---This is just a short little one-shot about crazy thoughts and a love a Pennies.

This story contains thoughts of cutting so if you don't like that I advise you not to read.

It doesn't say who the main character is in this story, but really it fits for anyone, so you get to pick who its about.---

By: Laria Kaiba

These scars on my arms will never heal. I see them everyday, so I never forget the pain, the fear… the shear pleasure of each cut.

And if they never go away, and if I'll never forget… what's the point of therapy?

I don't cut anymore. They'd be all worried about me if I did. Not that they care.

What's so wrong with it anyway? I knew what I was doing.

It's not like I was trying to kill myself. Taking the coward's way out of life. I'm above that.

Life isn't so bad anyway.

No, I didn't cut for pain either, though it was a nice incentive.

Placing the small razor blade to your skin. You know it's going to hurt, you know it's wrong. Your heart beats faster. You press the blade closer to your skin, you can feel it. You take a deep breath and…

Do you do it? Or do you chicken out and try again tomorrow.

The real reason I cut? The blood.

Blood is so romantic. Red, the color of love, flowing from the heart. You know you've found the right one if they give their blood for you.

I know what you're thinking, and no, I'm not a vampire.

Or a cannibal.

The taste is good. Sweet, coppery, prefect.

But I can't cut anymore since they've found out.

I missed the taste. The warm blood on my tongue. Watching the liquid love drip down my arm, leaving stains on my sheets.

Oh, I may not be able to cut anymore… but the taste of blood never leaves my mouth.


So insignificant in the world of money. What's the point of one cent?

But they are special to me, oh so special.

You see these small little coins tastes just like blood. Sweet copper.

No scars, no stains, no pity looks. Best part is, no one ever questions me for having so many pennies around.

I miss the cutting, and the pain, but for now, the pennies will work quite well.