By Henrika

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My brother is trembling in his arms, unconsciously seeking the warmth that will drive the pain away from his auto-mail parts. His flesh fingers are nearly embedded in the scars around his metal shoulder, even though he's not conscious. The Colonel is trying to warm him, sharing his heat, as I cannot. The train blankets he has wrapped around them both are thin and the car we are in is chilly; I can see both of their breaths hanging in the air; my brother's coming ragged and short.

Mustang pulls by brother closer, shifting so he is turned sideways and can give him more heat. Edward moans, but doesn't wake. The dark-haired man glances helplessly over at me, not knowing what to say. Few people do know what to say to me, especially where it concerns my brother. I know the Colonel finds it easier to deal with Ed; he knows all of his triggers and exactly what to say to make him respond just as he wants.

I look at my brother again, thinking back on how this happened. The Colonel and First Lieutenant Hawkeye had come with us when there had been several reports of chimera attacks in the North. We had taken the train, Brother and the Colonel sniping at one another the entire way while Lieutenant Hawkeye cleaned her guns and occasionally threatened to shoot them both if they didn't settle down and get along.

The town had been practically deserted when we arrived and we split up to search through it. The few people we found were locked away in their homes. They told us that the chimeras mostly stayed up on a cliff near the village during the day, attacking the livestock and stray people at night. We met back up with the Colonel and the Lieutenant, both of them already bearing their weapons of choice. Brother transmuted his favorite spear and we headed off in the direction the villagers had pointed out in fear.

Somehow the chimeras knew we were coming and they began setting ambushes, their fusions with other animals honing their cunning and predatory instincts. Brother's spear was quickly reduced to splinters, the Colonel lost a glove to a lucky claw swipe and Hawkeye got a nasty gash on her leg when one of the creatures leapt down at her from a tree branch.

Brother switched to his auto-mail blade and we were attacked two more times before we reached their 'nest'. They had swarmed out to meet us, and we saw the bones nestled in the snow. They had eaten their creator.

I don't know how they did it, but they managed to drive us apart. The Colonel snapped as quickly as he could, Hawkeye went through several rounds and Brother and I smashed our way through the hoard, but there seemed to be no end to them.

Ed was the one who spotted the danger first. Hawkeye and Mustang were being driven together again and three chimeras were flanking them unnoticed.

He leapt to their aid and managed to throw back the chimeras. It was then that we all heard the sickening 'crack'. And then all hell broke loose with a torrent of snow.

Henrika- Ah, and to think that I'm going to make it worse for all of them.