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Goku's diary

Chichi struggled with the clothes she was carrying, Goku had taken off first thing in the morning leaving her with dirty dishes, a bombsite of a room and the heap of laundry she was carrying.

'That man I swear…' she thought grudgingly, but she knew she could never hold a grudge against her sweet Goku no matter how many times he would leave with not so much as a goodbye kiss however last night made sure she wouldn't be missing any kisses soon.

She blushed red and chided herself for thinking such thoughts while cleaning the house, making a stop near Gohan's room she started picking up all the boxers that littered the floor. Normally she would tell the little scientist in the making off but she knew that he had a big test and had neglected house work, to study. She sighed as her pile of laundry became heavier and she still had Goten's room to stop by. She staggered with the pile of laundry and kicked the door open with her foot, expecting to see death toys situated round the floor she peered round the pile ready for the room of doom as she called it. Satisfied that her pathway was clear she walked carefully avoiding various toys and picking up orange t-shirts.

Now that she had her pile, she walked to the laundry room making sure not to knock any things down in the process. She sighed in triumph as she successfully stepped into a small, pale blue room with an old washing machine sitting in the corner. She rarely came in to this room since she liked hand washing all the clothes but there was too much to do the old washing machine would have to fill her needs, she had to clean the boy's room, spring clean the whole house and get ready for a shopping expedition with Bulma.

Dumping the clothes into a large basket, Chichi walked over to the old washing machine. And peered round it the thing needed cleaning as well, she moaned at the sign of more house work. But she clocked on that she only needed to use the inside of it so she wouldn't bother with the state of the outside, satisfied with her judgement Chichi opened the washing machine door and inspected the inside.

What she didn't expect was to see an old book sitting in the metal barrel, "Hello what's this" She muttered holding the leather red book.

'Goku's diary' was scrawled childishly on the book, Chichi tutted at the babyish writing but grinned all the same, she never knew her Goku kept a diary.

She leaned on the dusty washing machine and decided she would give it a flick through; it would only take 1 minute.

Entry 1: 13th oct 779ad (A/n I dunno what the dates are so im just making them up)

Well grandpa just gave me this book to write in…He said I should practice my writing and stuff in it, he is a really tough teacher when it comes to martial arts but even worse when it comes to education. He says that a fighter must know how to think as well as fight so that I they can out smart their opponents.

Chichi Giggled at the 8 year old's Goku's comment, he was so cute and innocent and it stills seems like he would say that at the old age of 38. She smiled and skimmed through some more of the 8 year old Goku's comments in amusement. Not realising she was sliding down and sitting on the floor neglecting her over due house work.

She had gotten to the tenth page of the diary where the age had jumped to 789ad. She gasped realising that these was when she met Goku, all giddy she wished she had a box of chocolates on her side. She could tell by the much neater none the less still untidy writing that he was 18

Entry 10: 6th July 789

I can't believe I found this old thing while clearing up, I thought I had lost it but I guess I didn't, well I'll write in it since I have it I promised Grandpa I would fill it up. I think I'm meant to write my thoughts and feelings into this thing so hear goes… Well I'm packing all my stuff up to go and live with this girl Chichi, we are going to get married in 3 days and I have to make sure the new house is ok. I'm still not sure what marriage is but I'm sure it's good I mean everyone was smiling and saying how lucky we are to have each other, all I know is that I'm meant to live with her or something, I don't know really I'll ask krillen about it later. Chichi is nice well sometimes, she tends to shout allot and it really hurts my ears but maybe it's a girl thing because Bulma is constantly shouting as well. But she kind of annoys me when she clings onto me, I mean sometimes I want my own space and she'll grab me it's really uncomfortable and sorta embarrassing. I try to push her away but she still grabs me…I hope marriage isn't like that

Chichi scowled at the page, he was meant to be praising her not basically calling her a pest. 'When that Son Goku comes back, he is getting it in the eye' she thought as she looked through some more pages.

Entry 14 10th July 789

Chichi and I did something last night that was indescribable. I had so much feelings that night I can't put it into words but it was fantastic, at 1st I didn't know what was going on, Chichi said we had to do something special. Yamcha told me we had to sleep together and I knew that but I was confused I knew we were sleeping in the same room but the same bed was a little extreme, I mean she was a girl and I was I guy we don't sleep in the same room but I was very...

Chichi swore as she saw part of the page torn out and several others, she flipped through and saw more writing but it was battles, She read about Goku's battle against Freeza, then it went on to talk about training Gohan for the androids. Chichi just frowned and skipped the rest of the pages assuming they were more battle talk and stood up from her sitting position. Goku had turned it into a battle book and it said no more about her, she thought about telling him to publish it but she didn't want him to know she had found it. Sighing with exasperation and feeling a little neglected she decided to flick to the last entry and read it before replacing it.

Entry 78 11th Nov 809

Chichi's eyes widened, it was dated today her eyes darted down the page.

Our coupling last night was perfect…It's amazing how much me and you fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. My body throbs thinking about it but this cold room serves the same purpose as a cold shower, yet just thinking about you and your beautiful body sets my soul alight and my organs burning for release, a release only you can give me.

My sweet Chichi, I leave you early in the mornings because I know if I was to stay with you until you woke I would never leave that bedroom. You seem to tease me in my dreams as well as reality and I can't seem to get enough, you are like a drug I'm hungry for you, for your lips for your pleasures, And yet the more I take, the more I want. The 7 years without you was like going cold turkey, I had to throw myself into training just to forget about you. Train myself into sleep and yet that sleep was all I could bare you still appeared to me as beautiful as ever and as delicious as ever. Waking up with such arousal was torture.

Just thinking about it is makings my blood boil, the way I would bring you to nirvana and back every time we are together. You would bite your bottom lip to silence your sweet musical pleasure, sometimes you would bite so hard you would bleed and I will lick up your sweet, sweet blood. The coppery taste sending me to join you in those heights of heaven. Every time we are together it seems like the 1st time and I hope it never fades away, exploring your body is like a journey for me one I never get tired of. Going through the black waterfall hair, then venturing on to explore your honey filled lips. My hands trailing to squeeze your creamy breasts, they are so full and soft, I just have to explore with my tongue...

Chichi closed the book, not reading on she unbuttoned the top of her dress in a bid to get some fresh air into the room and cool the pooling heat she felt. Her face flushed with embarrassment and arousal. What was her husband thinking keeping this book round the house, Goten could have got a hold of it or even Gohan. Her face when from red to white into instant thinking of her poor innocent sons picking up such such…

She wanted to call it filth but how could she, he was writing about her. About how she made him feel, but she wasn't going to leave it round the house besides she hadn't finished reading it… and there was 5 solid pages left to read.


Ok I know you are think : What the hell was that, but I really can't answer that question Lol…so should I write on or leave it as one of the no ending things?

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