Light in My Eyes

They called me away in the night
Voices in the wind
Said I'd soon take flight
Away from against me those who had sinned

I never thought I'd know
The light of grace that has fallen upon me
Didn't know I'd know this glow
That has lit the way to see

The darkness I've been living in
As though it was a veil
It wouldn't let me see the truth
So I would always fail

If only I had seen it
To avoid the pain and anguish
The clouds to be swept away
And the foe easily vanquished

But life isn't like that
Nothing is quite perfect
It's not like I don't understand
There are things that you can't always protect

But the light that has found me
Shows me the way
And the smile on your face
Is enough to give me strength
For another day

My first Fruits Basket fanfic! Hope you guys liked my poem, and please review! Constructive critism is helpful, so feel free to criticize.

Also, the point of view is either Kyo or Yuki. (Though I prefer to think of the point of view being from Kyo.) And, of course, Kyo/Yuki was speaking of Tohru.