Title: Love you, Brother!

Warning: nothing serious for now, maybe later :D…..and spoilers

Pairing: Cloud x Kadaj, I love Kadaj he's just so damned beautiful, wish I could own him (in the dream) but I guess I'll be satisfied if Cloud can do it on my behalf (Go, Cloud yay!)

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy VII are owned by Square Enix, not me….

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He losed. What he had tried to achieve in the first place by trying to revive their mother? Had she really existed after all? Besides all of the sordid things became remnants of her. What had he been fighting for? He didn't know anymore. He felt like he was the biggest fool.

But it was over. He would be able to rest, becoming no ones puppet, just HIM. He as himself. Wasn't it a wonderful thing? He opened his tired eyes, looked up at the worried face of his brother who was holding him in his arms. Kadaj never noticed before, but Cloud had the bluest eyes he'd ever seen. Blue, like the color of ocean, so deep and beautiful.

"Nii-san…" He whispered. He never hoped for forgiveness, no, he had done too many evil deeds to deserve that. He saw an understanding inside of those eyes and it was more than enough. Cloud knew it, to live with only a single purpose, created only to fulfill that, he had no other choice.

The first droplet of rain began to fall. Planet was crying, she shed tears for all living beings that died, for the destruction she had to endure. He caused that, didn't he? Few droplets fell to his cheeks; they stung, like they were capable of making holes in his skin. He could feel his hand began to dissolve. The rain was acid to him, soon he would be gone, no trace left that he had existed. Will he be turned into the lifestream? He hoped so; he didn't want to dissolve into nothingness.

Strong arms gently lowered him to the ground. He sighed, closing his eyes. This was it, his last moments, he only had to wait.

One second…

Two seconds…

Ten seconds…

One minute….

He frowned. Something was wrong. Why hadn't he dissolved already? It shouldn't take this long. The pain…he even didn't feel the pain. Out of curiosity he opened his eyes, and gasped. Cloud lay above him, his weights supported by his hands so he didn't crush him. He shielded him from the rain.

…Why? Why did he do that?

" Nii-san…" His voice was close to begging," Move aside…."

Cloud looked down at him, his face filled with determination. He shook his head," No, Kadaj, I've decided, no more victims."

"But..the planet wants it…she wants me to die…and mother-"

"Enough of mother!" Cloud growled, his usual gentle eyes filled with fury. Only Kadaj could see it, the pain and desperation hiding beneath that." Can you decide anything by yourself? You had this mother controlling you for Gods know how long; it's time to put an end to that! Tell me, Kadaj, I want you to be honest. You want to live, don't you?


"Good. Now shut up and let me do this."

For the rare moments in his life he wanted to cry. Silvery tears welled at his eyes, before they ran down in thin rivulets on both of his cheeks. A second chance, was Cloud willing to give him that?

"…Thank you…"

"No need," Cloud smiled." I only do what I have to do."

"Hey! We haven't finished with you, traitor!" An angry voice shouted behind Cloud. Kadaj instantly recognized who it belonged to; even tough it was hard to see because most of his vision was blocked by Cloud.

"Yes!" Another, gruffer voice added." If we had to die then we'll take you with us!"

Yazoo lifted Velvet Nightmare, aimed the barrel at the blurred figure with blonde hair. The rain damaged his eyes and he couldn't see everything clearly. Something was odd. Cloud, why didn't he move? Did he hurt too? Well, it wasn't his problem anyways…

"Wait, Yazoo," Loz stopped him." Don't shoot, look…"

Yazoo squinted his eyes, damn, but it hurt to see. He moved closer, Loz tailed behind him. His right hand began to dissolve; the gun fell helplessly to the ground below. Great, now he couldn't shoot anymore, he would kill Loz for this.

His vision now was only an angry blur, the world was enveloped with gray. It took him a hard time to understand why Cloud was in an odd crouching position. He was shielding, or rather protecting someone else, someone with silver hair and black leather outfits just like him.

"Kadaj…"He found himself whispering. In a stance like trance he knelt down beside his little brother, smiled down when those wide eyes regarded him with sadness, flickered to the part of his right hand which was almost dissolved completely. Yazoo lived only for Kadaj, to be his guardian, protecting him of any coming harms. He failed to revive their mother, but at least he didn't fail Kadaj too.

"Take care of him," he turned his gaze to Cloud.

"I will," Cloud replied firmly," I'm sorry I can't help you too."

"It's okay," Loz laughed." Kadaj will live, it's enough for us. Oh, man now my feet are turned to smoke this is really annoying!"

Cloud watched as both of the men slowly dissolved, evaporated into thin green smoke, flying to the sky above. It joined with ribbon of lifestream, ready to begin their journey of healing the planet, running in a never ending cycle, forever. Kadaj didn't say anything; he didn't need to, for Cloud could feel it, the pain inside of his heart. Those men were his only relatives, his comrades in battle and he might never know anyone else besides them.

It took hours for the rain to stop falling, Cloud waited for it to completely stop; he didn't want to take any risks. Kadaj looked like he wasn't strong enough for walk so Cloud decided to simply carry him. He wasn't heavy; in fact he was pretty light. Of course, he was almost as slender as a girl. Those green mako eyes fluttered open; they were looked up at him with trust. Cloud realized that since now he was the sole pillar for Kadaj, for the boy had no one else in the world, no purpose to live. But all would be okay, because he was his little brother and he promised to protect him. For the first time in his life Cloud Strife, a great hero, finally understood how it felt to have a sibling.


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