Chapter 7: A New Collar for a New Kitty

Ichigo stood patiently awaiting Ryou's return. What could he have gotten her? She sighed and wondered about what it was.

Ichigo was so deep in thought she did not even hear Ryou come in. He walked up behind her quietly, a box in one hand behind his back. "So, just how many cracks in the paint are there?" He said softly, noticing her intent gaze on the wall.

"…Huh? Wall? Oh…I don't know. You guys painted it, not me." Ichigo said, realizing she had been staring at the wall for some odd minutes.

"…No. We had someone come in. Anyways…here." Ryou said, holding out the pink box complete with red bow. Ichigo took the box slowly, not to seem too eager. Which, of course, she was.

She undid the bow slowly. "Did you tie the bow?" Ryou nodded once and sighed. Ichigo decided she wasn't going to go slow anymore. She ripped open the box and gasped. Inside laid a gold chain link choker with a ruby and emerald strawberry bell with silver seeds.

"Oh, Ryou. I, I can't. It's too good for me." She said, holding the box out to him.

Ryou took the necklace out and ordered her to turn around and let him put it on her. "It's my money and I'll buy what I want!" "But it's so expensive!" "Good! Now, turn around." "Iie." "Hai." "Shimatta! FINE!" "Ouch." When he finally got the necklace on, she stopped complaining.

Ichigo pulled out a compact mirror. "Suge! It's so pretty!" she squealed, looking at it in the mirror. Ryou nodded approvingly. Ichigo felt foolish for trying to give it back.

Ichigo looked at the floor and mumbled "…I'm sorry I bit you."

Ryou stared at her and then sighed. "I better not get rabies or something." THWONK "Owww!"

"That's what you get meanie. Now, say sorry and I'll get you a band-aid." Ryou mumbled something that sounded like an apology. Ichigo rushed of to get a band-aid. "Works every time…" Ryou laughed as she left. He had really been mumbling about how she should apologize and get her shot papers out.

Ichigo came back in with a few band-aides. She looked over at Ryou's arm then the band-aides. She picked out the biggest one and unpeeled the wrapping on it. She stuck it on the cut and sighed. "Ryou…I don't have rabies." She said, hitting him again.

"Gomen…you know that a situation like that would provoke me!" (Ichigo: o.O) Ichigo laughed and sighed…well, huffed. "You know what? That's why lo-like you." She said softly.

Ryou stared at her quizzically. "Lo-like? What's the lo- stand for?

"…Um…Aishiteru Ryou…" She said softly looking at the ground.

Ryou's eyes widened and he smiled slightly. "…Aishiteru mo…"

Sorry it's so short…XD Um…Well…Aishiteru means I love you, Aishiteru mou-I love you too…