Obsessed With You

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After going to my locker I went to biology class. The class was already full of students. My eyes swept across the room, and half way through I saw Syaoran. He was just sitting there, staring back at me. His glance, somehow, seemed… different to me. It actually had a hint of…warmness this time. Is it just my imagination? He kept on looking at me, and I kept on looking at him, unknowingly. Suddenly I came to my sense and jerked my head away. I tried hard not to turn pink but I felt myself blushing furiously. Oh great, I still like him this much…

I once again looked at the classroom, avoiding a certain amber colored pair of eyes this time. Then I saw Drake sitting at his table. There was an empty spot beside him. Did he save it for me? Drake soon saw me, waved and smiled. I gave him a tiny little wave back and walked towards him…

"Hey Drake."

Chapter 6-The Voice In Your Head

"S-Sakura!" Drake blinked, I felt that feeling in his eyes. Hope.

"Yeah… Hi…!" I stuttered, "Can I, um…sit here…?"

"Y-yeah!" Drake seemed surprised, "Of course."

During the whole entire class, I saw Drake staring at me hopefully with the corner of my eye. Yes, I did feel uncomfortable, but the first step was never easy, right?

"So, I've been thinking," I began, as soon as the bell rang, "About that date?"

"Yes!" Drake blurted out.

"I've decided I will go." I simply stated.

"Really!" Drake almost shouted, "I mean, cool, so I'll pick you up at around…?"

"Tomorrow, seven o' clock, sharp."

"Awesome, so I'll see you tomorrow." Drake stood up, and walked out the room. But not before giving me a smile.

Someone brushed my shoulders and I looked up immediately, obviously startled.

Syaoran stood there, his piercing eyes staring at me, dead on.

I shivered. I felt like he could see right through me.

He gave me one last glance with those lovely- I mean, devilish pools of amber, and practically ran out the room.

I smirked. Did he hear what we said? This is going to be great… What can I say? He hurt me, now I'm gonna get him back. I'm a bitch? I don't think so.

Syaoran's POV

The path seemed to stretch extra long today as I walked home. Tough day.

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. SHIT! Why the hell do I feel so pissed off! So she's going out with that Drake dude, SO WHY THE FUCK DO I CARE?

Because you're in love with her. I knew it all along.

Shut up you voice in my head. I hate that blood-sucking girl, for she ruined my life.

But now you love her.

Great… now I just feel like beating myself up…

So where are they going to go?

Why do you care? Oh wait! You're OBSESSED with her.

Hell no. I just want to know, so I can…

You can do what? Go and kidnap her so she won't be able go date him anymore?

Damn it, I need a break.

Then call her.

Do you think I'm an idiot?


Shut up.

You can't make me.

Bastard… I cursed under my breath. Wait, did I just call myself a bastard?


God help me.

Sakura's POV

I let out a deep sigh as I walked home, alone. Meilin and Tomoyo had their things to do. So here I am.

Oh my god, Syaoran looked at me like if I had just cheated on him or something. But it's not my fault Drake asked me out.

But it is your fault for accepting.

Shut up. It's not my fault.

Then why do you feel so guilty.

I am NOT guilty! I'm just, a little, shocked…

From what?

Would you leave me alone!


If I was guilty, then why did I smirk that… revengeful smirk?

Because you want to make him jealous.

What are you talking about! He's hates me!

Well it's your fault for going over the line.

I couldn't help myself!

It's still your fault.

I do not feel guilty! I smirked!

Only because you thought he was jealous.

Get lost.

I quickened my footsteps, I want to get home before it gets too dark. Then a tall, lanky figure gradually walked into my sight.

It's Syaoran.

Oh god.

That thought immediately popped up into my head.


Okay Sakura, just walked casually and pretend nothing is wrong.

Oh my god, why is he turning around? Damn, he saw me.

He was obviously slowing down his pace, waiting for me to catch up. Act normal? Or act snobby.


Okay, for once I'll listen to you.

I quickened my steps to reach him. As soon as I took my first step, everything seemed to go into slow motion.

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps…seventeen steps. I knew this was going to be the longest minutes of my life.

"Hey..." He greeted, even though I knew he tried to act as friendly as possible, I can hear the awkwardness behind his voice.

"Hi…" Why is he trying to be so nice? He was another guy just a few weeks ago.

"Where's the others?" he asked. It was like one of those times, when you couldn't think of anything to say, and you just blurt out the first thing that pops into your head.

"Meilin's busy with her family and Tomoyo's still at school, for choir practice."


I always wanted time to pass by slower, so I'd have time for everything that's going on. But at that time and that situation, I would give anything for time to just zoom by.

It was once again, silent. Nobody was comfortable with it, but nobody started a conversation either.

Why AM I being so nice to him? He is a jerk and he broke me heart. Why couldn't I just bring myself to go and slap him across the face?

I was gathering up all my courage to start screaming at him when he spoke.

My jaw dropped instantly.

"Will you be my girlfriend?"

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