Alvin And The Chipmunks: "Test Of Love"

A/N: Please, remember I do not own the original characters of Alvin And The Chipmunks™, but I do own this story and myself. Krystal© and Usa© belong to my best friend. And Brittany is a friend of mine. Please, also remember this is a fan-based fic. And to all fans of Simon Seville, sorry...heheh...please, don't hurt me for what happens to him...


A girl about five feet seven inches with short black hair and glasses, wearing all black shook her head in disbelief. "Why do you even want to do this, Marushi-san?"

Two more girls stood beside the frustrated looking woman. One of them was Krystal Lee, a taller woman with long blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in light blue clothes. The third woman, Brittany, had blond hair tied back into a ponytail, dressed in sea-blue clothes and she also wore glasses.

"Why do I want to do this?" Marsha repeated, her arms crossed. Marsha had short black hair, green eyes and wore a green shirt with a dark green skirt. "Because, it sounds like fun. And I'd really appreciate it if you and Brittany came with me."

Usagi and Brittany exchanged looks and both girls sighed. "Fine," Usagi grunted. "Give us the drinks, Krystal."

Krystal looked a little reluctant. "Tonic of Chipmunk. The effects of this drink is irreversible." She glanced over at Marsha. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes!" The eagerness in her voice surprised Krystal.

She shrugged it off and handed the drinks to them. The three girls drank it in one gulp.

For the moment, everything seemed the same, until a white light washed over the girls, shrinking them. Krystal blinked a few times and tried holding in a laugh, but failed, miserably.

"What is so funny?" Marsha demanded, studying her new look.

"Oh, no. No, no, no. Change me back! I don't want this!" Usagi ordered.

"Sorry, Usa. It is too late to turn back, now. Have fun," Krystal smiled, pressing a button.

A light washed over the girls and they appeared outside a red-white house. "I really don't want this," Usa grumbled.

"Like Krystal said, Usa, it's too late to turn back, now," Brittany finally spoke up, watching Marsha's eagerness as she knocked on the door.


2 be continued...