Unleashed and Other Short Works

The Moonlessnight – Hey guys! To all those who have been thinking I died or something, think again. I'm just knee-deep in school papers and don't have the time for writing that I so long for. Thus, I decided to post this little title as a place to collect what I do have time to write (AKA, poems and one-shot stories). Once school is completely out of my life, I will be able to resume writing full stories, but until then enjoy what there is and please review. Ja ne!

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, no matter how much I wish I did. It belongs to Viz Corp. and its respective creator. Also note that the stories and/or poems posted here are just for fun and that I don't make any money off of them. I'm just a humble college student trying to keep insanity at bay by writing, so don't sue me or anything. Arigato.

Unleashed -- Written 10/11/2005

No tame pet am I,
Content within sheltering wall,
But a beast, wild and angry,
Savage within a rattling cage.

They think they hold me,
Silent behind Shinobi charms,
But eyes are ever watchful
And darkness lies within.

He knows my voice,
The warden beyond my door,
He hears it in the night,
For I need no sleep.

Day breaks suddenly,
A battle rages without,
Broken dance of dodge and parry,
By a strike unseen, the warden falls.

The child's heart falters,
Misses one beat, shudders two,
Silence falls, but not before
A lock clicks, falls open.

Unleashed, the fox runs free within.

There's the first work. Did you like it? I usually don't write prose poetry, but there's a first time for everything. Let me know if it worked or not. Thanks!
Witness to the Day -- Written 10/11/2005

Inari, lord of foxes,
Named in fear
As a child cries,
Runs through the darkness
Unseen and unheard
To bear solemn witness
Of the deeds done this night
Anger burns in demon eyes,
Men lie broken and still,
Homes lay and ruins, and yet
One man still stands to fight
Kyuubi pup, your time has come
Anxious cries of a human kit
Give promise of your doom . . . May
Elder brother, Kami, be merciful to that pup.

Well, that's all I have on Naruto as of yet but no worries. I'll probably have more soon once midterms are done. Until then, guys!