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Take Your Medicine
By Halys

Bakura Ryou hated taking his medicine. Unfortunately for him, it was one of the necessities of life. When he was a child, he was diagnosed with hemophilia along with a number of other harmful disorders. These disorders were part of the reason for his pale complexion and weak physical form.

These disorders were also a bane to his darker half. Especially when it came time for his landlord to take his medication.

"It's disgusting! I'm not taking it! I'm sick and tired of having to shove those disgusting calcium pills down my throat!"

Landlord, take you fucking medicine. If I have to take over and make you take it myself, then you're not going to be in control for the rest of the week.

A glass of water was slammed down on the kitchen counter of the Bakura household as Ryou attempted to dispel some anger. Truth be told, Ryou had become very used to taking his medication. Aside from one in particular: the Wada Calcium CD3 which was a large, circular hunk of chalky, tasteless frustration that never ceased to annoy Ryou.

Landlord, I'm warning you. Take the fucking pill.

"No. I won't! And there's nothing you can do to stop me. If you try to take over, I'll… I'll…. stick the Ring in the microwave!"

Inside his soul room, the king of thieves cringed. The thought of his ancient, magical artifact inside that modern day fryer was not one he'd like to peruse further.

Fine, landlord. You leave me no choice.

Before Ryou could retort, the air in front of him shivered and bent as the spirit of the Ring took on a semi-physical form. Ryou's darker half smirked at him, and Ryou's eyes widened alarmingly.

"W-What are you going to do?"

The smirk adorning the thief's lips only grew. He picked up the bottle of medicine, and with an insubstantial hand, he opened it, and withdrew one of the chalky pills. Throwing another smirk at Ryou, the spirit popped the pill in his mouth (which gave an odd image. The pill seemed to be floating in mid-air while it rested behind the thief's translucent lips.)

Time to take your medicine…

And the darker half of Ryou pressed his lips against his host, using his tongue to force his way past Ryou's pliant lips. Once his tongue had access, he forced the pill inside his landlord's mouth. With no place to put the pill, and with lips covering his, preventing him from spitting the displeasure out, Ryou was forced to swallow it thickly. He might've choked if it wasn't for the tongue in his mouth distracting him from all else. Instead, he let out a small whimper.

As Ryou began to lean into his darkness' translucent form, the thief broke the kiss. Ryou nearly tumbled forward, face first into the floor as his darker half vanished, leaving the thief's host with no support. Cursing softly, he replaced the cap on his prescription and threw into the medicine cupboard. And all the while, a dark chuckle resounded in his mind…

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