Later that night Elliot had a dream well it was really a nightmair. Elliot was sitting in his patrol car and suddenly Liv wasn't beside him, it was Munch and they had just been kissing up and down. "EWW!" Elliot woke himself up at this point and yanked the comforter off of him and padded out to the kitchen where he drank deeply from a bottle of oj which came from out of the kitchen.

Elliot then noticed hed got a message last night hed been too tired to check them just striding right into his bedroom and thowing himself into bed. He played the message.

"Hello Elliot this is Kathy. I hear Olivias in the family way now, didn't take you long to get onto her, did it?" What aws strange was that it didn't sound like Kathy very much, it was muffled, and he knew he had heared that voice somewhere quite recently. Suddenly he snapped his fingers. It sounded like the woman who IDed Munch and Fins dead body as being Libertia Sandoval, sister of the Sandoval of the past case. How had this cousin of Libertia learned of Livvy's condition? Elliot punched another number into his cell. "Munch, it better be good." "Munch what the Hell did you tell Libertia Sandoval's cousin bout Liv and me?"