Chapter 45

Only a few months had passed since the engagement and thankfully like before, Ginny wasn't showing any signs of pregnancy. School had just let out and the wedding was in a few days. Ginny was calm and completely distracted by wedding preparations while Draco was a nervous wreck. Most everyone found Draco's uneasy and tense demeanor as last minute jitters however, Ginny knew better. They were to hold the ceremony and reception at Malfoy Manor, a place they hadn't been to in quite some time. Draco still employed several house elves to keep it livable but he hadn't set foot in the place in ages.

When Ginny had made the request to hold the festivities there Draco swallowed hard and stalled but he eventually agreed. He didn't happen to think it was such a good idea however Ginny thought it was perfect. "As you said yourself Draco, this is just another chapter in our life…..Let's make some happy memories there. That house is a part of you and you're a part of me now. This will put a final end to all the horrible things you went through as a child." Draco couldn't disagree with her after she said that. He knew his old memories in that house would never go away but the new memories might help him forget.

That morning Draco was standing on the drive staring up at Malfoy Manor alone. Ginny was at the Burrow with the twins handling last minute wedding items. He seemed to be rooted to the ground where he stood. The house appeared to be frowning down at him with a disapproving look almost daring him to set foot inside. Draco took a deep breath and walked up the drive towards the front door. As he moved his hand towards the doorknob he could feel an energy pushing his hand away. He pushed hard against the force and grasped the door knob which singed his hand causing him to step back. He cradled his burnt hand in the other and glared up at the house.

He whipped out his wand and yelled. "Alohamora!" A spark from his wand shot at the knob swinging the door open. As Draco stepped inside the ground began to shake and all the windows shattered sending shards of glass at him. He covered his head with his hands but started smiling menacingly. He turned around and took in the scene with an evil grin noticing all the doors were slamming open and closed as the drapes and tapestries were trying to coil him in and strangle him. The walls were shaking causing a loud thunderous sound as a chandelier fell missing him by an inch. As he darted out of the way another dropped to the ground scratching a long gash into his back.

That was it, he had enough. He stepped onto the stair case and shouted. "THAT WILL DO! BE STILL!"

The house stopped moving immediately. The damage remained but everything that was originally moving appeared to be listening intently. "You will obey me! You will accept this change and YOU WILL ACCEPT HER AS A MALFOY! I am your Master now!" Draco looked around panting heavily at the objects and structure of the house. There was an energy floating through the room that reeked of defiance. "Repair yourself…..IMMEDIATELY!"

Suddenly everything started reversing the damage it had just caused. The shards of glass flung themselves back into the window panes not showing any sign of prior damage. The drapes and tapestries returned to their original positions while the chandeliers repaired themselves and flew back up to hang from the ceilings. Draco shook his head. "That's better. Now you will behave yourself when she arrives. You will not harm her or anyone else for that matter. This manor is now welcome to anyone who wishes to enter it. Even the muggle borns and the half breeds which includes Harry Potter." With that, the house seemed to groan slightly but just as Draco raised his eyebrow the house stopped. "I don't want to discuss this again."

Draco stomped up the stairs and into his bedroom slamming the door harshly as a reminder to the house that he was in charge. Not a moment later there was a timid knock at the door. Draco opened it furiously and was taken aback at the tiny house elf squatting in fear in front of him. Draco knelt down beside it. "Pablum?"

The house elf shivered and opened its eyes. "Master Malfoy has graciously returned. Master has been harmed sir. Pablum is here to heal you sir. The house has behaved badly Master."

Draco chuckled as he stood. "It's nice to see a familiar face Pablum. It's just a scratch though. Nothing to fuss about."

The tiny house elf stood up carefully and whispered. "Of course my Master is knowing what's best sir. Please sir, let Pablum heal the wound. I is thinking it will scar sir."

The house elf bowed as Draco shrugged. "If you insist. Has the house been behaving this way for long Pablum?" Draco said as he took off his shirt and sat down on his bed.

"Yes sir and Pablum speaks to it sir. I is saying that it is a bad house to try and hurt its Master. A bad house this is sir." Pablum said quietly.

Draco sighed in relief as he felt the stinging of the wound subside. "Thank you Pablum. Now we have many things to prepare. I'll leave you in charge as usual of delegating the tasks to the others. Here's a list of duties to be completed in the next two days. Any problems will be relayed directly to me is that understood?"

The house elf squeaked. "Yes Master Malfoy. I is sure the wedding will be a grand occasion. Excuse me sir." Pablum bowed out of the room leaving Draco alone and thinking about his future.

The day of the wedding was sunny and warm. The house elves had definitely outdone themselves as far as Draco was concerned. Although the manor had always been luxurious he had to admit they had made it look welcoming and inviting. There were borders of tulips lining every walkway from the drive all the way to the ends of the grounds. They were bunches of them all over the house and flocks of white doves flying over the guests.

Draco was pacing in the kitchen and decided to walk into the foyer to peer out the front windows at the guests arriving. His two little boys caught his eye at the bottom of the stairs. He watched as they unraveled a string of tulips that had been carefully tied by the house elves around the banister. They were giggling mischievously as they were now picking off the petals of each tulip slowly. Draco chuckled to himself until suddenly a terrible memory overcame his mind. He remembered back to when he was not much older than his own boys when he too was discovered at the bottom of the stairs dismantling some sort of decoration by his Father. He had a handful of garland and was surrounded by several broken glass bulbs.

He suddenly heard rapid footsteps approaching and crackling the pieces of glass around him. He felt a harsh slap against his face causing his head to ram into the banister. Draco became dizzy but heard the words loud and clear. "Such a disgrace! Can't even be left alone for two minutes without dishonoring the manor! Well you've gotten yourself into this mess, you can get yourself out." He heard the footsteps shatter more pieces of glass as they walked away. Draco rubbed his eyes and blinked through the tears that began to form. Even at such a young age he wouldn't dare let his Father see him cry. He stood timidly but dropped down on his bum quickly as the blow to his head was affecting his balance.

He knew better than to just sit there. If Lucius found him still sitting there, the punishment would be unbearable. Draco began to crawl to his left but stopped quickly as the shards of glass cut deeply into his hands and knees. He looked to his right and straight ahead realizing the paths were just as if not more dangerous. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he carefully crawled through the debris of ornaments he had created. He whimpered softly as he felt the tiny pieces puncture his skin. Just as he was about to cry for his Mother's help he was quickly picked up and hurried into the bathroom.

"Poor little Master Malfoy! I is going to make it all better. Pablum can fix this. I is not going to let the Malfoy baby hurt himself anymore. Shhhhh. Pablum is here baby Malfoy." Draco didn't remember feeling any pain after Pablum began to heal his wounds.

Draco suddenly shook his head back to reality and walked over to his boys. They looked up fearfully as they knew they were misbehaving. Draco laughed softly and nodded. "Let's get this cleaned up shall we? Wouldn't want your Mum to see this. That's a good boy Warren. Thank you Jeffrey. Now off you go, your Uncles are waiting for you outside."

The boys smiled and stumbled awkwardly into the other room together as their laughter trickled behind them. Draco was overcome with happiness as he knew that he truly did have the power to change things in his life for the better. And he knew the best way to start was with his children.

Outside in the garden Ron, Harry, and the older twins were standing to Draco's right looking proud. Hermione, Emmery, Luna, and Fluer were now standing to his left with smiles and tear filled eyes. As Ginny began to walk down the aisle with Mr. Weasley the crowd stood and gasped at her beauty. Her dress was tightly fitted to her torso complimenting her curves as the bottom flowed outward with tiny pastel butterflies encircling the train. Draco fidgeted nervously with a large smile as Ron nodded to him proudly as if their relationship had been his idea from the start.

Ginny looked delighted but very calm. She was probably the calmest person at the entire event. As Dumbledore began the ceremony everyone took their seats and listened intently. Everyone except for Draco and Ginny. He leaned in and whispered. "You're the most beautiful thing in the world."

"Who gives this woman to this man?" Dumbledore asked.

Mr. Weasley straightened his shoulders and spoke loudly. "I do….I mean her Mum and I do." Mr. Weasley went red but calmed down as Draco shook his hand and winked. He took his seat next to his beaming and sobbing wife.

Ginny simply smiled and glanced at him for only a moment before returning her gaze on Dumbledore. When it came time for their vows Draco held her hands tightly and looked deep into her eyes. "Ginny, I never knew love before I had the privilege of being with you. I never knew you could love someone so much it could hurt. I never knew someone could provide me with the most beautiful treasures in the world….Our boys and our children on the way are the greatest gifts any man could ask for. And I have it all. I have everything I never knew I wanted. You have made me the man I have always wanted to be. Thank you Ginny….I love you."

Ginny dabbed her eyes lightly as she smiled widely at his words. "Draco my love, you came to me at a time that my life could have ended. You took me in, cared for me, and demonstrated that there is good in everyone….You saved me Draco. In more ways than one…In more ways than you'll ever know. Every day we're together you show me what it feels like to be truly loved and how easy it is to love back. You are the reason I have happiness in my life. The children we have created together are the reason we have such joy. You display more strength and faith in love than anyone I've ever known. Your honesty and bravery is what I cherish most about you. I love you Draco."

Dumbledore asked Draco and Ginny to turn around and face their guests. "I have been told that Ginny and Draco have a special gift for Jeffrey and Warren….Boys if you will stand." The twins stood at first bearing shocked and confused expressions. Jeffrey then waved happily at his Uncle Ron enjoying the attention as Warren looked to his Uncle Harry for a hint of what was going on. "Warren and Jeffrey Malfoy, your parents are not only proud but honored to give you a token of their love and affection for you." Dumbledore conjured two silver necklaces that resembled the one Draco had give Ginny long ago. A serpent and lion intertwined charm bearing an emerald stone in the middle. "These necklaces signify love, honor, trust, and commitment for your family. They are a reminder to you both of how deeply your parents love you. If you will." Dumbledore handed one necklace to Draco and one to Ginny. They both had tear filled eyes as they clasped the necklaces on to their sons.

Warren inspected his carefully with a scowl but then nodded with a smirk. Jeffrey grabbed the charm happily and tossed it to the side causing it to circle his neck like a hool-a-hoop.

Dumbledore had proceeded with the ceremony when he heard a small chatter coming from the guests. He stopped the ceremony as Ginny and Draco looked around wondering what could be going on. Draco caught Hermione's concerned faced and read her lips as she pointed behind Dumbledore. "Your Mum."

Draco whipped around and spotted his Mum, raggedy and malnourished standing at the edge of the grounds. She was peering behind a large tree with a mixture of happiness and fear. Draco shook his head in anger and embarrassment. Ginny whispered as she grasped Draco's hand. "Oh dear…She-she looks….Go and get her Draco…." Draco shot of look of rage and confusion at Ginny as the guests began to whisper behind their hands and shake their heads in disapproval. Ginny rolled her eyes and nudged his side. "It's your Mum Draco. Go and get her this instant or so help me I will."

Draco shook his head nervously but then breathed in heavily as he headed towards the edge of the property. His Mum had apparently thought she was hidden behind the trees and gasped at Draco's advancing figure. She turned to escape into the woods until she heard her son's voice. "Wait! Don't go Mum….Please."

She turned around with tear filled eyes and spoke extremely hoarse. "You-you don't wish me to leave?"

"No. We don't." Draco forced the words out as if they were the hardest he had ever spoken. "Please stay with us Mum. You are more than welcome to stay. Your grandson's will be delighted to meet you." He extended his arm which she took timidly. Draco cringed at how cold and fragile her arm felt laced in his. As they headed back to the ceremony she tugged at her clothes and tried to fix her tangled blonde hair. "You're beautiful Mum. Don't worry."

She smiled at her son and whispered. "When did my adorable little boy turn into such a handsome and charming young man? I won't even pretend to have a hand in it. You're simply wonderful Draco."

Ginny walked up to Narcissa and kissed her cheek softly. Narcissa smiled weakly in shame. "Welcome back Mrs. Malfoy. I'd like you to meet your grandsons, Warren and Jeffrey."

Narcissa dropped to her knees in happiness and shook their hands softly. She whispered through her tears. "You boys are the most beautiful things I have ever seen. We have a lot of catching up to do so feel free to ask me for everything."

Draco laughed as he assisted his Mum to stand. Warren and Jeffrey nodded in happy surprise of being offered everything from a stranger. "You haven't been back two minutes and you're already trying to spoil them." He walked her over to Mr. And Mrs. Weasley and conjured up a chair. She nodded at them and gratefully took a handkerchief Mrs. Weasley offered her.

Draco and Ginny returned to their places and Dumbledore cleared his throat to continue the ceremonies. Draco and Ginny exchanged their formal vows and lit candles uniting their love. Dumbledore raised an eyebrow at his last comment. "I daresay it won't be the first time-" He winked at Warren and Jeffrey. "Never the less Draco, you may now kiss your lovely bride."

They both laughed and embraced in a soft but passionate kiss. The guests began to cheer as the tiny butterflies on her train burst into life and encircled their embrace. After floating around them for a few moments, the butterflies headed towards the clouds and out of sight.

Dumbledore raised his hands to quiet the crowd. "I have the pleasure of announcing for the first time, Mr. And Mrs. Draco Malfoy." The cheers were greater this time as Ginny and Draco hurried off into the manor for the festivities. The guests followed slowly behind chatting happily of the romantic event. Mr. And Mrs. Weasley invited Narcissa to dine at their table which she graciously accepted.

As they danced Draco held Ginny tightly and whispered loving words into her ear every few seconds. "I love you Red…I'll never let you down…..I've been waiting my entire life for someone as precious as you….You're the only thing that matters."

Ginny was listening happily with a grin when she suddenly realized something. "Draco, I know what I want to do with the building you bought in Hogsmeade….." She whispered hesitantly.

Draco looked at her with a wide smile. "Excellent. What did you have in mind?"

Ginny took a long breath and blurted her words quickly. "I want it to be a shelter…A shelter for abused woman and children. I want people to have a place to go when they feel like they have no way out. When they feel that they have no options. I want people to have a safe place to run to when their in trouble….You hate it don't you?"

Draco hugged her tightly and thought. "I love it Ginny…We'll begin to work on it after the honey moon. It's exactly the perfect idea I knew only you could come up with."

"Thank you Draco." She thought as they danced on.

A few moments later they heard a loud cracking and popping sound coming from outside. They hurried out to find Fred and George holding Warren and Jeffrey admiring the fireworks they had just let off. Fred handed the younger twins more which they lit and tossed up into the sky. All of the sudden Ginny gasped and covered her mouth in embarrassment as she read the messages one of the fireworks was letting off. Draco let out a loud laugh and straightened the collar of his jacket proudly. After reading more he punched Fred and George playfully. "That's just foul Fred. I expected more from you George!" Draco yelled at them jokingly.

Draco Malfoy knocked up Ginny Weasley for the second time!

Who would have thought a ferret could breed with a weasel?

Ginny Weasley will spend the Malfoy fortune on her favorite brother's Fred and George.

Who really is the father of the second set of twins? Could it be you-know-who?

Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy did the chicken dance side by side tonight!

Weasley is our King! Malfoy can kiss a toilet ring!

Ron crossed his arms and smiled proudly as he nodded to his older brothers. "I think you've got it about right there mates. Couldn't of said it better myself!"

Narcissa walked over to them and whispered. "A ferret and a weasel? What does that mean? Oh my?" She realized and covered her mouth.

Draco laughed and pulled her into a hug. "Welcome back Mum…Welcome to the mental craziness I now call my family. They're a riot aren't they?"

Narcissa nodded happily as she and Ginny walked back into the manner together. They shared old and new stories of Draco while comparing his childish behavior to the twins.

As the moments passed on with more words of happiness and commitment spoken, Narcissa Malfoy cried tears of regret and hope. Her son had just given her the greatest gift the woman who has everything has ever been given…A second chance.

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