Kei's back once more, and of course, she's not updating any of the important ones…but starting a whole new one…XD! I'm so bad…anyway, this is the introduction chapter to a new story that I'm actually kinda proud of. Hehe. This is also the product of me listening to too much Rob Thomas…XD! Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it, and here's the basics.

Pairings: Puppyshipping (SetoXJou), Dragonshipping (YamiXJou)

Rating: As far as I know at this very moment, PG-13.

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Hate The Player, Not The Game

Turn 0: The Rules

Let's play a game, shall we? No board, no cards, no dice. Nothing. This is a different sort of game, its own caliber of game that requires craft, cunning and a want to play. All skill levels are welcome, but sometimes, be warned, that the competition can become a bit brutal and heart wrenching. Each turn will be more painfully intriguing and hurtfully exciting then the last, which is why this is my favorite game.

However, calling it simply a game seems sick of me, though calling it an experiment is rather juvenile, so, the proper term, apparently, is my little game with preset rules that tend to my every whim. Keep in mind, I'm a cruel, cruel master, and I expect my rules to be strictly followed, as they are strictly enforced.

I bet, by now, you're wondering what kind of game this is, exactly. A game of wits? Maybe. A game of skill? Could be. A game of pure luck? Hardly. Even now, I bet you're wondering what, exactly, the name of this game is. I call it This Is How A Heart Breaks.

So far, there are only two players, and we've been playing this same game for about two years now, and it never ceases to entertain me. He plays the game so well, so oblivious to all around him, as if he really has no idea of what he hasgotten himself into. Oh, wait…he doesn't. He's mindlessly rolling the invisible die, taking his turns, and allowing me to retaliate with my own clever moves. If only he knew what he really had gotten himself into the moment he uttered the three words, 'I love you.' Actually, no…then that would have ruined my fun.

So, the information gathered here is that a game is being played and only one player, myself,is fully aware of the rules, regulations and penalties, in his case, heartbreak. You all should know that I, Seto Kaiba, am a perfectionist and I mean to win. My opponent, Jounouchi, doesn't have a snowball's chance in Hell of beating me.

And now, the basic rules, for all of you keeping score out there. I allowed Jounouchi to believe I was interested in him romantically and we would begin the slow and steady dating process. Despite the scowl upon his lips as he accepted, I could tell his heart was fluttering and he was truly excited that I had poured out of 'feelings' for him. So naïve. Anyway, I had told myself that the moment he was to utter those three simple, trivial words, the game would begin and a few nights ago, he told me of his love for me, professed it with tears in his eyes and a smile upon his lips. As you could have assumed, the purpose of This Is How A Heart Breaks is to time and document exactly how long it takes me to break Jounouchi's heart and have him withdraw his feelings of love and admiration and once and for all, rid myself of him for good. The game is about to begin, Jounouchi…prepare yourself!

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