"Well, John and I are going to head back to the lab and start analyzing the gag-ball and plugs." Chavo said.

"So what now, Chief? Are we done with the ladies?" John asked.

"I think we should interview them again." Ashley said.

"For the time being, we're done. Interviewing them again won't do anything because we can't prove that any of them is lying." Dave looked over to Trish. "Well, maybe one."

"Are you going to question her again?" Ashley asked.

"At a later time. I need to do some more research about our Lady-in-Waiting." Dave said. "I'll meet up with you guys later."

A few weeks later, at the crime lab….

Chavo and John were arriving to work when the toxicology reports from Randy Orton's death were presented to them. They walked over to the Coroner's Office, where Chris Irvine just finished examining another body.

"Hey Chris, I need you to explain to me about some of the things in this report." John said. "Did he really suffocate?" Chavo asked.

"Yes…and no." Chris said.

"What?" Chris asked.

"The toxicology report indicated that acepromazine, a horse tranquilizer, was present in his blood. What acepromazine does that it numbs the horse's body. This is mainly for grooming purposes or transporting the horse. Normally, the horse would be calm or still for a few minutes while this is done."

"So the victim was temporarily paralyzed?" Chavo asked.

"Paralyzed, yes. Temporary, no. The tranquilizer was given in such strong dosages that that our victim was dead within twenty minutes." Chris said.

"So what about the whipping marks?" John asked.

"And the gag-ball and plugs?" Chavo asked.

"Just for show. He was either too paralyzed to scream or he was already dead." Chris said.

"Well, this makes it crystal clear that Mr. Orton's death wasn't an accident." Chavo said.

"Like any of us believed it was an accident, to begin with." John said.

"But they each had a motive, though." Chavo said.

John thought briefly. "But they all weren't there. And if we can prove that little piece of information, we can prove that one of them killed him."


Trish was sitting in her Spanish class at the local community college. Class was almost over and Trish went over in her head about all of the errands she had to do before she headed over to the brothel. Once the professor excused the class, she quickly gathered her items and started to leave. She was one foot out the door when she was greeted.

"Buenos noches, señorita." Dave said.

Trish was slightly started. "Buenos noches, señor."

"How was class?" Dave asked.

"Bien." Trish replied.

"Muy bien." Dave smiled.

"But I know you aren't asking me about my class. What can I do for you, Detective?"

"Is there a reason why you're protecting one of the mistresses?" Dave asked.

"Protecting one of the mistresses? What are you talking about?" Trish said.

"I spoke with your professor yesterday regarding your attendance. You have been at every class since the semester began. Your class begins at seven and doesn't get out until ten. Assuming that you don't go to the brothel looking like a college student, I figure you go home and change and then you head out there. Figuring out that there's about a half-hour commute, you just arrived at the brothel around the same time I did—after Randy's murder. Not to mention, you didn't mention his hanging—which leads me to believe that you were not present when it happened."

Dave saw the worry in Trish's eyes. "Am I in trouble?"

"You might be depending on what you want to do. Do you want to tell me want to tell me what really happened that night?"

Trish and Dave sat down on a nearby bench and she told him everything that she was told. Dave did not make a movement with his face as he just listened to everything.

"So why did you cover-up for her?" Dave asked.

"She's done a lot for me. She gave me a job, she helped pay for my car…I owe so much to her."

Dave nodded. "I see."

Trish became more worried. "Am I going to jail? Am I in trouble?"

Dave shook his head. "No, you're not. I'm not too sure about your friend, though."

"Well, if you need any help, just let me know." Trish smiled.

Dave looked over at her. Her bright smile brought out her best features. "I will." He got up to leave.

"Um, Detective?"

"Yes, Lady Trish?"

"The offer is still standing for an experience at the brothel." She winked.

"Thank you." Dave then walked off.


A few days later...

Ashley walked into one of the examination rooms. "Hey guys, I just found out something about our lovely mistresses."

"Oh?" John and Chavo said.

"One of them owns a horse ranch. Which means, and I'm taking a wild guess here, she had access to some horse tranquilizers. I think we need to pay a visit to her ranch."

"I'll call the judge to issue a warrant." John said.

The following morning, Dave and Chris, along with a few officers arrived at the brothel.

Lilian greeted her morning company. "Good morning, gentlemen. How may I…?"

"Mistress Lilian Garcia, you are under arrest for the murder of Randy Orton." Chris promptly put the handcuffs on her.


John Bradshaw Layfield met with his client, Lilian Garcia, at the police station. He was a powerful attorney who had a desire for justice and a mouth that would not shut up.

"Poor Randy. I knew he was a freak. So why am I here?" Lilian asked.

"The fact that you own a horse ranch not too far from here, assuming that you would have access to acepromazine makes you accountable." Dave said.

Lilian folded her arms. "Prove it."

"Nice theory, Detective. But if you don't have any proof, your case isn't valid." John Layfield said as he got up.

"Well, then: Mr. Orton came by the brothel around 10 PM. Because he requested a different girl each time, he didn't request to see Trish, Stephanie nor Victoria. He requested you. Several of the other girls have accounted your whereabouts to the brothel during that time." Dave said.

"That doesn't mean that I killed him." Lilian smirked. "Besides the other girls were in the room, not me."

"Au contraire. We interviewed each of the girls again and they all came clean. Trish was in class, Stephanie was attending a ballet recital, and Victoria was on her way to work when the death occurred. It is nearly impossible to put the blame on any of them." Chris said.

"Well, then…" Lilian smiled. "I don't know who did it."

Chris glanced at Lilian. "Oh, I think you do. The girls being beaten was not enough motivation to kill Randy nor was the constant threat of being shut down. It was something more. What you forgot to tell us, Mistress, is that the other connection you had with Mr. Orton was that he dated your step-daughter, Christy. While they were dating, Randy often hit Christy. It was one thing for him to beat your girls, but it was something else to beat your daughter." Dave said.

"He had no business laying his hands on her!" Lilian protested.

"And you needed to teach Mr. Orton a lesson, didn't you?" Dave said. "You took a syringe full of acepromazine to work and you had it waiting for the perfect moment that Randy would come in. The toxicology report showed a high dosage of a horse tranquilizer, acepromazine. Normally, the dosage is given at two to four milligrams per 100 pounds of body weight. We found the triple the amount in Mr. Orton's body. Because the drug has an instant effect, Randy started to feel numb almost instantly. You knew that he couldn't make a noise or try to get away. He had to just take it. "

"Your specialty is all-around, so there is nothing that is too much or too little for you. Once you had Randy in the private room, you asked him if he wanted to try something new. Mr. Orton, being the adventurous-type, was ready for whatever you had in mind. You suggested that he hang upside down." Chris pulled out some autopsy pictures to show Lilian. "You see these marks around his ankles? It tells us that he was hanging upside down for the majority of the night. His wrists indicate that he was tied by his wrists as well at one point. Therefore, if you were going to inject him, there was nothing he could do about it. And you had to cease the opportunity, didn't you?"

"And once you realized that you killed him, you went into extreme worry. Since Stephanie, Trish and Victoria were arriving for the night, you told them the story of what happened and what they should tell the officers. That is why you reported the death around midnight, instead of eleven o'clock. You needed an hour to get your story straight." Dave said.

"And all of the work and effort that the other mistresses put into keeping the brothel open was for nothing. The mayor has already started paperwork to shut the brothel down." Chris said as he looked at the officers. "Take her away."

"He deserved to die! After everything he put me and my girls through! He deserved to die!" Lilian screamed.

The officers led Lilian out of the interrogation room as Dave and Chris just looked at each other.

"And the sad part is, had she reported any of his behavior, the brothel would've remained opened." Dave shook his head.


Later that evening….

"Well, now that the case is closed, let's go out and celebrate!" Chavo said.

"I know a few strip clubs for some wholesome entertainment!" John winked.

"Are you down?" Chavo asked Dave.

"I would love to join you but I have prior arrangements." Dave said as he picked up his jacket.

"Oh? Hot date?" Ashley asked.

Dave smiled. "You can say that."

As Dave left the headquarters, he headed home. When he opened the front door, he was greeted by three of the most beautiful women he's ever laid eyes upon.

"Good evening, mistresses."

Stephanie, Victoria and Trish smiled at him. "Good evening, Detective." The women replied.

The women led Dave to his bedroom. They helped Dave shed his clothing while Victoria and Trish strapped him to the bed. Stephanie proceeded to smear baby oil on Dave's body.

"What's the safety word for tonight, Detective?" Victoria asked.

Dave glanced over at Trish and smiled at her. "Bananas."

The End.

Author's Note: Of course, I have a smut scene that correlates with this scene. Because I wasn't sure how some people would react to the blatant sexual tones in the scene (group, lesbian, and anal sexual situations), I decided to leave it out.

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