Of the Obsessed and Abused

A fanfic from the slightly disturbed mind of the Californian who hates California.

A/N: This prologue is written in a third person POV, but future chapters will be written in either Kyle or Stan's POV.



"Every true genius is bound to be naive."

-- Friedrich Schiller


To anyone, whether friend or stranger, it was obvious that Kyle and Ike Broflovski were not related by blood. In both appearance and behavior, the two brothers were nearly complete opposites. Kyle had curly, red hair that fell to his shoulders. He was average height for a young man his age, but was considered underweight by his physician, who constantly warned him that he was just one point away from being classified as "undernourished." It was likely a result from skipping dinner every other evening to study, surviving the night on an apple or one of the granola bars he kept handy in his backpack. The seventeen-year-old's green eyes were half the time fixed on a book, usually a required text from one of his AP classes; one of Kyle Broflovksi's goals was to graduate high school with enough credit towards college to be able to start as a sophomore. Because he usually had his nose in a book, it was hard for him to see where he was walking most of the time, and as a result, he wasn't the most graceful creature. He was clumsy, constantly tripping over his untied shoelaces, which he could not spare a moment to knot, for it would of course take too much precious time away from studying. In the end, if the whereabouts of Kyle Broflovski where at anytime unknown, it was likely that he was locked in his room with a book in one hand, and his other hand in his mouth, chewing on his fingernails, which had been a habit of his since he was a young boy.

The younger of the two Broflovski brothers, Ike, was another story. He was tall for a twelve-year-old, and just half an inch away from standing at the same height as Kyle. He had black, straight hair, that didn't have the slightest wave to it. He was extremely intelligent and was three years ahead in school compared to other children his age. His incredible progress in school was not achieved through studying like his brother though. He hardly opened his text books and almost never did his homework. The boy could really care less, but it wasn't as if he had to. He was after all a genius. Ike Broflovski was a genius and constantly reminded of this title by his parents, which in turned caused the boy to become one of the most egotistical and conceited persons alive. His blue eyes were big and always wide with wonder, either observing and analyzing everything around him, or staring off at nothing, lost in thought. As for the whereabouts of Ike Broflovski when he was missing, that location would always be a mystery. He was where he wanted to be.

Kyle and Ike Broflovski ate breakfast together on the morning of their first day of school. Kyle was beginning his senior year and Ike was beginning his freshmen year. Kyle watched his adopted brother from across the table, wondering what could be going on in his head. He noticed that Ike kept his eyes staring up at the ceiling as he shoved spoonful after spoonful of Cheerios in his mouth.

"You nervous?" Kyle asked.

Ike looked at his brother, "No."

Kyle smirked, "It's alright to be nervous. I was nervous as hell about my first day of high school."

Ike rolled his eyes, and didn't bother to say anything.

Kyle sighed and finished the last of his cereal. He placed the empty bowl in the kitchen sink and then returned to the dining table to sit and wait for his brother to finish his own breakfast. When Ike finally finished, he gave no warning to his brother and simply stood up from the table, slung his backpack over his shoulder and headed outside.

Kyle quickly stood up from the table and stumbled after him. With quick steps, he made it outside before his brother and into the garage. He slid into the driver's side of his midnight blue 2001 Honda Accord that he had owned for maybe four or five months after his parents gave it to him as a birthday present. Kyle waited for his younger brother, who took his time walking to the car.

The ride to school was quiet. Kyle always found it hard to talk to his little brother, not really knowing much about him, and Ike never really bothered to talk to his older brother, not really finding anything worth while in him.

Kyle was unsure whether Ike would follow him around once they walked onto the campus. The boy after all didn't know anyone at school as a freshmen whose previous classmates were still in middle school. He didn't care whether his brother tagged along or not, and was actually favoring the idea, so that he would be able to keep a close eye on the kid who would probably fall victim to the bullying of the upperclassmen.

Once inside the school building, Kyle in fact found Ike at his side, with his curious eyes wandering every which way as usual. The school was pretty empty at that time in the morning. The majority of the few on campus were the poor souls that had zero period which began at seven o' clock in the morning. When the Broflovski brothers arrived, it was almost thirty past, and just half an hour before the first class of the day began, but Kyle made it a point to be at school early so that he could spend time with his boyfriend, Stan, who was required to be at school at the start of zero as senior class president.

Even though his brother lied told him that he liked to study before classes and that was why they had to be at school early, Ike knew that Kyle was there for Stan. He had it all figured out.

After each of them retrieved their books from their lockers, they headed to the ASB room, where they would find Stan. Ike had seen very little of his brother's boyfriend. After all, Kyle was leery on bringing the boy around the house, fearing that his parents would soon discover that their friendship was in fact a lot more than just a friendship. Which was a good thing, because Ike was convinced that his brother was completely hopeless when it came to keeping secrets; it only took ten minutes of pestering for a nine-year-old Ike to get his brother to admit that they were dating.

The tall, pretty boy, Stan Marsh sat on top of a long, high counter against the far wall of the room, flipping through a three inch binder filled with papers of who knew what. He wore head phones and listened to something with an obviously fast beat which was shown with the tapping of his feet and drumming of his fingers. He failed to notice the two as they entered the room, his crystal blue eyes glued to his work and his brow wrinkled in thought.

Kyle liked it when he found himself in a situation like this. Nothing was funnier than sneaking up behind Stan and scaring the shit out of him with a simple tap on the shoulder.

Startled, Stan nearly lost his balance on top of the desk. Once he saw a grinning Kyle, he tore off his head phones and shook his head with a laugh, "Bastard..."

They met with a brief kiss before Stan placed his headphones back on and picked up the binder once more. Kyle dropped his backpack to the floor and hoisted himself onto the counter next to Stan, opening his English anthology and beginning to read.

Ike stood there and watched the two for a while, wondering if that was the way things always were. He had imagined a different picture of the two. Hugging and kissing and telling each other "I love you." Ike was left standing there with a feeling that seemed to express, "That's it?"

The boy found himself wandering about the large room. There was a long table in the middle of the room, which was made up of numerous desks put together. Ike walked along side, reading off each silver name tag on the desk. He came to the end of the table and saw that at the very foot of the thing was Stan's desk. His name tag was gold and beside it was a wooden gavel. Ike picked it up and saw "President Stan Marsh, Class of '06" engraved on the handle.

"Don't mess anything up, Ike," Kyle warned from the other side of the room, "Put that down."

Ike opened his mouth to defend himself, but before he could say anything, he heard Stan speak, "It's alright. Go ahead, Ike," he smiled at the young boy, "Give it a bang," he motioned his head towards the gavel's platform.

Ike grinned at Stan and then at the gavel in his hand. He slammed it on its platform so forcefully, it caused his brother to yell, "Be careful!" But Ike paid no attention. He put the small hammer back down and then sat down at Stan's desk, admiring all the little things that were there. He flipped through assorted papers and tried each one of Stan's pens on his desk. He found a small, white teddy bear that he recognized right away, knowing that his brother owned one of the same; one of them had probably bought them for each other at some special occasion.

Kyle watched his brother from the corner of his eye, embarrassed of his curious behavior. Why couldn't the kid just sit still for once? He sighed and looked to Stan, "Are you staying after school today?"

Stan nodded, "Not too long, I hope."

Kyle bit at his thumb's nail, "Oh..."

"It shouldn't be longer than maybe half an hour... an hour at most."

"It's the first day. You already got that much work?"

"Yeah, I know. Things should slow down after the first week and it probably won't pick up again until Christmas time." He closed the binder he had and set it aside, pulling his headphones off once again. Stan watched his boyfriend nibble on each of his fingers, and frowned at the lack of eye contact he was getting from the redhead, "You're not mad at me for this are you?"

Kyle glanced sideways at Stan, "No, not at all. Why the hell should I be mad? There's nothing special about today after all..." he said with a shrug, flipping a page in his book, and continuing to gnaw away at his nails.

Stan sighed at the sarcastic remark, "I know its our anniversary. I didn't forget. I'll be just an hour after school and then we'll hang out, alright?"

Kyle stopped biting his nails for a brief moment and nodded, "Alright." He paused and looked about the room for his brother, and found him staring at the wall which had the portraits of previous class presidents descending all the way back to the year 1964. "After school, I'll take Ike back home and then I'll come back and wait for you in the library."


"Ike! Don't touch!" Kyle panicked when he discovered his brother poking a trophy with his index finger.

Ike whipped around, "I'm being careful!"

Stan witnessed the two brothers roll their eyes at one another in unison and laughed to himself. "Hey, Ike. You wanna run for freshmen class office? Elections in two weeks."

Ike turned his eyes to the ceiling as he thought about this, "Maybe."

Kyle closed his book, "Like the freshmen class will elect a twelve-year-old..."

As if now challenged, Ike placed his hands firmly on his hips, "I'll run. And I'll win."

Kyle smiled, "Yeah, sure."

Ike glared at him and then returned his gaze to the portraits that hung on the wall.

"Where do you wanna go tonight?" Stan asked gently taking the hand Kyle was about to reassume chewing on and swinging it playfully.

"I dunno... Movies?"

Stan smiled and tightened his hold on Kyle's hand. The two rested their heads against one another's admiring the beauty of their fingers interlaced. Stan closed his eyes and turned his face to inhale the heavenly scent of Kyle's hair. "Three years," he whispered soothingly.

"I know," Kyle breathed in disbelief.

Both boys rested their foreheads against one another's, gazing lovingly into each other eyes. Ike watched curiously as their lips touch and then slowly part as they gently pulled away from one another.

Just as Stan hopped off from the counter, all three boys could hear the sound of closing footsteps and the sounds of many voices growing louder. Stan turned to Kyle, "The meeting's about to start."

Kyle nodded, "Alright," he said with a bit of a sigh and jumping from the counter. He threw his backpack back on and turned to Ike, "Come on, let's go to the library and wait for class to start."

"Why can't we stay in here?"

"Because. Stan's meeting is going to start."

"Can't we just watch?"

"No. Now come on, Ike."

­A group of about twenty ASB members were entering the room then, but Kyle's little brother didn't move when Kyle headed for the door. When he realized the kid wasn't following him he turned around and stomped his foot angrily at his brother.

"It's alright, Kyle. If he's quiet, it'll be fine. Besides, if he wants to be an officer, this could be good for him."

"I'll be quiet," Ike said quickly when he heard Stan say this from the other side of the room.

Kyle rolled his eyes, "Fine." He paused and looked at his brother before leaving, "Please try and keep out of the way of things."

Ike sat down on the floor, with his back against the counter where Stan and Kyle were sitting previously and watched everyone taking their seats at their rightful desks. Stan stood at the end of the table at his own desk with his gavel ready in hand.

"Who's the kid?" a girl asked.

"Kyle's brother. He's a freshman."

Everyone's eyes glanced at Ike for a brief moment and then fell on Stan again. Stan used his gavel to scratch at his head of jet black hair, "So... can we start? Everyone here?" he looked to his secretary, Bebe, who nodded as she checked off the roll sheet. "Alright." Stan cleared his throat and looked about his fellow students who sat before him, "First day of school is today. I hope everyone remembered to wear their badges so that the new students and freshmen can identify you as an ASB member who can help them if they're lost or whatever."

"Is it alright if I wear the one I made?" Kenny grinned. He pointed at a piece of paper taped to his shirt in a amateur fashion, that displayed "Fuck off, Freshie" in his own writing.

"No." Stan sighed, "Be nice. Just for one day, Kenny. Just today, god dammit."

"I think Kenny shouldn't be allowed to wear any name tag," Wendy the class vice president said, "Some freshman is going to come up to him for help with finding a class, and Kenny will probably purposely send the poor kid off in the wrong direction."

"No, I won't," the blonde answered with much too big of a grin for anyone take seriously.

"Don't act so innocent," Wendy glared at him, "I propose a vote."

Stan sighed, "Fine. All in favor for banning Kenny from wearing a badge for the day?"

Everyone but Kenny responded, "Aye."

"All opposed?"


Stan hit the gavel, "It has been decided. Kenny," he held out his hand, "give me your badge."

"God dammit, you guys suck..." he muttered throwing the pin down in Stan's hand.

As the meeting continued, Ike watched in his usual studious manner. From where the young boy sat on the floor, Stan seemed as tall as ever, giving the senior class president a bigger aura of respect and power. Ike for the first time noticed the excessive gestures Stan made with his hands. He also noticed how Stan would pause in his speech to think. He would stop and gently touch his head with his gavel, he would run his tongue over his lips, then leaving his mouth slightly opened in thought, as his blue eyes searched the ceiling. And then his eyes lit up and a small smile swept his face as he finally organized his thoughts and began talking once more. And when someone else was talking, Ike witnessed how Stan ever so slightly tilted his head to one side and wore the deepest look of concentration on his face, with his brow wrinkled and his lips pursed. He leaned his weight on one leg and rested his hands on his hips, and slowly nodded or shook his head, as his eyes wandered from the person who spoke, to the ceiling, and back to the person.

As he discovered new characteristic after new characteristic--ones that he had never seen on anyone else before-- Ike found himself giggling quietly in a shy and childish fashion which had been absent from him nearly all his life. And when on rare occasion, those blue eyes of Stan's would wander over to Ike and a small, kind smile would sweep Stan's face, Ike felt himself blush. When he saw the older boy look at him, he felt excited but strangely scared at the same time. He felt the urge to look quickly away, but found it impossible to tear his eyes away from something so beautiful as Stan. The way he spoke, moved, and looked was, to Ike, complete perfection.

But Ike didn't understand. How could Stan be with his brother when he could obviously do a lot better than the clumsy redhead? Coincidently, his brother Kyle pondered the same question. The only difference was that when Kyle asked himself the question, he felt almost afraid, seeing and fearing the ending of a three-year-old relationship. On the other hand, when Ike asked the same, he felt confident, and only saw opportunity.