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Goku leant against his house catching the breath he had wasted running away from Vegeta. Sliding down he closed his eyes and powered down from his super saiyan state turning his stunning gold hair back to his customary black locks. However despite the fact he was back to normal he had trouble calming down.

The diary....

Sweat trickled from his forehead using his palm to swipe it he was reminded of the reference of water in the diary and groaned. Could his trousers get any tighter? Apparently so he was thankful for the slight looseness despite the fact it would be pretty obvious to anyone who was close that he had a raging erection.

`And all because of a paragraph...is this how she felt when she read mine?'

Goku cursed his rampant thoughts which were giving no help to his hard on

`God damn it....ok Picollo naked....Vegeta naked...Vegeta and Picollo kissing...'

Apparently his hard headed friend didn't agree, as it stood strong against his thigh and twice as defiant.

`Why do you want to get rid of me, nobody is home'

`Just because nobody is home doesn't mean I want to walk around with you bouncing around'

`Just go in grab that picture of Chichi next to the bed stand and get comfortable' his cock griped eagerly willing to befriend mister hand .

`No I haven't done that since I was a teen!'

`Not too late for an adult! Besides I'm not going away, hmm chichi...chichi's hair...chichi's breasts and my best friend chichi's pus..'

`Shut the hell up, Not helping!' Goku raged mentally whimpering at the images his cock so easily supplied, `What we need is a cold shower' With determination Goku pulled himself up and headed towards his bathroom.

`No you bastard, don't kill me!' his cock pleaded but Goku had already stripped bare and turned the cold water knob to full max.

`Fine see if i'll come back to you when you need it'

Goku shivered under the showerhead marvelling at what his sub conscious could do when he was horny enough.


"So Chichi what happened?"

The woman being addressed shook her head, that was the fifth time Bulma had asked that question, and it would be the fifth time she wouldn't answer. The silence was enough to make Bulma huff as they entered another shop. Bulma sniffed the perfume section and sighed with longing, how wonderful it would be to buy one, but saiyan noses were sensitive. The last time she bought one Vegeta had sneezed and bluntly said. "You smell like shit go clean up coz I'm not fucking you with that stink" Bulma frowned at the memory, as she fingered the Chanel engraving she had drenched herself with the perfume that night to piss him off for his harsh words. And the result was no sex for three days while their tempers still burned, o but when it was make up time Bulma shivered slightly there was no sex like makeup sex.

Turning to chichi her brows dipped slightly not seeing her friend immediately looking around she spotted Chichi looking at...lingerie with a smirk stolen from Vegeta she sneaked to her prey.

Chichi fingered a light blue silky garment and sighed at the price tag, dropping it she moved to a yellow see through teddy. Averting her eyes in slight embarrassment she looked to a modest grey night gown, smiling slightly she picked it feeling for the price tag before it was rudely snatched from her and placed back on the shelf.

"What's the big idea?" Chichi asked slightly miffed at her friend's actions.

The green haired beauty in question groaned and folded her arms tapping her pumps slightly.

"How old are you Chichi" her eyes belying the fact she wasn't joking.


"So why on earth are you looking at this abomination" Bulma scoffed eyeing the grey nightgown with distaste.

"What's wrong with it" Chichi folded her arms matching Bulma with a look of annoyance.

"My mother wouldn't wear it!"

Chichi blushed slightly at Bulma's condemnation of the nightgown, sure it was a little long but it was safe besides she needed a nightgown because Goku had shredded most of them.

"Well it's not for fashion Bulma, it's for practical purposes" Chichi grunted pulling the grey grandma night gown.

"Not if you want to get fucked" Bulma sneered pulling the nightgown back, "Now this is what you need!"

Pulling a blood red teddy out Chichi blushed crazily as Bulma dangled it in her face. The straps were thin and flimsy with black bows, the cups were lined with a black trimming and was slightly transparent with a slight slit in the middle of each cup. The actual length was very short also transparent under it was a matching strip of cloth with Chichi assumed to be a thong.

"No way Bulma"

"O look it even has stockings" Bulma grinned picking up the matching over the knee stockings that had the same black bow on the front of each knee cap with black lining.

"You can just put it back there is no way in hell I'm bringing THAT! Into my home"

Bulma grinned as she looked over Chichi's form which was draped in the many layers of clothes she wore hiding her figure. Narrowing her eyes she shoved it in Chichi's surprised hands.

"Humour me Chichi, try it on!"

"No way Bulma, I'm not a stripper or 18 years old"

"Come on, I'm sure you have never tried something like this on"

The dark haired woman bit her lip in annoyance at Bulma's persistence, she knew her and Bulma was like a dog with a bone at times.

"I can't it's too expensive anyway"

"Look chichi if you try it and you don't like it I'll drop it. Deal?"

Onyx eyes examined the flimsy garb, it's not like she was going to buy it and besides it would never last with the way Goku shreds garments heck she even needed to stock up on underwear because of his busy hands.

"You win Bulma but after I try it on, we are leaving it's getting late and I need to start dinner soon"

The genius nodded her head enthusiastically practically pushing Chichi into the changing room she waited patiently until Chichi signalled her to come in.

After 10 minutes Bulma was impatient she rapped on the door in annoyance, "Come on Chi, it doesn't take that long"

Within seconds Bulma was yanked into the changing room with a blushing Chichi. Blue eyes eyed the barely clad beauty who was self consciously trying to tug the lingerie down to cover her exposed underwear while using one arm to cover her peeking nipples.

"It;s hot" Bulma practically screamed causing Chichi to blush madly and shush her.

"Look at you! I wish I was Goku, too bad you can't try on the underwear but no problem I'm sure it would look fine" Bulma nodded again assessing Chichi's curves with slight awe and a tiny prickle of jealousy.

"I'm NOT wearing this" she rose her hands then quickly covered her peeking nipples in shame trying to maintain impossible modesty.

"Yes you are! Forget the price that's my gift to your sex life" Bulma smirked as Chichi spluttered

"Don't worry about payment, you can thank me later with details" She laughed leaving an extremely red Chichi to get dressed.


Chichi watched as Goku, Goten and Gohan attacked the dinner table leaving no crumbs, however she was too preoccupied with tonight to bother correcting their horrible table manners. She was fully aware of the diary she had purposely left in the basket, her initial plan was to have a nice night with Goku filled with soft romance, but Bulma had killed it with her naughty suggestions and her crude mouth. Chichi hoped Goku couldn't smell her over the food because she felt like jumping him. Tonight was not going to be soft and slow she blushed. She shovelled more food into her mouth knowing that she was going to need her energy for this.

Groans of contentment was soon heard as all three saiyans patted their stomachs, "Sweet heart that was great," Goku complemented totally oblivious to his wife's planning.

Goten jumped from his chair nodding his agreement with his dad, "Awesome mum nobody makes dinner like you" he was about to head to bed when Chichi stopped him.

"Goten you can go to bed at 9.30 today" causing everyone to look at her with surprised expressions.

The woman stood ignoring their stares as she packed away the dishes, she knew Goten would hassle her husband to stay with him and she needed time to prepare.


Goku kissed Goten on the forehead tucking his youngest in bed, Goten sleepily tugged his dad's neck wanting a longer hug before loosening his grip. "Night daddy" he mumbled losing his battle with sleep.

"Night Son" using his stealth he sneaked out and closed the door gently, stretching his limbs he walked to his room in a good mood. He and Chichi hadn't discussed her diary and that was first order of business. Stepping into the room he saw his wife laying under the covers hair splayed around her.

Goku grinned, stripping bare immediately he intending on waking up his late night snack. He crawled into bed hovering over the still form of his mate taking a whiff of her. The scent that clouded his nostrils sent him reeling slightly, damn....she smells like....

"Goku are you intent on staring at me or are you going to do something"


The confidence in Chichi's voice startled him slightly, when had the hunter become the hunted. Chichi turned slightly before throwing the comforter back to reveal her surprise, which sent a dizzying amount of blood rushing to his groin.

"Kami" he muttered taking in her creamy breasts which were practically spilling out of the ridiculous scrap of fabric she wore, however he wasn't complaining. Obvious erect nipples peeked out of each cup already hard, his mouth watered as he saw her hand suddenly come into vision and pinch them.

"Like what you see" she groaned slightly rolling the nubs between her fingers and tugging roughly. Goku could only watch as she tugged her tight nipples hard his mouth watering with a need to taste. Chichi smirked at Goku's hooded eyes her saiyan was hot and hard already she could practically feel his heat but she wanted him so hot for her he couldn't breathe, she wanted to take her time with him even though her moist core was screaming to be hammered.

She moved one hand down her stomach circling her belly button in a teasing manner before stopping at the black trim of her thong. She plucked it slightly before letting it go with a snap, hearing Goku inhale harshly his eyes focussed on the plucking of her thong. However before she could slip her fingers into her panties Goku gripped her hand.

Goku's control had snapped, he wasn't in the mood for her games with firm resolve he slid his and her hand into her thong using her fingers he dipped it into her waiting flower.

She slightly yelped with the invasion her fingers slick with her juices making an easy entry. She however was impatient with his slow going pace she tried to ram her fingers harder, she needed release and she needed it now. However her saiyan was in no rush to let her have her way as he went deliberately slow.

"Go..ku no teasing" she mutter brokenly, as she felt his other hand pinch her other breast pulling the neglected nipple.

"Why?" he smiled, pulling the nub hard enough for her to gasp, he dipped his nose into her hair smelling her natural fragrance mixed with her arousal. It was orgasmic.

"Damn it" She cried trying to move her finger once more until he stilled it totally, making her groan into his shoulder in frustration.

Chuckles against her shoulder irked her she removed her right hand from her breast intent on helping her other hand when Goku caught it. She growled at him before she was immediately drowned out by a fierce growl from Goku. Needless to say she was shocked, Goku didn't usually growl like that.

"Look at you" He murmured into her ear before flicking a tongue in it and lapping at the edge. "So wet for me"

The warrior princess gasped at her husband's potty mouth, his diary was a shock but hearing it come from his mouth was a different experience entirely. It seemed that he was oblivious to her shock as he continued his own private trek with his tongue. He flicked it at the old scar at her collarbone nuzzling it.

"So hot" he grunted again biting into her shoulder hard but not enough to break the skin. Chichi shuddered at the sensations of his tongue on her scar, for some reason that particular spot was an erogenous zone which he had marked ever since their first coupling, so sensitive that even with the slightest puff from Goku she was writhing. She squirmed at his probing tongue which lapped at the indentations he made. He sucked down from her shoulder slightly sniffing her skin.

He could smell her arousal it made him even harder as he grazed his stiff erection on leg lightly it humping to relieve some of the stress. Chichi almost cried at the feel of his big cock which lay heavily on her thigh, why couldn't he grind it into her? Why waste it on her leg. Her squirming began anew trying to find her own relief but a bite to her nipple stopped her suddenly as she grunted with pleasure. Goku bit again harsher which caused his wriggly little wife to gasp again as he soothed the sting with his tongue, growling slightly into the breast as he felt her juices coat his fingers which were still holding hers still.

"So naughty" he muttered, "You thought you could pleasure yourself in front of me without permission" he hummed against her breast before nosing his way to her stomach darting his tongue at her cloth obstructed belly button.

"But Goku..." She whimpered as he bit her on her stomach, silencing her plea.

"I'm in control" he grunted strongly against the edge of her thong, releasing her fingers momentarily to peel the skimpy fabric away from his prize. The fabric came away easily revealing her heat to his hungry eyes. His patience with her thong left him as he ripped it away from her hips. His nose so close to it he took greedy gulps from the air trying to take in all her scent.

He hooked her legs over his shoulders diving into his feast without a second thought, her wet little snatch was going to be plundered and for all his worth he would suck her dry.

Groans and cries filled the room, as Chichi felt Goku's tongue reach while his thumb pressed harshly at her button. He nibbled at her puffy lips while he pinched the hidden nubbin of her desire causing her to rasp his name. Her tangy juices were flooding his tongue and he didn't want to waste a drop.

"Feed me" he rumbled against her nest his nose and mouth totally obscured from vision, "Give me all of you" He sucked at her clit mercilessly as he invaded her with his fingers. He pumped hard and fast sucking greedily.

"You're holding out on me" he hummed nibbling the protruding clit forcing her to cry and beg.

Chichi felt the coils of desire in her belly as with every prod of her husband's finger made it grow, "No more" she begged, "I can't...take" Her body thrummed with pleasure as her peak closed in on her. With another hard thrust from her mate her world shattered and she loudly proclaimed her orgasm flooding Goku's mouth with the results. Her soft moans reached his ears as her legs fell jelly like from his shoulders.

"Don't tell me you're done" He smirked leaning his chin on her hyper sensitive clit causing her to see stars. She shuddered at his words her body still slightly shaking from his talented tongue. She felt him kissing her stomach as nipped his way up not forgetting to swipe his tongue over her left breast.

Without warning he grabbed the back of her head and slammed his mouth into hers, he mashed his tongue against hers taking all she could offer and dominating the kiss. Chichi could hardly keep up, she had never seen Goku so aggressive not that she minded but she just wondered, where did her gentle lover go?

As if sensing her thoughts, he nibbled harshly as he pulled her bottom lip and let it go with a resounding `pop'

"Why do you taste so good?" Before she could answer he had already rammed his hard cock into her waiting core.

"GOKU!" she screamed with so much pleasure she almost passed out.

"That's what I want to hear" he grunted as he felt the tightness of her pussy clench his turgid length.

"I want more" He moaned as he started jamming himself into her feeling her flower weep all over him. She was so wet he slid in and out feel the heat speard through his body like wild fire. In and out that was all that processed in his brain, one hand on in her hair while the other gripped her hip.

"faster" she whined her eyes shut not being able to do anything but feel.

Lifting her legs Goku placed them on his shoulder angling so that he could dive in while reaching into her depts.

"O kami, Gokuuuuuuuuuuu" she moaned loudly as he started hitting that back spot causing her to clench her inner walls desperately. Goku's eyes rolled back as her snatch became impossibly tighter holding him prisoner to the sensations of his body. He rammed harder as their hips met in frenzied pace each desperate to give the other release. Goku was sinking fast he lowered her legs from his shoulders with speed and wrapped them round his hips while using one of his hand to support himself. He trailed the other down to her hot little button and pinched harshly smirking when he heard her yelp and groan deeply.

He pinched and pulled it until he felt she was seconds from coming by the spasms on his cock, wasting no time he bit down harshly on her collar bone causing her to scream as she climaxed the flood of her sweet blood into his mouth caused him to meet his own end as well as he growled his pleasure out before collapsing on her.

Both bodies panted with pleasure as they recouped from their physical exertion. Goku gave the fresh bite a lick mumbling words against her neck his body still shaky from release. Chichi opened her eyes tiredly and smiled looking down at her husband. She laughed softly and brushed his stiff hair.

"I never told you, that blond suits you" she said as she brushed his fringe.

Goku frowned slightly realising he was in his super saiyan state, "I didn't hurt you did I?" he asked his voice slightly raspy with worry.

"I conceived Goten like this so it's a little late to ask that question" she smirked pinching his nose. Goku blushed slightly before turning over so she now rested on his chest.

"I read your diary"

Chichi blushed running her hands up and down his side, "Well....I just wanted to express how you make me feel as well"

"I destroyed it" Goku stated bluntly causing Chichi to raise her head in hurt.

Seeing her eyes he quickly explained, "Vegeta saw it and nearly read it, so I had to" he pleaded

Chichi sighed into his chest, "What is with the briefs family and looking at our diaries"

Goku shrugged before yawning nuzzling his wife's head before closing his eyes. Chichi kissed his chest before losing the battle with sleep also.

In the morning

Gohan blushed at his parent's shamelessness; he tried to ignore their flirting as much as possible. His father was currently tugging at his mother's apron while she shooed him away, and giggled like a school girl. Last night was hell he had left when the moaning started to sleep outside, he was just happy Goten slept like a log or else it would be awkward breakfast talk. Looking at his brother who just inhaled his food oblivious to it all he wished he could be innocent like him.

Goten finished his food and dropped his plated smiling happily, "Finished mum can I go play with Trunks now?"

"Sure" She smiled collecting his plate from the table.

"What you and Trunks doing today" Goku asked still smirking at his blushing wife.

"Trunks and I found your book dad and we are going to practice the training techniques in there" He smiled walking to the door.

Goku froze while Chichi dropped the plate she was washing.

"WHERE IS THE BOOK?" they both frantically shouted causing Goten to jump.

"Trunks has it for safe keeping"

Chichi fell down while Goku blushed madly and shook his head.

The phone rang suddenly Gohan confused by the whole ordeal picked it up.

"Son residence...Yeah hold on...mum dad"

Both looked to each other before walking to the phone, taking the phone shakily chichi answered.

"Hello Chichi speaking"

"I want 2 weeks of home cooked meals and Kakarot to train with me constantly" Chichi moaned at Vegeta's threats.

"Done" she muttered, Goku who had the phone close to his ear groaned at the black mail.

"Not done the woman wants to speak" the phone was passed to Bulma

"Hey lovers, 2 weeks of details and the book doesn't get it"

Goku smirked suddenly before grabbing the phone from Chichi, "She'll call you by two, make sure Vegeta is by the phone we all need to talk" He dropped the phone without a goodbye and smirked at his wife. Chichi blushed at the smirk and looked knowingly at him.

"You wouldnt'.." she gasped, Goku just smirked and kissed her cheek.

AT 2.00PM

Vegeta stood impatiently as Bulma dialled the son household, "Why must I be here I've requested my demand, they are crazy if they think I'll compromise"

"Well we can just embarrass them" she shrugged the ringing noise annoying her, as it was 6 rings and no answer.

"What the hell they said i shou...." Bulma's face scrunched at first in confusion before a huge blush erupted on her face as she nearly dropping the phone. Vegeta eyed his mate curious at her reaction.


Bulma blushed then pressed the speaker phone button, Vegeta eyes furrowed first then a blush covered his face as he faced his wife in disbelief before both eyes dropped to the phone.

All that could be heard was the loud panting of Goku and the screams of Chichi, the frenzied voices embarrassing both adults in the room who were shocked that the normally shy couple could be so bold.

"Loud...en..ough...for...you..." Goku panted, "O god Chichi right there!" The dial tone suddenly sounded as both Vegeta and Bulma stared at the phone as if it was going to bite them.


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