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I remembered his eyes when he first saw me. So cold and emotionless that I could feel the cold and bitterness entering my spine. Just by looking in his eyes...

"Pathetic human." I heard him muttered under his breath and the air became hot all of a sudden, but still I felt the coldness...from the bottom of my heart.

A smile. Yes, I remembered smiling at him. A childish one. Then, in my 5-year-old voice, I asked, "Mr. why are your eyes so cold?"

That's when I felt the hot air around me fade and I stood up suddenly, sweeping away the dust on my knees. Blinking, I stared hard at him, trying to find a word to say but found none.

"What is your name?" He asked me in a tone, so cold, so dead, which I will remember for the rest of my life. His voice...

"Nieve." I paused when the autumn wind blew my hair. "Nieve Ventisca..." I tilted my head, "What's yours?"

"Hao. Asakura Hao."


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