Chapter 1

It's been 2 years since I walked away from my life and career with the WWE and the love of my life Mark Callaway. Glenn and Jamie are happily married now…and expecting their first child in 4 months…I stayed pretty much to myself for the first year…going back to college and wanting to learn something else…after two years of college…I graduated a doctor, after reviewing my credits I found out I only needed a few more to actually become a doctor…so now I work at New York Memorial Hospital…I'm the Emergency Room Trauma doctor…

Mark didn't know about me becoming a doctor…and Jamie and Glenn hadn't offered up any indication about what I'd done with my life, per my request…they knew Mark screwed up…and Mark knew he screwed up…and they said when the time was right everything would just come back into place.

I have been working night shifts…that's when I'm most comfortable in my surroundings…I love lounging in my scrubs…they are so comfortable…and I have at least 90 million different colors…Jamie laughs at me all the time…cause when ever she sees me now that's all I have on…I heard about the wrestlers being in town tonight…I'm supposed to meet Jamie and Glenn for coffee around 2 am at Maxi's across the street from the hospital during my lunch hour…

Around 11:45 p.m. I got paged to the ER…so dawning my bright red scrubs…I left my hair down…trying not to give myself a headache before mid-night…and took off for the ER…I had been making my rounds trying to check on all my other patients for the night…I was just outside the ER, when I looked over and saw Jamie sitting in the waiting room…she ran over and said, "Sami…Glenn got hurt…he went through 4 tables and his head and neck were bothering him, so we brought him in."

I said, "We?"

She said, "Yea…Mark's in the bathroom…I'm sorry, he insisted on coming…" I said, "Don't worry about it…I'm fine…Let me go check on Glenn…I'll let you know if it's anything serious." She was a little shaky and I said, "Girl…don't get yourself all worked up…It's not good for the baby…go sit down and relax."

I walked in and Glenn was sprawled out on the gurney still in his Kane costume, but had the mask off…I said, "Okay Genius whose idea was it for you to go through 4 tables?" Glenn looked up and said, "Sami…it's good to see you." I said, "I'd rather be seeing you on better terms…so give it up…whose idea was it for you too look like a moron?"

Glenn smiled his goofy smile and said, "I actually volunteered…Mark was going to do it…but he's been having problems with his hips lately…and won't go see a doctor and I knew I could actually take the bump easier…so I sort of shoved Mark out of the way, because he wouldn't let me volunteer…" I said, "Good lord…you guys are one in the same…"

I pulled out my pin light and pulled Glenn's left eyes open and while shinning the light in his eye, I said, "Bright light." Went to the other side and said, "Bright light again……Are you feeling nausea or anything like that…you don't seem to be bleeding…" Glenn said, "No…I just have one hell of a headache." I said, "You probably will for a while…you've got a concussion dork." Glenn said, "I figured as much." I said, "I'm going to send you down to Radiology so they can scan your cat and your neck make sure nothing is damaged except your pride."

Glenn said, "It was worth it…Mark has just been having a hard time with his hips…and he won't admit it, but I know it's painful…he needs to see a doctor…" I said, "I actually have the name of an orthopedic doctor he could go too." Glenn said, "If you'll give me his information…I'll force Mark to go." I said, "Ha…Ha…Glenn haven't you learned yet that you can't force that big lug to do anything…" Glenn laughed a little and said, "Yea…this is true..." I said, "Now…my assistant Marie is going to come and wheel you down to Radiology…don't give her a hard time." Glenn said, "Yea ma'am."