Chapter 7-Epilogue

by Gunman

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(Story takes place about seven-months after Gendo was drowned in LCL)


Asuka is pacing furiously around the waiting room.

"12 hours! 12 Freaking Hours! ARGH! I can't stand this! Misato, give me a beer!" the redhead groused.

"No way, Asuka. You're too young." she said as she popped the top and downed another Yebisu

"Fine-Example-Setting-Hypocrite!" she mumbled. "Fine. Hey, Ritsuko, can I have a cigarette?"

"No, Asuka. You'll get addicted to them." the blond said as she lit another cancer stick.

"ARGH! Too young to drink, too young to smoke, and I'm anxious as all get out! What's going on in there? Where are they? How long is this going to take?"

"As long as it takes, Asuka! So quit your yapping, stall your heels, and park your cute little derriere in that Barco-Lounger, missy!" her guardian said.

"I see your taking this well, Misato. Calm as a cucumber you." Asuka grumbled as she sat herself down in the recliner.

"Of course. She's had a whole case of beer in the last two hours, not counting the five six-packs the three hours before that." Hikari said, coming back with everyones drinks. "God, where does she put it all?" she asked Asuka.

"Beats me. She's like a camel with that stuff." the redhead fidgeted.

"That can't be healthy." Toji said, carrying the food.

"Oh, it's not. But I plan to live long enough to see Shinji and Rei's kid."

"At the rate you're going?"


Suddenly, the bridge bunnies arrived at the waiting room.

"Are we too late, sempai?" Maya Ibuki asked, huffing the whole way.

"No, Maya, you're not. They're still in there." Ritsuko said as she popped another cigarette out of her pack.

"How long?" Motoko Hyuga asked.

"12...Freaking...Hours!" Asuka grumbled as she quickly downed another can of soda, anxiously rocking in her chair.

The two male bridge bunnies subconsciously stepped back from the girl.

"I still can't believe they wouldn't let me in!" Ritsuko grumbled as she flicked the cigarette across the room into the ashtray. "I know Rei better than anyone. I know her biology better."

"You're speaking, of course, about her..." Misato said.

"Yes, I am!" the blond cut her off.


After Gendo had been properly reeducated and reassigned as Ritsuko's personal valet and sometimes sex-slave, the faux-blond had told Misato and Asuka everything. About the clones, Rei's purpose, and her own part in this.

Naturally the pair were outraged at her for what she had done...until they say what she had done to Gendo.

Asuka was particularly cruel in ordering Gendo to crawl around like a garner snake, which he did.

Ritsuko also told them about Rei's genetics and how she had been able to be pregnant by Shinji, and that despite his mothers DNA present in her, there was little ways it could be considered incest.

She even showed them the tape of Rei being attacked by Gendo, and the Rei-clones coming to the rescue and attacking Gendo.

Asuka demanded a copy with close ups of Gendo getting his butt kicked.


About twenty-six minutes later...

The pair emerged from the delivery room. Shinji was pushing Rei in a wheelchair as the blue-haired girl gently cradled her new child in soft white cloth.

The group instantly gathered around the new parents and their newborn baby.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet our daughter, Yui Ikari." Shinji announced proudly.

Misato and Ritsuko flashed each other a knowing smile.

She was a beautiful baby girl, with Shinji's nose and complexion, and Rei's eyes.

This was clearly the most stand out feature the girl possessed.

"Can I hold her?" Hikari swooned.

"I want to hold her!" Maya cried.

"Back off! The godmother goes first!" Asuka shouted.

As the group started arguing, Rei clutched her child closer to her body. Rather protectively.

Shinji just smiled and kissed his wife's cheek.

"Don't worry, honey, this is something we'll have to get used to." he said as he placed a hand on her shoulders, reassuringly.


The group never fought the last Angel.

Kaworu Nagisa, the 17th Angel disguised as the 5th Child, met Rei and Shinji four months ago. After learning about the life that was growing inside the blue-haired girl, he decided that the scenario was no longer possible, he decided to give them a great gift.

He went to kill SEELE.

He also does this because Rei tells him that the Angel in Terminal Dogma is in fact Lilith, not Adam, whom he was looking for.

Without SEELE, the Mass-Produced Eva's were never launched, the JSSDF never attacked NERV, and Third Impact was never triggered. And Kaworu himself was never seen again.

Shinji and Rei Ikari lived out the rest of their lives in happy, marital near-bliss.

(I say near-bliss because they faced all the usual problems that young parents would face, aside from raising their child)

Yui Ikari grew up into a beautiful young woman, loved and cared for, strong and wise beyond her years. She was a babe by the time she was fourteen and a total hottie by nineteen. (Basically the 'Misato' of her day)

Asuka made good on her promise as godmother, actually trying to spoil Yui whenever she could. The redhead eventually returned to Germany and became Secretary of State in less than a decade. She was the youngest in history.

Misato gave up her military career and became the spokeswoman for Yebisu Beer. Sales nearly tripled in her first year alone.

Ritsuko stayed at NERV and used the Evangelions to develop new medical technology for humans.

Maya also stayed at NERV and took over as The Magi's chief technician. Hyuga and Aoba continue to help her out.

Sub-commander Fuyutsuki retired and was never heard from again.

Toji and Hikari got married and had their own bundle of joy some years later. Toji took a job as a sports write some years ago, and Hikari was doing public relations for the city.

Kensuke joined the military, but he never made higher than sergeant.

Shinji joined the Tokyo-2 Orchestra and became a world famous cellist.

Rei eventually became a Tokyo-2 University teacher in both math and science.

As for Yui, she made a name for herself as well, becoming a champion decathlete and winning several gold medals for Japan in the Olympics in 2036, 2040, and 2044. After which she retired and opened her own Olympic training gymnasium.

She called it, The Battle Athletes Gymnasium.

She kept her powers a secret, using them only when in seriously dangerous situations, like keeping one of her students from getting attacked late at night.

She was often seen in the company of a handsome young man...

...with white hair, pale skin, and red eyes.


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