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Chapter 1: Contact

Rain. Small drops of water gradually washing away the impurities of the Earth. This is why I like it when it rains. Most people see it in a bad light. They do not appreciate its beauty and splendor: the pattern it makes on a pond's surface and the sound it creates – a light and mellow tune that soothes the troubled soul. As each raindrop lands on your body, it creates the sensation of a thousand arms wrapped around you, hugging you and consoling you, making you feel that you're not alone. Perhaps it is inevitable that no one else knows all of this except for me, for I am a child of the rain. It gives me strength. It gives me life. The rain understands me, and only I can understand the rain.

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It was a rainy May afternoon, which was odd because it is already the start of the summer season. It has been raining non-stop for the past few days. It is just rain. No flashes of lightning, no claps of thunder, not even strong gusts of wind. Weather forecasts say that there are no storm systems forming, and the weather for the past few days is supposed to be all fair and sunny. The prolonged unusual weather bothered most of the people. Some became people became sick, while others got into a lazy mood, disrupting their working habits- a perfect example of whom would be Narutobi Minami.

Five o'clock. He said I must be there at five o'clock sharp.

Minami is a junior high school student studying in a prestigious private school. Why wouldn't she be? Her parents own a multi-million dollar firm and are respected individuals in the field of technological innovations. Because of this, she rarely sees them, and this caused her to act independently and a bit on the rebellious side. This, along with her being very outspoken, makes her seem boyish. She is also hotheaded and acts brash and barbaric at times. Such an ironic personality for someone who excels in gymnastics and a consistent topnotcher.

Augh. It's still raining. I shouldn't be working. It's already the summer break. I should be in lying in bed right now watching movies.

For the past week, she has been going to the abandoned harbor a few blocks away from the school. She was told to investigate some weird activity going on there for the past few days, ever since the unusual raining started. She was also tasked to look for someone. Someone she had never seen before. All she knows is that the person is supposed to be one of "them". She takes her spot on the bench in the waiting shed facing a playground, which is in front of an abandoned warehouse at the center of the harbor, opens a bag of chips and a bottle of her favorite drink, and waits.

I hope something happens this time. A few more days and I'd catch the flu for sure.

After a few minutes, a group of street children arrived at the playground. Minami saw them, and pulled out a device that looked like a television remote with a screen. She waved it back and forth in their direction.

Tch. No reading. He's not with them.

While she was busy fixing her stuff, a person was slowly approaching her from behind. Minami is very paranoid. The strange thing is, her paranoia is unusually accurate. As the person was about to grab her shoulders, a foldable Bo staff with two glowing orange circles on its end was pointed at the person's direction, right between the eyes.

"If I were you, I would stop what I'm about to do and run away as far as I can," Minami uttered.

"Gomen, Minami-oneechan," the person replied.

Minami faced the person behind her. "Why is it that you have the nag for creeping up behind people, Ran-chan? This could get you into lots of trouble."

"I don't know. I just can't help it," Ran replied with a smile.

Kawamite Ran, a schoolmate of Minami. She is very popular around campus for she has the looks, not to mention the body too. She treats Minami as her older sister, and Minami treats her as a younger sibling as well. She is one naïve person, and oftentimes her simplicity, accompanied by her child-like innocence, makes her look immature and too young for her age. And even though she acts like a kid, she's one courageous kid. She'll defend what she believes is right, whatever the cost.

Minami folds and puts her Bo staff back and returns her to her post. "So, what brings you here?"

"Taicho asked me to accompany you," said Ran. "The activity in this place has increased dramatically since yesterday. He was worried that something bad might happen to you."

"Wow! He actually said that?" Ran nods her head in reply. "Yosh!" Minami gets off the bench, hands Ran the scanner and pushes her forward. "Since you're my support, you do the watching."


"Nuh-uh, no buts!"

With a big sigh, Ran reluctantly steps on the bench and follows Minami. She sits down beside Ran and yawns. Finally, some rest and relaxation

Just a few moments after, their wristwatches suddenly beeped. Minami jumped out of her seat. She starts to press buttons on her watch. A hologram screen appears, showing an overview map of the area, with red circles everywhere.

What the…?

"Minami-oneechan… You must see this…" Ran said, shaking.

Multiple signal bursts…?


It can't be… Invader surprise attack…?

Minami walks a few steps away from the waiting shed, to get a view of the warehouse in front of them. Hundreds of Invaders were standing around the building, both below and above. She then saw the children caught between them.

Holy Shit! She ran towards the children.

"Minami-oneechan! Look at the scanner!" She got off the shed and ran after her. The scanner she was holding was blinking. It appears that the person they were looking for has finally arrived.

"TARGET SIGHTED," the Invaders said in unison, as Ran became visible in their view.

As she reached the children, Minami heard the Invaders and looked back at Ran. Oh no… They're after her…



The rain suddenly stopped. The ground beneath them started to shake. Huge pillars of water suddenly busted out of the ground in front of Minami, Ran and the children, blocking the projectiles fired by the Invaders.

"RUN! NOW!" Minami exclaimed, commanding the children. "Ran, take them and bring them someplace safe, away from here."

"Yes, Minami-oneechan!"

"And be careful!" Minami added. What the hell do these guys want from Ran? And where did this come from?

She takes hold of her weapon and raises her right hand.


Then, two orange circles, one inside the other, appeared above her hand.

Prepare to feel my wrath. Prepare to taste the power of my Explosion Gate.

As the orange circles disappear, she squats down and jumps through the pillars of water, scaling the height of the building. The ground she was standing on earlier exploded and formed a crater. As she lands on the roof, she hits one of the tuxedo-clad Invaders. An explosion happens upon her weapon's contact, destroying the enemy.

"Come on! Is that all you've got?"

Back at ground level, the Invaders start advancing, planning to chase Ran and the children.

"Where do you think you guys are going?" a mysterious voice asked the enemy. "You still have some leftover business with me."

A person suddenly appears in front of the enemy, coming out of the pillars of water. Surprisingly, not even his clothes were wet as he came out. He was wearing ragged and tattered clothing. His hair was brown and long and all messed up. He looked like your typical bum, although he is too clean to be one. He has two blue circles in front of him, in the same form as Minami's, which then disappears.

"TARGET HAS BEEN CHANGED," the Invaders said again in unison.

"Where is my brother?" he asked them, in a stern voice.

The Invaders suddenly open fire at him. Another pillar of water appears before him, blocking their attacks.

"Since you won't cooperate, all of you will disappear, just like the others," he said.

He placed his hand in front of the pillar of water. Blades of ice suddenly came out of the pillar, hitting each and every one of the Invaders before him.

Atop the warehouse, Minami just finished off the last Invader when she heard the commotion below. She looked out and saw that the pillars of water have disappeared and someone was standing in the middle of the area below.

Is he the one we've been looking for?

The person turned back and started to walk away. He was leaving and Minami had no way to go down fast enough to catch him. She then sees Ran coming, her portable dart gun fixed onto her right hand.

I hope Ran talks to him…

Ran then sees the stranger, she approaches him and they stand still for a while. After which, the person still continued to walk away. A confused look was etched on Ran's face. Minami also had the same expression. A lot of unusual and unexpected things have happened today, and it left a handful of questions in her mind.

Why was the enemy after Ran? Who was that guy? Is he the one I was tasked to find? Was he the one controlling those pillars of water? Where did he come from? What could they have talked about? Is he one of "us"?

As she was going down the warehouse, she then realized that the rain had suddenly stopped when the enemy arrived. As she exited the building however, the rain started to pour again. She approached Ran, who was inside the waiting shed.

"Minami-oneechan, I…" she was cut short by Minami.

"Let's go to my place and rest. We'll report this to taicho tomorrow."