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"Um Bulma I don't think this is a good idea" Chichi said clutching the red leather book to her chest protectively. "I mean I only meant to show you that tiny bit to stop you judging Goku"

Bulma continued fluffing pillows and smirked at the now more comfy couch. Running her hands through her aquamarine hair, she turned to Chichi. "Have you and Goku fucked on this couch and if so tell me which side, I'm not sitting on it"

The black haired beauty spluttered and nearly dropped the book out of embarrassment. "How dare you Bulma briefs come hear and accuse me of THAT?" Chichi screamed brandishing her arms round in a menacing manner.

"Well Chichi which side?" Bulma said unfazed by the woman's antics, "Come on we haven't got all day"

Chichi huffed and turned her back, "Well don't sit on the couch that's my answer"

Bulma grinned and rubbed her hands together, "18 is hearing this, we are scheduled to meet for our monthly gossip soon"

Again Bulma was met with a list of negatives and no, "Fine chichi be like that, we'll just show her the book"

"Like hell we'll show her the book, in case you are wondering this is GOKU'S book" She said in annoyance. "He would kick your ass and mine if he found out we looked in it"

Bulma waved her hand dismissing Chichi's claim like a persistent fly much too Chichi's annoyance. "Like Son-kun could kick our asses, which gives me an idea we'll blame Master Roshi"

"And what has Master Roshi got to do with anything" Chichi groaned with an arch of an eyebrow.

Bulma smiled in a scheming way and put a finger on her chin. "We'll plant it on his stack of porn magazines, and Goku would mysteriously find it there instantly getting us off the hook. After all everybody knows Master Roshi would steal this kind of book just to get kicks off it"

Chichi again shook her head, "No way I'm not going through all that trouble, I'm putting this back where I found it and then we'll erase this day from our minds"

"Not until I've finished it" Bulma growled standing her ground.

"I'm not even finishing it, you can't get it Bulma" And with that Chichi stuck the book up her top and folded her arms over the now concealed diary. Bulma grunted in annoyance and started circling Chichi like she was assessing prey.

"Just submit chichi we can both enjoy that book together" Bulma bribed watching Chichi like a hawk.

Instead of answering Chichi made a beeline for the Kitchen and began running. Bulma quickly realising her intent ran after the dark haired vixen and tackled her from behind.

Sitting on Chichi's back, she began trying to feel for the book. "BULMA!" chichi screeched as red as a tomato, "You can't touch me on my chest"

"Please woman, we both have the same parts now I'm getting that book if it's the last thing I do" She said trying to find the hem of Chichi's top to lift.

Both struggling women were oblivious to the amused ebony eyes watching, "I know I should be annoyed that your trying to seduce my wife Bulma, but oddly enough I don't mind" the voice said with barely concealed mirth.

Both Women froze, how much had he heard? And what the hell was he doing here?

Bulma scrambled off chichi and began pulling down her short red dress down in embarrassment, while chichi slowly got up and dusted her dress but quickly folded her arms to cover her oddly square chest.

"Hi Goku, hehe what are you doing here weren't you eating lunch at Bulma's" Chichi said bowing her flaming red face down, she couldn't face looking at him purely because of what he wrote instantly came to mind.

The amusement quickly fled Goku's face as it immediately flamed just as red as chichi. "I was coming home to um do something I forgot before" He muttered.

Bulma nearly jumped at the situation and narrowed her eyes with a sly smirk. Goku was always a useless liar.

"What were you coming to do Goku, I mean you knew Chichi wasn't going to be home so it wasn't to eat or see her. Gohan is at school and Goten is at our place"

Goku scratched his head not meeting anyone's eyes, Chichi also narrowed her eyes what was he coming home to do?

"Well Goku?" She said forgetting her embarrassment and joining Bulma in the interrogation.

"Um well I was going too…Hey what are you two doing here? Weren't you meant to be shopping?" Goku said gaining the upper hand.

Chichi quickly dropped her head back to the floor, but Bulma wasn't so easily swayed. "You, Gohan and Goten left a massive mess so I was helping Chichi clean"

Goku's face flooded with blush and nodded, facing his head down to the floor. Chichi observed as Bulma grinning like a cat with a mousey Goku sniffing in shame.

"This is Goku's house" she said feeling sorry for her husband, "We shouldn't question him for being in his own house even though it is highly suspicious"

Goku gave chichi an appreciative look accompanied with a small grin. Chichi flushed again remembering the searing passion he wrote of, with that grin she was sure his mind was in the gutter and her mind was pretty much the same way.

"Thanks sweetheart" he again grinned the 'bad' grin and began making his way across the room. She smiled drunkenly how she wished Bulma wasn't present. Her eyes following where his deliciously trim form was heading, which was down the steps into the laundry room.

Chichi then choked, 'THE LAUNDRYROOM'

"Where are you going Goku?" She asked hurriedly trying to distract him.

Goku's face coloured slightly, "The laundry room, I need to get something from there"

Bulma smirked using her ingenious to figure out what was going on, "What's so important about the laundry room Son-Kun"

Both Chichi and Goku blushed violently, "Um I left a book down there I just want to get it, it's sorta private"

Bulma's face darkened with a smirk rivalling Vegeta's, 'Jackpot!'

"A book what kind of book?" She said masking her smirking face with a thoughtful look.

Goku scratched his head embarrassedly and laughed nervously, "Its like a journal, I like to record my battles in it"

'Like hell' Both Bulma and Chichi thought.

"Um Goku can I just quickly go down there and get my laundry?" Chichi said trying to salvage the situation; she didn't want Goku to know she had it. Again she shifted uncomfortably slightly happy, Goku was too bothered with his book to notice how she hadn't stop folding her arms.

"It's ok Chichi I just want to get it"

"But you can use that place to write whatever I won't be a minute"

"But I'll bring up the laundry and the book" he said countering her.

"Why don't you both go there and get what you want" Bulma said intent on punishing Chichi for hiding the book from her.

Chichi felt like chucking Bulma out of the window, "No ill just quickly…"

"Sure why not" Goku said grabbing one of Chichi's folded arms. Immediately the book fell out of its clothed prison and dropped tumbling down the stairs to the laundry room.

Shocked, Horrified and gleefully eyes watched as it continued its trek downwards.


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