Chapter 4

A Purple Kiss

There is talk in the town. At first I thought I was just being paranoid, but now I know. They don't like how I am being somewhat friendly to the new visitors and not hostile like I am expected to be… like they are. And the simple folk called themselves Catholics! Isn't it known to their faith, especially, that everyone is suppose to be welcomed?

At first this alarmed me, the talk and the rumors. But now I find myself not concerned at all, not even giving it a second thought. Madden's family had been even more gracious to me than the town's people had. They invited me to dinners, greeted me with warm hugs, and made small talk. They didn't care about opinions or drama, only about good food, laughter, and music. They made life, the gifted that was often the most troublesome and complicated, into one large party.

"Are you coming tonight?" Madden had asked me on breezy summer day. He had just fixed the door hinges and the moister of his rich skin was shimmering in the golden sunlight. His hair blew softly in the slight wind and played gently at his forehead and cheeks. I found myself wanting to run my fingers through that hair.

"What's tonight?" I glanced up at him, his playful eyes greeting me.

"The festival of the full moon, of course. You are to come and celebrate with us." Madden squinted his eyes to the distance, and to the skies. I wonder what he saw.

"That sounds wonderful." I whispered, in delight of just admiring his beauty.

He displayed a smile, one like a sight of a million stars. So amazing, so captivating, that my knees grew weak just thinking I had made him smile.

I had also made him laugh days before when he was fixing one of the small windows in the front. I was watering the sunflowers and the ground became very grimy and slick. Soon I slipped and fell into the mud, embarrassed and hoping that he hadn't seen me at such an ungraceful moment.

Sure enough, Madden had and ran over, laughing. He than held up his long, slender hand, in reason that he wanted to help me up, but instead Madden came crashing down in the mud next to me. We laid there, his hand grasped in mine, covered in mud, and laughing for an eternity.

"Poitu, sorry to bother you, but I haven't a thing to wear for tonight." I had come to the camp later that day a few hours before the celebration was to start.

"What's the big deal? You could wear a potato sack and Madden would still dance with you." She sighed taking down the dresses on the clothesline.

"What?" I questioned.

"Nothing." Poitu winked at me and drew her attention towards a purple dress. "Now this is what you should wear."

"I couldn't steal someone else's dress!"

"Don't worry about it. Its mine. Probably look better on you though. Try it on in that tent." She threw it to me in haste, her mind surely preoccupied by tonight's activities.

Feeling a bit strange trying on someone else's dress, I defeated, went into the tent and quickly started undoing my dress. As I just slid it over my shoulder, I heard a faint moan.

"Excuse me. I think you have the wrong tent." Madden came up behind me. Startled I pulled my dress back on and fastened the buttons with shaky fingertips.

"I apologize, Madden. Poitu told me to change in here and I thought it was vacant.. I'm sorry… I'll leave." As I turned he placed his warm hand on my, again, bare shoulder. His touch brought bumps all over my body. He started moving his hand from my shoulder to my neck, and kept his hand there. Madden's eyes were passionate, gazing at me in astonishment and intensity. I place my hand on his, now stroking my neck gentle, and felt him grow closer to me.

"Annette, are you done in there or what?" Poitu cried outside. I tilted my head back, giving a loud sigh, in disbelief and defeat that the entire instant was ruined, but Madden refused to let it go.

His hot breath grew to my neck and his lips gentle grazed a spot that was most delicate. My flesh tingled. He kissed that very spot again gently and whispered into it, "I have to go."

"See. It looks amazing!" Poitu declared placing a full length mirror in front of me. I stared at my reflection in a daze, my hand unconsciously going to the place on my neck when Madden had kissed, just minutes before.
"Annette what's wrong? Don't you like it?"

I shook my head instantly, returning to this moment. Actually I loved it. It was a deep purple, a plush dress that clung to the areas that women were most notorious from and men enjoyed. It made my skin seemed very pale, but in an elegant way, like the contrast of white stars in the night skies.

I could only turn away from the mirror as Poitu uttered an admiring sigh.

"You look beautiful! Oh let me do your make up for tonight! I just have the perfect stuff."

I nodded, blushing faintly at the compliments and I followed her farther in the white canvass tent. She took out a cherry oak box, with cravings of exotic flowers and markings decorating it in the most secretive way. Poitu opened the latch revealing the contents of different color powder and perfumes. The fragrances sunk deep in my nostrils, making it almost hard to breathe.

"Close your eyes." She said, while taking out, what looked like, a thin piece of black charcoal. "Do you trust me?"

I nodded hesitantly.

"Then close your eyes."

When I did, she lightly drew on the corner of my eye to the other side. I then felt her place a thin dust over my eyelids.

"Okay you can look."

I peered at myself in the mirror looking much like the other women in the tribe. My eyes were lined with thick black, almost to the point were they were feline-like.

The purple dust was also over the corners of my eyes complimenting the purple gown perfectly. I gave Poitu a big hug in stunned at my appearance.
"Oh were not done quite yet." Her eyebrows rose and a mischievous smiled formed.

Chapter 5

"Are you ready?" Poitu asked, her voice light as the clouds in the sky. The sun was setting, leave trails of pinks and oranges in its place.

I was out of breath.


"And why not? Surely its not that hard." Her eyebrows were perched again as I lightly touched my feet on the dirt ground, the way she had taught me. Bronze dust clung to the air. This dance was utterly impossible, physically as well as mentally.

"Be more like a bar lady, less like a school girl." She placed her unbelievably cold hands at my waist, making my hips swing.

"I feel ridiculous." I muttered. I had seen Poitu do it before and I was a fool in telling her I wanted to learn.

"That's it! You've got it. Now just beat the tambourine with your steps…Yes…Good."

"Very good." A smug smile can on Maddy's face as he came out of nowhere to watched. His firm body leaned against a nearby tree trunk. I felt my face turn red and instantly stopped.

"No, don't stop on the count of us, Ms. Annette. You were just starting to get the hang of it."

"Well looky here. A live performance." Willy stood next to Poitu, his arm around her shoulders, his eyes on my hips. This made me even more uncomfortable.

"Is the festival ready to start?" I avoided Maddy's dense eyes and looked at the ground.

"Just about."