Late Night Wanderings

Dark Lady Devinity

It was early morning in Lazytown and most of its inhabitants were deeply sleeping, unaware that someone was lurking about. However, had anyone been awake, they would have been surprised to see this particular person, all of people, to be up and about before dawn.

In fact, this particular person was surprised at this event himself. Normally this purple and red striped-spandex wearing villain was nestled deep in bed or sprawled out on his favorite orange armchair, dreaming of ways to be lazy. Although, in all actuality, it was because of those lazy dreams that the man found himself pacing the soccer field. Because of dreams about lazy summer afternoons with a sports-inclined super hero by his side. Dreams that only love-sick schoolgirls had about their crushes.

And Robbie Rotten most certainly did not have a crush on Sportacus.

At least, that's what he tried to tell himself. So far, that plan wasn't working out as much as Robbie had hoped. The dream had shaken up the villain and left him in a highly confused state. It was extremely unpleasant. However, nothing would be solved by sneaking around town like a lost puppy. He should just go back to the lair and eat cake...

Wasn't happening.

'I don't get this. He's just a lame, highly active blue elf! A loser! A dork! Quite cute!' Robbie thought to himself. 'Gah! I did not just think cute. Cute is not in my vocabulary!'

"Robbie? Is something wrong?"

Oh joy. Just the last person Robbie wanted to find him pacing around like a nervous wreck.

"Sportacus," Robbie said, turning to face the hero and not give away his inner chaos. "Whatever makes you think something's wrong?"

"You seem to be distressed. You're not usually up this early, are you?" Sportacus asked. He was easily concerned about the health and wellbeing of other people.

"Well maybe I am distressed. Distressed because I see so many children, playing sports and eating vegetables, when they could be eating cake and sleeping!" Robbie said, about to launch into a rant about what's wrong with today's generation and all his anti-Sportacus feelings. "Or it could be because I have a crush on you, elf-boy!"

Right. He did not just say that. Nope. Not at all. It was all in his imagination.

"...Crush? On me?" Sportacus said, confused. "...Elf boy?"

Looks like that hope was shot to hell.

"What are you talking about? Looks like you're hearing things, Sportadork." Robbie said, going with the new plan of deny everything.

"No, I think I heard everything quite clearly." Sportacus said. "Though Robbie, generally insulting someone does not make them want to go out with you."

Was that a... playful tone?

"What are you saying?" Robbie asked.

"Nothing. I have to finish my jog now." Sportacus said. "And I'm flattered that you have a crush on me."

And with that, Sportacus leaned in and gave Robbie a quick kiss on the check. Then he was gone. Robbie stared at the spot that Sportacus had just stood, mind numb. Then he realized that Pinkie and her hyper-active little friends would be getting up soon. It wouldn't do for them to find him here, dazed. Besides, he still had to figure out a way to make Lazytown lazy. Just not too lazy, so a certain blue elf would be content to stay there.