in his pajamas. "Are you alright?" He asked with concern and walked over to her while running his hand through his hair. Ginny forgot why she had come to his room. His chest was so defined. Ginny had never noticed that before. Of course this was the first time she had seen him with his shirt off. She couldn't help but stare.

"Oh..I uh…just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for rescuing uh helping me Malfoy. I don't know what I would have done without you." Ginny said and began crying uncontrollably as the visions of the attack haunted her again. Draco pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly. She felt so safe in his arms and began to calm down again. She took a deep breath. God, he smelt good!

"Shh. It's ok. He's gone. I'm here. I'm here. You're going to be fine." Draco whispered as he rocked her slowly and kissed the top of her head. This shocked them both and they took a step away from each other. Ginny stopped crying immediately and stared at Draco with a confused look. "Did you want to talk or something?"He said as he scratched the back of his head uncomfortably. Ginny didn't know what to say.

"No…No. I just wanted to thank you and now I have so goodnight." Ginny said quickly and hurried back to her room.

Draco lay down on his bed, smiled, and tried to fall asleep. His thoughts were spinning. How could this have happened?