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Story summary: Ron wakes Harry up with the answers to today's Potions test from a mysterious source... When Harry is the only student in the class to get the potion right, how will Snape choose to reward him? HPSS - a little bit of slash is very good for you!

This is my first attempt at SLASH and it IS HPSS (as in M/M), so if you don't like, don't read! The slash itself is in Chapter 2 but this chapter has flirting first:) Hope you enjoy it!

THE LIST - Chapter 1

"Harry! Harry - what's this?"

Harry sat up suddenly and squinted at the blurry figure of Ron sitting on the edge of his bed. He was annoyed - he'd been in the middle of a very interesting dream. He pushed aside the images of long ebony-black hair and luxurious onyx eyes and tried to focus.

"What's what?"

"This!" And Ron flapped a piece of parchment enthusiastically in front of Harry's nose. Harry rubbed his bleary eyes and fumbled about for his glasses.

"It's a recipe."

Harry took the parchment sleepily and peered at it.

"No, Ron, it's a list of potion instructions."

"I wonder what sort of potion it is…"

"I dunno…want to try it after lessons tonight?"

They had no time to discuss this idea with Hermione until lunch in the Great Hall.

"What? Harry, no way! You don't even know who put it on your pillow. And anyway, we've got homework to do in the library tonight!"

"She's right, mate." Harry raised his eyebrows at Ron. "Well, not about the homework - but, listen: for all you know, Malfoy put it there in the hope you'd use it and blow yourself up."

"Malfoy couldn't have got into the bedroom. He doesn't know the password."

"So it was someone from Gryffindor?"

"Or someone who's got the password from a Gryffindor."

"Don't you recognise it, Hermione?"

Hermione took the parchment and her brow furrowed as her eyes skimmed down the list.

"It seems quite simple, very basic ingredients…but where would you get snail's ears from? I've never seen that in a potion before."

"Just a random guess, Hermione, but I'd suggest - a snail?"

"They don't have ears."

"Don't they?"

"I don't think so…the rest is pretty straightforward: rowan twigs, ground ginger, hawthorn…and, and this one's underlined: crushed amethyst and honey, mixed together first then added, combined, once the mixture has turned blue."

"That's probably the part that kills you." Muttered Ron darkly. Harry took the parchment back and put it in his pocket.

"Perhaps I should show it to Professor Snape. He'd know."

"Harry, have you gone mad? Don't let him see it! And, speaking of Snape - we're five minutes late for double Potions - come on!"

They reached the door of Snape's dungeon Potions classroom and paused. Harry found that his heart was fluttering rather uneasily. He nudged his friend.

"You go in first, Hermione."

"Why me? Why not you?"

"He hates us," hissed Ron. "At least this is the first time you'll have been late."

Hermione took a deep breath and pushed open the door.

"Miss Granger!…Who appears to have grown four extra legs…Potter, Weasley, stop being idiotic and sit down." Snape's eyes glittered and the three friends froze - Hermione in embarrassment, Ron in annoyance and Harry in…some sort of strange daze where everything seemed to be floating.

"And…I think I shall remove five points from Gryffindor for each step you have to take in order to reach your seats."

Ron sighed and looked intensely irritated. (Harry had to snap himself out of a daydream in which he was being enveloped slowly in ripping black silk.) Their seats were right at the back of the classroom. The door, which they were stood by, was at the front, beside Snape's desk. Snape was watching them with a mocking smirk on his face, his black eyes gleaming coldly and his arms folded. Ron muttered to Harry that he wished he had his broomstick. Hermione was looking miserable. Suddenly Harry had a coherent thought and pulled out his wand.

"Accio!" And three wooden stools sailed across the room and landed before them. Harry and Ron quickly sat down in unison and folded their arms and stared at Snape. As if on cue, they both grinned insanely.

Hermione glared at them and remained standing. Snape's brilliant black eyes pierced into Harry's and sparkled in mild amusement. Harry almost shivered. There was something mysterious and unusual in Snape's eyes that was oddly exciting…

"Very good, Mr Potter. Now. If you will return to your usual position, we can begin." Your usual position. Harry's mind whirled, overflowing with images which could have come straight out of a sex manual as he and Ron gave each other the thumbs up and, along with Hermione, picked up their stools and trudged to the back of the room. There was a silence whilst they took their seats, broken by:

"And that's forty eight points from Gryffindor."

Ron slammed his stool down on the stone floor with a crash and sat on it.

"And an extra two points for attempting to break classroom furniture. Now," Snape waved his wand lazily and a list of instructions appeared on the board behind him "today, you shall be brewing this potion. Or, in the case of most of you, you shall be brewing something entirely different, but if I conceded defeat every time one of my classes was incompetent I would never get out of bed in the morning."

Harry's glasses steamed up. Snape. Bed. Mmmwaaa… Hermione prodded Harry eagerly and he blinked, flustered, and actually looked at the board - and turned to Hermione in surprise.

"I know, I know, Harry! Snails ears and everything!" she hissed in excitement. Snape narrowed his eyes at the pair of them. He looked incredibly bored.

"However, you may notice that I have left one off one of the ingredients from this extremely exciting list. Today's task is to brew the potion, complete with the ingredient I have left out. It will be an exercise to test your intuition and how much attention you have actually been paying in class - the student who manages to brew the complete potion will receive a reward at the end." And his eyes settled on Harry for just long enough for Harry to feel like the only other person in the room. He felt obliged to speak.

"What does the potion do, sir?" he inquired hoarsely.

"That is not the point of the lesson, Mr Potter. If you must know, it is a cure for a severe headache or hangover. A reasonably harmless potion which, should you get it wrong - as I suspect most of you will - will do you no harm. It may even wake a few of you up. Now begin! Before I change my mind and give you all a test instead."

"He's left off the amethyst and honey!Hissed Harry.

"And that's two ingredients anyway - how on earth are the rest of us supposed to guess that?" grumbled Ron.

"You don't have to guess, Ron - you can use my list."

"No, Harry. Someone left it for your use, not ours." Whispered Hermione seriously.

"I bet those aren't the missing ingredients anyway. He did say there was only one." Harry replied, frowning.

"Well there's no harm in your trying, Harry. And Snape's here if anything goes wrong."

"How comforting." said Ron, sarcastically.

Half an hour later, most of the class' potions had turned sky blue. Harry was trying especially hard. Snape stalked up and down the rows, eyeing the mixtures broodily and making disparaging and deeply sarcastic comments. He stopped at Harry's cauldron and gracefully folded his arms in a delicious swirl of black fabric - Harry couldn't help feeling he'd been singled out. He gazed at up the impressive figure of his Potions Master standing expectantly before him and found himself blushing. He quickly hid his list under the table and looked up to find Snape's sensual dark eyes boring into his.

"And… what are you going to do now, Mr Potter?"

"I'm going to add…erm…" He wasn't sure whether to tell Snape about his list or not. He opened his mouth. Ron kicked him under the table and he quickly shut it again.

"There is a large array of ingredients on my desk. Why don't you go over there and see if something inspires you." Smirked Snape, sarcastically, and curled his lips. Harry had to lower his eyes from Snape's face due to his cheeks having turned a pronounced shade of cherry - and went quickly over to the desk, across which was sprawled quite a display of different ingredients. Harry searched through the pile, willing the blood to remain in the middle of his body (it currently seemed to be concentrating in two opposite areas which made him very uncomfortable). Convinced he wasn't going to be able to find either amethysts or honey, he tried to calm himself down - but he did find them, and crept back to his desk. Snape was still there, waiting for him with a bitter yet curious look marking his features and his arms still folded. Harry found himself staring at Snape's black sleeves - the coat he wore underneath his robes had so many buttons doing up the sleeves and the front; Harry was wondering how long it took Snape to get dressed in the morning. And undressed at night - stop it!

"What have you got there, Mr Potter?"

Harry held out his hands obediently. Snape peered down at the purple crystal and the small yellow pot. His eyes flicked suddenly back up to Harry's and ensnared them instantly.

"And what are you going to do with those"

Several people craned over to see what Harry was holding. He drew his hands back and put them under the desk, not removing his eyes from Snape's gaze. Snape smirked. Harry mastered enough control over his body to enable himself to give Snape what he hoped was an enchantingly cheeky little smile in return.

"You'll just have to wait and see, Professor."

Snape's eyes widened for an instant, then he quirked an eyebrow elegantly and swept away, along the line of bubbling cauldrons. Harry breathed out in relief.

Hermione and Ron exchanged glances.

"Here goes nothing." Murmured Harry. He was wondering how he was going to crush an amethyst. He decided reluctantly that the only thing he could do was wrap it in a piece of material and hit it hard with something. There was a loud crash and Snape twirled around suddenly in a whirl of black material and whipped out his wand. Harry froze, holding his scarf. Everyone was staring at him. Snape sighed and pocketed his wand.

"What have you broken now, Potter?"

Harry opened up his scarf and found what was left of his amethyst sitting in little bits. Quite a lot of it seemed to be missing.

"It's one of my ingredients, sir. It needs to be crushed."

"Yes, crushed, not splattered across my floor. Get yourself a broom and sweep up this mess."

"Yes sir, absolutely sir, sorry sir, right..." Harry spluttered. There was a general rush to the front of the class as Harry's classmates tried to find objects to crush with that brutality and Ron nudged Harry during the commotion.

"What's that all about? Yes sir, no sir, three bags full, sir -"

"Nuffin." Harry mumbled crossly. "Where's the broom?"

Snape spent the rest of the lesson sitting at his desk with his hands over his ears as loud crashes reverberated around the room. Harry looked up innocently just once, to find his Professor glaring at him with an irritated look, which seemed to thunder 'this is your fault, Potter'. Or it could have been an incredible look of utter and fierce carnality. But Harry doubted it, and sighed.

Time was running out by the time he had cleaned up and sprinkled the remaining shards of his amethyst into a bowl containing the honey. He mixed them together…and paused. Ron was watching him in interest. His own potion had gone black and was spluttering horribly and he'd all but given up on it. Harry took a deep breath and tipped the mush into his cauldron. Snape leapt to his feet.

"Time's up! Right - tell me what colour your potions have gone. With any bad luck I haven't gone deaf and I'll still be able to hear you."

Quite a rainbow of hues was therefore described to Snape, but after each one he merely rolled his black eyes and said "Wrong," very loudly. Hermione tried:

"It's a sort of…minty yellow."


"Black. And I think its got measles."

"Definitely wrong, Mr Weasley. Mr Potter?"

"Bright red. With yellow dots."

Snape strode hastily across the room, descending on Harry's cauldron with a very convincing look of mild shock and confusion.

"Well… what a lucky guess, Mr Potter. Trust you to be the one to add two ingredients when I expressly told you there was only one missing."

The class groaned and muttered loudly in irritation. Snape smirked.

"That'll do. Class dismissed." And he leant gracefully over the desk towards Harry, who slivered delightedly.

"Not you, Mr Potter. Bring some of your potion up to my desk." With that, Snape spun about, weaving contemptuously through the departing students until he reached his desk. Ron smiled at Harry sympathetically. Harry missed the wink that passed between Ron and Hermione as they gathered their things.

Harry scooped up a vial full of his red potion and carried it uneasily up to Snape's desk. With a flick of Snape's wand, the ingredients messily covering his desk whirled up into the air together and flew back into one of the cupboards. Snape sat down and closed his eyes and breathed out slowly until his classroom was empty of students. He then held out one hand.

"Give me that, Potter - I find myself in need of it after your lesson." Harry nervously reached out the vial towards Snape and placed it into his hand; Harry's fingertips gently brushing the soft white skin of Snape's palm. Harry shivered eagerly. One of Snape's eyes opened suspiciously and his long thin fingers closed around the glass. He lifted it to his lips and drank the contents in one go, tilting his head back. Harry watched, fascinated, and wriggled uncomfortably. He wanted to reach out and…and…and press his lips to…to Snape's neck... Snape took another deep breath and gave what Harry assumed must be a slight smile.

"That's better. Thank you, Mr Potter; you may leave."

Harry suddenly looked upset.

"But…but what about my reward?"

"Your…what?" Snape opened both his eyes and Harry suddenly found himself floating in a glorious inky-black sea. Imaginary dark water was gently caressing his face - aaaaah, stop it! Calm down! Snape hates you, he really hates y-

"You promised a…a reward for the s-student who m-managed to -"

"Oh, very well…what would you like as a reward, Mr Potter?"

Harry's head swam and he had to lean on the desk to stop himself falling over because Snape was still staring at him.


Snape rolled his onyx eyes.

"Not having a teenage mind, Mr Potter, I can think of a dozen things to offer as a reward but none, I fear, would appeal to you. Only don't ask me for much; I am not feeling generous."

"Erm…" Harry stammered, wringing his hands uncomfortably.

Snape looked unimpressed and rested his head in his hand. Harry was squirming and willing himself desperately to think of something normal but Snape still had him fixed with his gaze and the only words currently whirling around in Harry's brain were obscene and involved licking and bodily fluids and groaning and heavy breathing and -

"What do young men your age take pleasure from? Let's see…girls, alcohol, underage magic, sex, chocolate, flying…am I getting warm?"


"Er…yes, th-those sound…about….about right. Sir."

Harry was busy having spasms because Snape said the word 'sex'. He bit his own hand and squirmed even more.

"I'm afraid I'm not in a position to offer you most of those, Mr Potter. You'll have to settle for the chocolate."

"I…I'd prefer…" Harry was staring at the floor and rubbing his hand, which hurt now.

"Yes? You're not going to ask me for the sex, are you?" Harry looked up in enthusiastic shock - to find Snape smirking at what he had apparently decided was a joke.

Snape's smile faded instantly when he saw Harry's eager face and Harry froze at the look of horror which materialised on his Professor's face. Their eyes locked. Snape shook his head and looked again at Harry with an unreadable expression on his face, scrutinising Harry closely; Harry was beginning to wish he could just curl up into a ball and roll away into a corner and hide there for the rest of his life…then suddenly:

"Who are you and what have you done with the Harry Potter that detests me?"

Harry knelt on the floor before his Professor - who had his head in his hands and his eyes closed - and took a deep breath. His heart was hammering but he must have had the biggest grin on his face as he shuffled closer.

"I'm Harry Potter and I don't detest you, sir. In…in fact it's…it's quite the opposite."

"I don't believe y - it's just to good to be tru-"

Snape faltered and gazed down at Harry, who was kneeling between his legs and looking…delighted. Didn't Snape just say that Harry liking him was too good to be true? Harry couldn't believe - couldn't understand - it, but he didn't let that worry him:

"Then sit back in your chair and relax, sir. This can be my reward, if you like."

"If I like…"

Snape eyed Harry dubiously - and then, to Harry's infinite delight, relaxed gently into his chair, his arms draped in a leisurely fashion over the arms of the chair and his legs falling open invitingly. He raised one exquisite eyebrow and gazed smoothly down at Harry; he seemed to have completely recovered his composure:

"And what now, Mr Potter?" The voice, soft as floating silk, made Harry close his eyes for a moment. When he opened them again, Snape was watching him passively; but there was something smug about that look on his face.

Harry suddenly remembered Ron and Hermione - they must still be waiting outside for him. He jumped up and opened the door, just a crack, peering out. Snape was watching him in mild interest from his position in the chair, remaining gracefully motionless. Harry's two best friends were leaning against the wall outside the classroom.

"Um…Ron, Hermione…I won't be able to come to the library this evening, ok?"

"Why - what's he got you doin'?" muttered Ron, trying to look offended.


"Hurry up, Mr Potter. I can't wait around… All. Evening."

Harry grinned sheepishly at Ron and Hermione. "Sorry," he shrugged - and closed the door abruptly. Ron and Hermione turned and ambled off to the library looking very pleased with themselves.

Back in Snape's classroom, Harry leant his back against the door and eyed Snape, who was watching him in return, perfectly still and in complete silence. A tiny smirk was gracing his face and giving it an air of calm amusement.

Harry felt as though he were watching a poisonous snake and waiting for it to strike; he was becoming increasingly nervous. After a few minutes of this staring, Snape sighed; he must know the effect his voice has, thought Harry ruefully, as that luxurious sigh caressed his ears. Looking decidedly bored, the Professor relaxed even further into his chair - his legs sliding open even further - but otherwise remained motionless.

"So this is your reward - you want me to sit in my chair? Not very imaginative, is it, Mr Potter? I could do much better than this with just the chocolate."

This was exactly what Harry wanted, but he tried not to show it; he tried to look defiant:

"Go on then, what would you do?"

(The next chapter is where the slash is – enjoy!)