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"Ok. You go…and I'll stay here…He won't wait forever."

Mindless embracing…what am I doing?

She leaves and once again I am alone with my charge. He holds the book out wordlessly asking.

He reminds me of Sam…'One More…'

"Peter Pan tried to find something to put his shadow back on. Unable too he started to cry and was surprised when the young girl in the bed said 'Boy why are you crying?' Jumping up, the young boy said 'I never cry' in a boasting voice.

But I will cry. I will cry because I might never see my little boy or the love of my life again…

"To fly all you need is one happy thought…"

But I can't fly. I'm grounded because my two happy thoughts are trapped and separated in the worst storm of the century, nay the millennium.

"Pan fought Hook to rescue Wendy and upon doing so flew away with her only to have the Lost Boys shoot her down, thinking her some kind of strange bird. That broke his heart."

Rebuilding my life after our separation…his job took him away too much…and it broke my heart….like Pan with Wendy

"Hook snuck into the home of the Lost Boys and poisoned the cake Wendy made for Peter."

These thoughts that circle in my head are a type of poison…they bring my heart down when I should be hoping they come back…

"Tink swallowed the entire cake to allow Peter to survive…"

Should I swallow the poison…that is reason? That I will, in all likelihood never see them again?

I lower the book and quietly shut it upon observing that Peter was fast asleep. I lay my own head down in my arms and begin to pray

Lord send them back to me…please…give them back to me…and while you're taking care of them…give me peace.

Without knowing it, while praying I fall asleep…


Lights flashing in the window awake me…not cold red emergency lights but bright warm lights…of an ambulance…

Someone came…to bring us to safety

"We heard someone was left behind…"

Did you…?

"…We brought an ambulance."

Thank you God

"Thank you so much for coming"

We'll get out of here alive…

"Peter…it's time to go…"

Time to leave this place to the snow

"Don't forget your book…"

One less thing to worry about…about surviving. This choice to stay with the young boy could've gone in my favor or against me…but it came in my favor…Thank You God.

I load in the ambulance with Peter…bound for Mexico I am told.

Now I focus my worry and my prayers on my happy thoughts…and pray they make good choices not foolish ones like I did…

I slam the door and say "We're set…Let's get out of here…"

Stay safe…Jack find him…please…Sam….just please stay alive….

Chose to see me again.

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