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Chapter 15

Epilogue: The End of Our Tales

Kratos and Yuan sat together in Yuan's office. Kratos had just finished telling Yuan the whole story and Martel's final words. Yuan was shocked to here about her death, but tried to cover it up with his usual calm visage.

"I'm sorry I couldn't tell you sooner" said Kratos uneasily, "however you did move the base into the sky without saying a word and I spent the last 5 years trying to find you. The moving air base is a nice touch though I must say".

"Thank you, and don't worry about taking so long to tell me. It is my fault my friend" said Yuan softly, "you needn't worry yourself, I'm just glad you found me and told me".

"My deepest apologies Yuan" replied Kratos, "If there is anything I can do-".

"It's alright" interrupted Yuan, "you have already fulfilled her final request, and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for that".

"Tomorrow is the anniversary date of her death" said Kratos, "will you be at her grave?"

"Yes" replied Yuan, "I will. Now, if you will excuse me Kratos, I have some last minute work to attend to". He rose from his desk and started toward the door.

"Yes of course" said Kratos, "I understand. I will see you tomorrow Yuan". With those parting words they both went their separate ways until the next day.

With Sheena and Zelos…….

Sheena and Zelos were at home, making preparations for the trip to Martel's grave. Suddenly, a cry was heard from one of the spare bedrooms, and both Sheena and Zelos looked at each other.

"I'll take care of him" said Zelos with a smirk. Sheena smiled after him as he left their room and proceeded to the spare one. The room was decorated with sky wallpaper, and there were toys thrown all across the floor. There was also a play pen and a crib. Zelos walked over to the crib and reached down. He lifted up a baby boy, and cradled him in his arms.

"Now, now" said Zelos playfully, "you know the rules, no frowns in this house, it's all smiles kid, and you know it". He tickled the baby with one finger and the baby giggled, trying to grab his finger.

"He looks more and more like his daddy everyday" she said as she walked over and gave Zelos a kiss on the cheek. Right at that moment the baby managed to catch Zelos' finger and bit down on it, he was teething after all.

"Ow!" yelped Zelos as he quickly pulled his finger away. "he may have my looks, but he has your strength". Sheena and Zelos giggled slightly and carried the baby with them to their room. They closed the babies room door behind them. The name of the baby was engraved on the room door. "Zeno".

With Regal and Raine……

Regal and Raine had gotten married over the past 5 years. They had decided to live in Altimaria and use Regal's resources to allow Raine to travel to whatever archeological site she needed to be at. At the same time, Regal was working on a new ride for the amusement park, and a new themed hotel for the resort area. The hotel was to be based on a museum theme, and would showcase some of the artifacts that Raine found on her expeditions. The new ride was just a re-modeled version of the ride based on their adventures. It was now going to include the final battle with the Illumes and it was also a tribute to Martel. So the world would know exactly what happened to her and how she died for what she believed in.

With Genis and Persea……

Genis and Persea had moved to Palmacoasta, and taken on new jobs. Persea had become the head of the new guard service that was established to protect the city from any invaders, especially those of the monstrous kind. Genis graduated from the academy with honors and went on to become the headmaster.

"So, what's on the agenda today?" asked Persea one morning as they both headed out the door of their home.

"Mid term exams are today" said Genis, "which means a long night for me"

"Take out for dinner then?" asked Persea with a smirk.

"Yeah" replied Genis with a smile, "see you tonight". He gave her a slight kiss on the lips without even blushing and started off to the academy.

"You've definitely grown up Genis" said Persea under her breath. She giggled and started off toward the guard station.

With Lloyd and Collette……….

Lloyd and Collette had gotten married as well. They had moved into Dirk's house since he had passed away two years ago. Lloyd had taken over Dirk's job, and was doing quite well for himself. Collette had taken to caring for stray animals, and mothering her newborn baby girl. Kratos came flying back to the house just as the family was about to sit down for dinner.

"Welcome home dad" greeted Lloyd as Kratos came walking through the door.

"Hello Lloyd, Collette. How has everything been today?"

"Oh, the usual" replied Collette as she fed the baby. "work, work, work, but then that is to be expected".

"Indeed" replied Kratos, "you know, I should probably consider moving out soon, I have been outing you out long enough".

"Nonsense" said Collette with a bright smile "you are family Kratos, and your welcome as long as you like".

"But, you may have to start working" said Lloyd with a smirk, "why don't you be our babysitter?"

"Hm…" Kratos thought for a moment, "yes, I suppose I can do that. Alright then" he went over to the baby and picked her up. The baby almost immediately smiled. "come along Anna". He cradled Anna in his arms and then took he upstairs to put her to bed. Anna burbled all the way up to her room.

"It was sweet of you to let me name her after my mom" said Lloyd to Collette at the table.

"Of course" replied Collette, "it was a sweet sentiment and I just couldn't say no".

"So" began Lloyd, "how long do you think it will take him to notice that you never finished feeding her?"

The next day……..

Everyone got up early, and prepared for their trip to Martel's grave. They all dressed in black versions of their outfits, which made them look very distinguished. They trudged across the land, bouquets of flowers in hand, and made their way to the great Symphonia tree. At the base of the tree, there was a tombstone above a small grave.. everyone lined up and bowed their heads, as Yuan prepared to deliver the speech or rather the eulogy for Martel.

Yuan's speech…..

Thank you all for coming here today. As you all know, this is the 5th anniversary of the death of the goddess Martel. We are gathered here to remember her, to honor her for her outstanding achievements, and for her kind and caring heart. Martel was a lot of things too a lot of people, a goddess to some, a best friend to others, but she meant the most to me. She was the love of my life, one who had been taken from me so many years ago. It goes without saying that her loss devastated me, and changed me forever. However, it seemed like I had a glimmer of hope in my life, when I had found out that she was resurrected after the death of her brother Mithos. But the glimmer of light was extinguished by the Illume siblings, and their selfish desires. Ironically enough, she had died this time, the same way she had last time, fighting for her dreams and what she believed in. and so, we place the flowers on her grave, in hopes that these forms of our prayers for her, will reach her in the heavens, and guide her to eternal peace.


Everyone stepped up to the grave and placed their flowers on the grave. They bowed their heads, and said their own prayers. Then, once all of the flowers were placed, they all bowed their heads in silence. When the ceremony was complete, and all was said and done. Everyone gave one final look at the grave, then looked up into the sky, as if to try and search for Martel's spirit. To their surprise, hovering in the sky, they saw her, standing right next to Mithos, with a smile on both of their faces. They both gave a wave before fading into the distance. Everyone waved back, and Yuan wiped a tear from his eye. They all left the grave, a bit more cheerful after having seen Martel's spirit.

They went off to live their own lives, and they lived happily ever after.

The End