OMG! I just finished watching the premier of Ring Around the Rosie, and here's where I want it to go next. In my opinion it is a wonderful/pivotal episode.


"Um...Mr. Camden?" Martin asked softly. "I was wondering, er...I broke up with Meredith last weekend because, well, the thing is, I wanna date your daughter. And if she doesn't want to date me, I want her to tell me, not use you as an excuse, which is why I'm asking you first."

Annie laughed as she walked in the room. "You want to know her exact words Martin? I was giving Sam and David the speech on how girls like nice guys, and Ruthie told me I was wrong. I used you as an example, you're nice and girls like you. You know what she said? She said, 'Yeah, but Martin's good-looking'."

Martin blushed and looked back to Eric apprehensively who nodded and Martin fled the house through the back door only to run into Sandy.

"Sandy, we need to talk." Martin said, pulling her down on the nearby bench. "I think you should get a paternity test."

Sandy shook her head. "No Martin, the baby's not yours; it's Simon's."

Martin sighed with relief, not catching the part about Simon and kept going out to his car.

He had Sandy out of his life, and Meredith was back with Jack, everything was perfect.