Chapter 25

We put Sami and Marcus down for the night…and I looked at Jamie and said, "Okay spill it…I'm not stupid…I know something is going on…what are you 3 being so secretive about." Jamie said, "Nothing Sam…why would you say that?" I said, "First of all…you're lying you can't even look me in the eyes…and second…when Mark and Glenn look like they are up to no good…chances are it's because they're not." Jamie said, "You're insane they aren't doing anything…"

20 minutes later…I saw her biting her nails…dead give away…I reached over and pinched her and she jumped up rubbing her arm and said, "What was that for?" I said, "For lying to me…you wanna tell me the truth…cause frankly I have no problem with holding you down and pinching the shit out of you all night long." Jamie held her hands up in defeat as I started going after her…and said, "Alright I give…Mark is going to wrestle tonight…he's going to make it his official last appearance and announce his retirement…"

I said, "How the hell is he going to do that…he can't wrestle with his hip." Jamie said, "Actually he can…Glenn's been training the shit out of him…they've been ready for weeks now…The doctor released him to do it just this once." I said, "Wait…whose he wrestling?"

Jamie said, "Now…don't get up set Samantha…he wanted to do this…" I said, "WHO?" Jamie said, "Paul Levesque (Triple H)…" I said, "Is he out of whatever is left of his mind…Paul could really hurt him this time..." Jamie said, "If you figure out the timeline…Mark specifically picked tonight, because it's been one year ago today, when Paul threw him off the stage."

I said, "Shit…it won't be a wrestling match…it's going to be a boxing match…Mark is going to kill him…I've got to stop him…he can't do this…Jamie I need you to keep an eye on Marcus…I'll be back." Jamie nodded as I took off, pulling on my matching Deadman Inc sweatshirt…I looking like a mini version of Mark…except my hair was in a pony tail and his was still short…

I got to the arena…at what I thought was just in time…but I ran back stage and then I saw Glenn standing in front of the monitor next the back of the Titan tron, where the wrestlers went in at…and I said, "Glenn…what the hell is he doing?" Glenn said, "Taking back his yard."

My eyes bugged out and said, "Glenn we can't let his happen…what if something goes wrong?" Glenn said, "Don't worry…I've been training him for the last 10 months…if he can handle me…he can damn sure handle Paul…Besides, Stephanie is down at ring side with Paul…they are engaged now remember?" I said, "This is such an unbelievable beyond bad idea…I can't believe you condoned it…I outta whip your ass."

I watched as Mark rode down the ramp on one of his Harley's like always…and I could barely see anything cause tears just swelled in my eyes…Glenn handed me a tissue and said, "Samantha, he's going to be fine." I said, "Gee…I didn't know you had so much wisdom into the future Yoda…" Glenn laughed and then got quiet when I glared at him…I watched as the match began…it wasn't too bad, except for the fact it was a Hell in the Cell match…Mark just had on what he left the hotel in…

The two of them were relentless on each other…Punching, kicking, clothes lining, slamming each other into the chained linked fence that made the cell…Mark slammed Paul at least 50 different times into the metal stairs…I had the hardest time just watching…not being able to do anything…Finally Mark gave Paul the choke slam, then gave him the tombstone pile driver, and then last but not least he gave him the last ride…and I swear when his body his the matt, it echoed through the arena…they were both a beaten and bloodied mess…as the cage started to raise…Stephanie scrambled to get in the ring…Mark backed her into a corner, mic in hand…

Mark said, "When your boyfriend wakes up…tell him the Undertaker took back his yard."

And with that Mark got out of the ring…he looked at the bike and didn't even feel like riding it back up…he handed the keys to a fan…and walked up the ramp…making sure to do his one arm salute…never looking back…the fans went totally ape shit…before the match had started Mark had told them he was retiring after this last match…and they knew unless they were just walking down the street one day or happened to stop at the Harley Davidson shop in Houston Texas…they were never going to see him again…at least not in the ring.

As soon as he walked behind the curtain he came face to face with me…and he could tell I'd been crying…Mark stood there after he'd whipped the blood off his face…he had his hands on his hips and he said, "I'm sorry…I should have told you…But I had to do this…" I said, "I know Mark…believe me I know…In a way I'm glad you didn't tell me…I probably would of freaked out worse then what I did…" Mark said, "Well…I got it out of my system…What about you little girl…Are you okay?" I said, "Yea…I think I'll live…Please promise me one thing." Mark said, "What's that?"

I said, "The next time you try to pull something like this again…can you please check with me…and make sure I'm not 6 weeks pregnant…I was running around back here trying to find you…and I was stressing myself out over this…Please…a little warning next time…or just check in…with a Hey honey…I decided to scare the shit out of you…you're not pregnant by any chance are you?"

Mark said, "Okay…Hey Honey...I decided to scare the shit out of you and take back my yard in the process…You're not pregnant by any chance are you?" I said, "Why, yes honey I am…could it possibly wait?" Mark shook his head no and said, "Pregnant huh? So does this mean we need to get a bigger house?" I said, "Nope."

He said, "Are you going to yell, cuss and scream at me when you go into labor with this one?" I said, "More then likely yea." Mark said, "What the hell…I think I can handle that…So are you giving me a daughter this time?" I said, "I dunno, guess well have to wait and see." He said, "I can handle that too…So…Do you still love me?" I said, "Even more then the first day I met you…you realize now that you've knocked me up twice…you're stuck with me for the duration of your life?" Mark nodded and said, "I can handle it…can you?" I said, "With the fearless Undertaker, Mark Callaway by my side…I can handle anything…"

I walked over and wrapped my arms around his waist…and he enveloped me into his arms…he kissed the top of my head and I said, "I love you." Mark said, "I love you too." We walked down the hall never looking back…just knowing the future held a wonderful son and a new addition to the family…

Mark always said he didn't need to look back, he said wrestling was his career, but me wife, Marcus son and Alicia his new daughter…were his life.

The End

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