By Henrika

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It's been a week since the 'incident' in the mountains. I did end up having to get stitches, but Roy doesn't seem to mind in the least when I lean against him to walk, thought I am careful to avoid grabbing his arms too much; the bruises are only now starting to fade.

Havoc, Breda, Fury, and Farman had volunteered to help clean up Al since they knew his secret. He was as grateful to get all the blood off as they were. (It was beginning to get rancid.) He'd begged us both not to tell his brother about his 'snapping' and we'd agreed, though it was somewhat humbling still to know that that much rage existed inside the kind boy.

As for Edward: "What the hell do you mean 'you'd like to keep me here for another week!' I'm fine!"

The doctors had told us that if Roy hadn't managed to give Edward some body heat, the boy would currently be in a coma.

Roy pushed open the door to Ed's hospital room for me, the both of us in uniform, save for the fact that Roy was missing his jacket. He had a bemused smile already drawing at his lips as we entered. I observed the scene. Al was trying to calm his brother down, but the blonde was in his normal towering rage. The doctor was cowering behind his clipboard, slowly edging towards the door. "Really now Edward, what gave you the right to terrorize this poor man for doing his job?"

He looked up, slightly ashamed. "Oh, hello First Lieutenant." Al said, releasing his brother's arms. Ed sank back onto his bed.

"Hello Alphonse. Edward?" I shivered lightly; the room was characteristically and sterilely cold.

"Sorry, but they want to keep me here for another week for no reason. I'm perfectly alright!"

"You almost died!" Al butted in.

"That's right Full Metal." Mustang said, coming up from behind so I could lean against him. "And I'm sure the doctor here wants to keep you here simply so they don't lose track of you if you should relapse."


"Did I say any of that?" Mustang asked, amused.

"No, but you implied it you bastard."

"Hmm, perhaps I did."

"Sir." I reprimanded, as Ed looked ready to jump out of his bed to strangle him. "It would be wise for you to stay Edward." He sighed; slumping back against the pillows and slapping his flesh hand over his face. It seemed I noticed what was around his shoulders at the same time the Colonel did.

"Is that my jacket?" Ed dropped his hand and slowly twisted around, pulling out the blue uniform from where it was tucked in behind him. It occurred to me that it had still been wrapped around him when we brought him into the hospital. Edward looked torn for a moment before throwing the jacket in our direction, where Roy caught it easily.

"Take it." He dropped his head and began fiddling with his sheets, his ponytail dropping to rest on his collarbone.

All three of us looked at him in surprise (the doctor had fled sometime after our arrival.) It was strange for Edward to sound so…forlorn about returning something other than a book, especially something that belonged to the Colonel. Roy contemplated the jacket in his hand for a moment before smiling at me, winking before his trademark smirk settled on his face. He walked over to Edward and draped the jacket around the boy's slumped shoulders. Edward looked up at him, his eyes wide with surprise. "You can borrow it if you like. I know how cold these hospitals get." Ed looked like he might refuse just on principle, but Roy carefully cut off argument. "I'll just dip into Armstrong's uniform budget until you return it. That'll be something I change when I become Fuhrer; I bet he uses half the entire military uniform budget just for himself. Ten uniform limit! Of course, with all the money I'll be saving by switching the women's uniforms to miniskirts…"

I calmly hobbled up beside him and whacked him upside the back of his head. "Let's go sir, before you get anymore of your brilliant ideas."

"Owowowow." He whined, putting his hand over his head.

"Feel better soon Edward." I said, pulling Roy along with me.

"Uh, yeah. Thank you." He turned to Roy. "Thanks."

"I'll expect that to be dry-cleaned!" He yelled back and I hit him again before we made it out the doors. We stopped just beyond the edge of the doorframe. "What was that for?" He asked.

"The only time you'll see me in a mini-skirt is if you court-martial me into one."

"Is that a challenge?" He asked devilishly.

I sighed, wondering to myself why I chose to love and support this man. Roy seemed to interpret my thoughts and leaned forward to give me a gentle kiss. Well, there's that. I thought as my ranting dissolved.

He smiled at me again as he broke the kiss, then beckoned me to move quietly to the side of the door's window and look in as he noticed something. I leaned up against him and did so, finding Edward snuggling down and relaxing in Roy's jacket as he pulled it around himself. I found Roy with a very gratified look on his face, the same one he always wore when he had done something kind.

He wrapped his arms around me from behind and the warmth spread through my limbs and I suddenly understood why Edward, tough, self-sufficient Edward, was so willing to drop that façade for a human touch like this one. "You know," I said, turning in Roy's arms. "It technically isn't fraternization if you're not in uniform. Which technically, without your jacket, you aren't."

"You're the one who knows the rules Lieutenant." He grinned as he bent down to kiss me again. And the hospital suddenly didn't seem so cold.


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