Obsessed with you

Hello this is Dreamz. I haven't written for like ever! I'm so sorry about that but there was summer and vacation so I was pretty busy. Well now I'm here with my story! I was gonna do this with Hope but she's busy with her new fic so I'm taking over this one. Okay I'm being annoying so I'll just let you go and read my fic.

Summary: When Sakura met a playboy with amber eyes on the plane, it was love a first sight. And maybe that's why she keeps a secret diary just about him. She kept every single thing she knew about the amber eyed boy in that one diary. On the day that he broke her heart, she threw the diary away and vowed not to trust him anymore.But the boy she's obsessed with accidentally finds it... -Dreamz

Chapter 1

Is This Fate?

Dear Diary:

Tomorrow is the first day of school! And I'm still thinking about that guy! Sure it's just a guy I met on the plane, but I feel like there's some kind of connection between him and me! HE IS SO HOT! I guess I'm shallow... But I just kept on thinking about him for some reason! It's almost like, like I'm OBSESSED with him! The way his hair is all messed up... the way he looks at me... the way his smile warm up my heart...

A smile played on Sakura's lips as she melted back into her memory.


Sakura signed as she sat down on her seat. She was on the plane that will fly her back home. Sakura's summer had been AWFUL. She 'thought' she was going to Europe 'with' her friends, but she ended up there... by herself. It turned out that her best friend Tomoyo, now considered as 'Evil Woman' to her, was too busy hanging out with her boyfriend Eriol, in England. Sakura would've giving him an evil name too, but she didn't have any good ideas. Sakura's other best friend, Meilin, went back to Hong Kong to check on her sick grandmother. So Sakura doesn't blame her. And, oh yes, they didn't tell her until she GOT to Europe...and saw that no one was there.

'Tomoyo, Eriol, YOU ARE SO DEAD WHEN I GET BACK TO TOKYO!' Sakura thought about how her friends would look like after she kills them.

"Uh…excuse me miss," a deep, controlled voice startled Sakura's thoughts. She looked up and saw a guy about her age, with messy chestnut brown hair and a pair of piercing amber eyes.

"Um...yes?" Sakura asked, instantly holding back the urge to tell him how attractive he was.

"Your bags," the oh-so-hot guy pointed to the seat beside Sakura's, "they're kind of on my seat."

"OH MY GOD! YOU'RE SITTING BESIDE ME!" Sakura yelled in excitement, almost forgot the fact that she had to put her bags away.

'Uh oh...' Sakura thought after her little outburst.

"Uh...yah..." the guy said, raising his eyebrow.

"He..hehe..." Sakura laughed, awkwardly.

'Note to self: Don't make retarded outbursts in front of really cute guys.' Sakura silently told herself as she rose from her seat to but her bags away.

"So...what's your name?" Sakura broke the awkward silence.

"Syaoran Li."

"Oh...hey Syaoran."

"And you?"

"Sakura Kinomoto, I'm sixteen and I have a brother named Touya. My best friend and her boyfriend ditched me to go on vancation by themselves. My other friend went back to Hong Kong because her grandmother was sick. And that's how I ended up here, alone." Sakura said, nonstop.

"...Alright..." Syaoran surely wasn't expecting THIS much information.

'Second note to self: DON'T RETARDEDLY TELL SOMEONE MORE THAN THEY NEED/WANT TO KNOW!' Sakura yelled at herself inside her head.

"What are their names?" Syaoran asked her, almost afraid of the things she's going to say.

"Tomoyo Daidouji, Meilin Li, and Eriol Hiirigazawa." This time she learned her lesson.

"You know Meilin!" Syaoran exclaimed.

"Huh? Oh...yah."

"She's my cousin!" Syaoran instantly seemed to show a lot more interest.

"REALLY!" Sakura yelled at the top of her lungs, which made Syaoran almost fall off his seat.

"SHUT UP LADY!" The man that was seated in front of her shouted back.

"YAH! WE ALREADY KNOW YOU LIKE HIM! SO BE QUIET! PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP DAMN IT!" The little girl seated behind Sakura screamed.

Sakura turned into a tomato right on the spot.

'Oh god this is awkward.' She thought as she slipped down her seat, trying to hide herself from all the glances people were giving her.

End of flashback

Sakura's POV

Ok, so that wasn't a very good first impression. BUT WHO CARES! AT LEAST I HAD A GOOD IMPRESSION OF HIM! I wonder what high school he's going to…Oh well, even if I don't see him again, it was still great for my eyes the other day. (A/N: -sweatdrop-)

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong! DING DONG!"

Who can it be at this time of the night? Murderers?


'Oh, evil woman's here. Good thing she came to me, saved me the time of tracking her down.' I thought as I walked towards the door, putting on a fake/evil smile along the way.

"Hello, my 'friends'." I said, feeling my eyes glowing red. (A/N: Well not really…)

10 min after

Normal POV

"SAKURA CALM DOWN! IT'S NOT MY FAULT! Tomoyo yelled as she ran around Sakura's living room.


"I HAD NO CHOICE!" Tomoyo lied.

"Oh shut up you two." Meilin said. Since she told Sakura that she'd be checking on her grandmother BEFORE she went to Europe, Sakura didn't do anything to her.



"Sakura just came back from Europe today, we're suppose to be celebrating."


"Oh Sakura, maybe she was just… drunk?"

"…That's the best reason you can think of?" Sakura said slowly after what seemed like a long time, "I was expecting something more… believable."

-Long Pause-

"Uh…" Meilin replied, "…You can start fighting again now."

"MEILIN!" Tomoyo yelled, obviously scared of what Sakura's going to do to her next.

Next day

"Meilin…" Sakura started, eyes not leaving a certain being.


"Um…is that your cousin?" Sakura said, pointing to a person that looks almost exactly like Syaoran, the guy from the plane.

"Huh?" Meilin looked towards the direction Sakura pointed and…

"SYAORAN!" she screamed as soon as she made sure that it was him.

The boy looked towards their direction, and waved.

A/N: There, the first chapter, pretty short huh? Okay so it's not dramatic yet. But it will get dramatic in some of the chapters… when Sakura's not so dumb anymore. I will update as soon as I can, and if you have any comments (good or bad), you can put it in a review. But please don't make the flames too harsh… I will look at them and try to write better. So how was it? Good? Bad? Please review!