Hey all! If you've read "Love Hina: New and Old Faces, Same Zaniness", then you've already experienced what I have to offer. If this is your first time reading one of my fics, here's what you can expect:

Fan service, Star Wars references, Adult Swim references, other anime references, romance, action, and mass insanity.

The premise for this Love Hina fic is: what if Naru's personality split into six different forms, plus the real Naru? This idea is from Shichinin no Nana, or Seven of Seven over here in the States. This fic's timeline takes place after vol. 14 of the manga, but a while before Keitaro and Naru get married.

By the way, the six other Narus, besides the original, are as follows:

Dynamic Naru (adventurous, likes to get into trouble); Mean Naru (gets pissed off easily; this is the side of Naru that usually takes over when Keitaro does something perverted); Crybaby Naru (shy, introverted, and bawls all too easily); Sexy Naru (guess what she does! Lmao); Smart Naru (the side of her that is the brainiac. Of course); and Easygoing Naru (basically Kitsune in Naru's form).

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Love Hina: Shichinin no Naru!

Chapter 1: It Happens

It was just a normal day at Hinata House. Well, as normal as it can get, when you're the landlord of a girl's dorm where all the residents have the hots for you, one way or another. Keitaro was once again being stalked by his step-sister, Kanako.

Kanako: Onii-chan, please! I want you right now!

Keitaro (running): I told you, you're my sister! I love you as a sister, ALRIGHT!

He manages to find a hiding place in one of the hidden crawl spaces that work their way in and out of Hinata House. Popping up elsewhere, he runs into Naru.

Keitaro: Hello, Narusegawa.

Naru: You're calling me that, after we've gotten so close? Geez, you don't have to be so formal. We're… boyfriend and girlfriend, after all, aren't we. (thinks to herself) It's still a bit hard for me to admit it, even though I do like him a lot.

Keitaro: Oh, okay. By the way, is their anything you need me to do, errand-wise?

Naru: Umm…oh! Could you get me some ramen? I'm pulling an all-nighter for one of my tests.

Keitaro: No problem!

He heads off in the direction of the entrance, leaving Naru to think about how she's going to tackle her test. Then Su comes bounding down the hallway.

Su: Link, he come to town, come to saaaaave the Princess Zelda…hiya, Naru-yan!

Naru (still thinking to herself): Hi Su… (passes by)

Su (thinking to herself): puuuuuu…nobody wants to have any fun. (sly cat grin) I's gots an idea! Hehehehe…

She heads back into her lab…

An hour later, Keitaro hadn't come back yet, leaving some of the residents worried. Naru, of course, was getting irritated.

Naru: Goddamnit. I asked him to just pick up some ramen for me. Wait, knowing him, he might've gotten into some kind of trouble. O.O Oh god, I hope he didn't get accosted by some perverted girl. Knowing him, he'd freak out, accidentally fall on her and get her aroused, then…OH GOD, THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!

Naru was freaking out at this point, causing everyone's attention to turn to her.

Motoko: Naru, you seem to be acting like Urash-I mean Keitaro.

Kanako: Quit making fun of my brother, you bitch!

Naru: WHAT WAS THAT! For your information, I'm worried about him!

Keitaro: Hi, I'm back!

Everybody facefaults.

Naru (a slight tear started welling up): Goddamnit, Keitaro! Don't worry me like that!

Keitaro: I'm so sorry, Naru. I got chased by a pack of stray dogs, and then I think I got offered a job by a couple of yakuza. When I turned them down, they started shooting at me, and then this puu-chuu dressed up as Alucard from Hellsing came out of nowhere and beat the hell out of them, gave me the thumbs-up, and ran off.

Kitsune: Okay…up to that last part, I believed you. But a puu-chuu? When did you get so inventive? Admit it, you accidentally poked some girl's breasts and got beat up.

Keitaro: N-no! That's not what happened!

Naru (devil glare): Keitaro…

Just then, the news came on.

TV Reporter: We've got an eyewitness exclusive of actual yakuza getting beat up by what appears to be a puu-chuu wearing clothes like Alucard from Hellsing. As you can see, a civilian ran away, presumably accosted by the said yakuza, before this puu-chuu beat the living crap out of them.

All: O.O;

Keitaro: Eheheh…

Naru: Never mind. I've seen things just as weird.

Su: Heyas!

Su does a flying kick to Keitaro's face.


All: O.O

Naru: Su! Don't kill my boyfriend!

Keitaro is sprawled out on the floor, some blood trickling out of his head.

Keitaro: I'mmmm….okaaaaayyyyyy…

Shinobu: Sempai! Auuuuuuu…. (passes out)

Su: Don't worry! I've got this fixer-upper that'll-

All: NO!

Su: puuuuuu…Oh, I wanted to show you all this new invention of mine!

Su picks up everybody, lifts them all above her head, runs to her lab, and sets them back down.

Kanako: Since when did Su have super-human strength?

Motoko: I don't question anything that happens here anymore. Thinking about it hurts my head too much.

Su: This is my latest invention…THE TELL-TALE HEART!

Keitaro: Okay, Su…you ripped off a great novel just now. Stop before you're hit with a lawsuit.

Su (not listening): This can tell whatever feelings a person has for you!


Kitsune: That's cool. But we don't need it now.

Motoko: Too true. We all know that Naru and Keitaro love each other, that I have feelings for Keitaro, that Shinobu has a crush on him (Shinobu passes out), that Su likes him because he reminds her of her brother, that Kitsune just wants to extort money from him (Kitsune: Hey!), and that Kanako wants to jump his bone (Kanako: HEY!).

Su: -.-…..I'm flipping the switch anyway.

All: NO!

Su flips the switch, while Naru was running to stop her. A brilliant flash of light erupts, and after several seconds, clears up.

Naru: (her eyes starting to adjust) Gahhh…okay, I guess nothing happened.

: Incorrect. According to my calculations…well, you're about to find out.

All: Huh? .

Right in front of them, there were seven Narus, all looking the same.

Su: Cool! It has cloning effects too!

Angry Naru: Dammit Su! You put me back to normal right now!

Crybaby Naru: W-w-which one of us is the real one? WAAAAGGHHHHH!

Easygoing Naru: zzzzzz…. (sleeping)

Naru (original): (sweat drops) WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!

Lol I'll still be coming up with New and Old Faces, I'm just doing something different. This fic will be an answer to all the Naru-bashers who constantly say that Naru is just using Keitaro. Anyways, be sure to review, and happy reading/writing!