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Chapter 15 - After

"Alec, finally up?" asked Max

"Yeah, why did you miss me?" was his sarcastic reply

"Well, I got kinda lonely and besides, you missed some action" she said

"Really?" he asked a bit skeptical. What action could possibly take place here? "Like what?" he asked his curiosity getting the better of him.

"well, you missed the guard while you were sleeping" Max said, she figured fronting the situation wasn't a good idea cause he'll just avoid her questions, so she decided to try a new tactic.

"Really…" Alec wasn't so sorry he missed the guard. But one thing he did wondered about, "so who was it?" he asked, but he wasn't so sure if that was smart, he didn't know if she knew the guards that well.

"The truth is that I don't know, but he seemed interested in you. He knew you for sure. Watched you for a while now, but surprisingly not in a good way. I thought you had some things going on around here and that you were in good terms with the guards" Max decided to go for the truth.

"Oh well. You see its either I'm in good terms with them, or I'm, well, I'm in not so good terms with them…" said Alec. He really didn't know about which guard she was talking about. The truth was that he had enemies such as guards and as transgenics as well, so she had to be more specific.

"Wanna tell me why?" asked Max, she really wanted to know what's behind all of this.

"Hm, I don't know who it is so I can't really say" Alec replied honestly.

"What, so many foes that you need to know who it was exactly. Not just one or two?" asked Max teasing him.

"Really funny…foes? Aren't we a bit exaggerating? I mean why do you think I have so many foes?" asked Alec. Now he was starting to get a bit suspicious from her curiosity.

"Just repeating what you said." Max said avoiding his question

Alec frowned slightly at her answer and said "you know, just because I've been through not so long ago doesn't mean I'm stupid. So don't try to trick me"

"What?" Max said innocently "I'm not tricking you!"

"o.k.…. he said in a tone that he clearly didn't believe her.

"Really" she said when she heard the tone of his reply

"Whatever. So how have you been with out me around, got something to do?" Alec asked changing the subject quickly before she asks more and more questions. The truth was that there were 3 types of guards for him. One type, which he had deals with and he was in good terms with them. Second type was the guards that he didn't interact with. Meaning, he didn't bother them, and they didn't bother him. And the third and last type. Those were the tricky ones. He was not in good terms with them because, well, he tends to kick their ordinary ass because they're jerks that think the can overpower the transgenics. Big mistake. And there were more then few like those in his life. It's just that he has this problem. He help to people (more correct saying transgenics) that are in trouble with other guards. Like this one time when he was on his way to the infirmary because he had a nasty cut from their sparring lesson. So he saw 3 guards attack a transgenic, apparently and X5. so of course he had to step in. besides the odds 1 to 3 want his bother, a transgenic could easily win that odds, but that transgenic was injured so those odds weren't good for him. So Alec stepped in and the guards didn't stand a chance. But he got 3 days in solitary with the other transgenic X5-708. And that's how he got to know X5-708, also known know as Speed, and they become very good friends. It was funny for him now to think about it. He should be thanking those stupid guards, cause if it wasn't for them, he probably wouldn't have met and get to know Speed. That thought made him smile a true smile for the first time in… well, in along time.

"It's been a bit boring" said Max. She was really bored with nothing to do but think, and that only made her more restless.

"Ah? Right o.k." Alec said distracted.

"What's o.k. with that?" asked Max annoyed with his response.

"No. never mind, I weren't really listening to you. More like thinking" Alec said. He didn't want to upset her anymore than she obviously was. But he was just distracted from something good, what more can he say?

"If you say so. So how was your sleep?" asked Max, hoping to get better results on this than on the guard issue.

"My sleep…it was good thanks" Alec said but he knew this wouldn't be the end of this. Max was just too curios and that was something about her he knew for sure. 'but curiosity killed the cat Maxie'he thought to himself ' and were part cat when thinking about it… hm… maybe that it?' he thought but he doubted this was Manticore's fault. They were guilty in many charges, but not in Max over curiosity.

"are you sure?" asked Max trying to sound as casual as she could when she just wanted to shout at him to stop lying to her and telling her everything's good, when something is totally wrong! 'Why do you care so much' she heard that nagging voice again. It's been asking her the same question for a while now, and she always managed to convince herself with some excuse. But she (and her inner voice) knew that she was in denial.

"I think I'm sure about how I slept Max" said Alec annoyed with her questions. She really didn't know when to stop. "Is there anything else I'm feeling that I don't know about Max?" he asked vhenemly

"I don't know. Is there?" she asked ignoring his tone.

"Max! Stop playing this game. You want to ask something than ask. I'm really not in the mood for this cat and dog chase anymore" said Alec seriously

Max noticed that he was serious and thought what's the worse that can happen and said,

"Well, the truth is that we kinda heard you in your sleep. You were restless and moaning and-"

"I get the picture thanks" Alec said angrily cutting her off. This was unfair. He never had to be in isolation with someone else, that's the whole point of isolation-being alone. But no, even here he can't get some rest 'I guess it's another torture and they're up there laughing' he thought but aid,

"So what do you want me to say" he asked tiredness in his voice

Max hears his tiredness and it was understandable since he didn't have that good of a sleep, and he, unlike her, really needed it. But she didn't know what to say, she just…

"I don't know, something other that everything's good" said Max. She really didn't know what she wanted from him, and more importantly, why?

"Fine! Everything sucks. I hate being here. I should have never followed you, I'll know better for next time. I hate this small and stupid cell and I hate that damn Smith. That when I'll get the chance I'll kill him, but not before he'll suffer. This whole situation stinks!" he said and settled his breath. "Happy?" he said exhausted and angry. But also with this light feeling for being able to take this package out of him, even if it was to an 09er, maybe she was one he could trust, cause she can't really hurt him more than she already had.

"No…"she let her answer trail off. She never heard him that angry before, maybe she hurt a soft point.

"So what do you want?" Alec asked like he was too tired for her questions

"I… I want... I just…" she wasn't sure what she wanted, only one thing she knew for sure,

"Yes?" Alec said. Now she was in his spot, she had to answer questions instead of asking them.

"I wanna get out of here, and fast." She said. That was the only thing she knew for sure that she wanted.

"Yeah, I know that, Josh knows that, those X6s know that. Heck, whole Manticore knows that. But not everything is around you. You see, I didn't ask what you want for your self, I asked what do you want from me?" now he was curious. Funny how she could make him happy, sad, angry and than curious and that's just in a few minutes…

"The truth?" asked Max

"That's what I prefer to hear, yes" he said honestly

"I want you to tell me how you are and I want you to know that I'm here if you need me cause you helped me even though you didn't want to and I respect that" said Max honestly too


"Hah? What's unbelievable? You don't believe me?" asked Max surprised. She thought he would be glad to hear the truth he so eagerly wanted to

"You are. You almost got me believing you that you would help me. That maybe you really cared about me. But I guess a tiger doesn't change its spots, and sure don't" said Alec blankly, with no emotion at all

"What are you talking about1 I offered you help and told you I got your back and you say that I'm lying to you! How stupid can you be?" she asked full with emotion, with angry

"Well, you see. I happen to remember what you said before that. Apparently you forgot so I'll remind you. You said you want to get out of here as soon as possible. So tell me this, why do you promise things you know you can't, and obviously wont, keep? I'm sorry but I just can't believe how hypocrite you are. You say we need to fight Manticore and that they hurt us and blah blah blah, but what did you really do about it? You run! That's what you did, you saved your sorry ass and who was left to suffer even more? We did, and you didn't even know. So you can take you offer to help me and save it and leave this damned place as fast as you want cause I don't even care if you'll go, not like you did much good to me. Look where I am thanks to your brilliant ideas! So thanks for the offer, but I think I'll pass" Alec said this time full with emotion, with anger.

It was clear to Max that this guy was tough, and that talking to him anymore today wouldn't do him or her any good. So she just sat there and thought about what he had just said. She hated to admit it, but he was kind of right. And that really pissed her. But she couldn't leave things like this. She wanted him to understand that she didn't mean to offend him or anything! So she sat there trying to form a plan in which she could arrange all this mess.


"Wow! You heard that?" asked Ben excited. They were out in the yard having some free time- as weird as it sounded- since their Co was at the infirmary and one of their unit members, well, somewhere. They had 10 minutes till its lunch time so they were outside thinking about the fascinating lesson they just had about heat. "So cool!"

"Really, I don't think that's so much fun" said Liz

"Why? I think it could be a lot of fun" said Ben with a smirk

"Yeah? A girl in heat. Fun? Did you even notice what you were doing today?" asked Liz with a pointed look at him

"Hm…" Ben didn't know what to say, everything was a bit clouded when it came to the earlier events of today. All he could remember was a desperate need to get Jess, and then he was kissing Liz instead. The thought made him grin

"What are you grinning" said Liz a bit angry. This was not funny! Everything just went out of hand and all that mess and everyone fighting. And Jess was enjoying that, and Jess was not like that. So this heat scared her. If she couldn't control herself when someone else was in heat. Then what will happen when she is in heat ' I hope Ben will be around. He kisses were so... Wow!' she thought and smiled mischeviously 'oh my god! Did I just think what I think I thought?' she thought shaken from her own thoughts.

"Hey, you o.k.? I was just joking, I know this is serious" said Ben when he noticed hoe Liz turned from serious to grinning mischievously to an undefined emotion, but surly not a good one, she looked uncertain and she frowned slightly like she didn't understand something important. Funny how good he could understand her feelings just from her eyes. "If you'll ever be in heat, I promise I'll take good care of you" promised Ben sincerely

"What!" said Liz in horror "no no no! You can't be around me when I'm in heat!"

"Why not?" asked Ben "I promise I won't take advantage of you! said Ben honestly searching her eyes for understanding

"I know you wont but,"

"But what?"

"You heard the teacher! When a male is near a female in heat he cant control his action so it doesn't matter what you want or think, cause all you think about when you're near a female in heat is that you want to, hm… mate with her" said Liz trying to explain him that even though his intentions are genuine, there is nothing he can do. "If I'm in heat, you should call some females and get me in isolation" said Liz seriously

"I know, I know. I just… man this sucks!" said Ben

"I know, but hey, it's not your fault, its Manticore's" said Liz trying to comfort him" but hey, aren't you supposed to comfort me? I'm the one that's going to be in solitary, not you!" said Liz after thinking about the whole situation.

"Yeah, you'll be in solitary, and I won't be able to see you until your heat is over! Believe me, I'm going to suffer a lot without you." Said Ben trying to avoid her look. After their making out session before he wasn't sure if she did it cause she feels something to him, or just because she was affected. And he wasn't sure if she knew why he did it, cause he liked her, not because he was affected. This whole situation was blizzard, but he knew one thing for sure and that was that he likes Liz. A lot.

"Oh... that so sweet" she said, she also had the same doubts but she was starting to think that he did really care about her. She could defiantly hear it in the way he was talking to her "I'm sure you'll survive" she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. The truth was that she always noticed him, but until earlier today she couldn't quite put her finger on why she was so interested in him. And now she knew better. She liked him, and how couldn't she? He was so cute and nice and caring. Always trying to make sure everyone id o.k., even if that means him getting hurt. She thought he had the best personality ever, and well, he was hot, no doubt there 'finally Manticore did something good ' she thought and smiled.

Ben noticed her smile and said

"That's how I like to see you. Smiling. You should always smile, you have a beautiful smile you know!"

"Thanks" she said and hoped she wasn't blushing! "And you should always make me smile. Cause if you'll make me sad I'm so gonna beat your ass!" she said jokingly

"Oh really?" he said with a smile, playing along "you really think you can beat me?"

"Hell ya!" said Liz

"I guess the only way to find out is checking, what do you say?" he said with a mischievous glint in his eyes

"What did you have in mind?" she said, now playing along with his terms…

"Something like, this-" he said closing the distance between them and just when they were about to kiss, Jett pops from behind the tree they were standing next to.

"Hey guys, whatcha doing?" asked Jett oblivious to what was going on between Ben and Liz. No one really noticed they were kissing before, everything's been a blur for practically everyone, especially the males, so Jett didn't know what was going on.

"Us, nothing why?" both Ben and Liz replied

"o.k..." said Jett obviously not convinced, but he knew better not to stick his charming nose were he wasn't invited so he said,

"Well, I was just talking with Kelly and she told me that Jess is in solitary and David's and the infirmary. He should come soon and join us at the mess hall." Said Jett

"Good, good. So how about with head to the mess hall, I'm kind of hungry" said Ben

"Yeah, me too, the whole heat thing made me hungry" said Jett

"You're joking us, right?" asked Ben

"Of course I am!" Liz said smiling "you see, you make me smile!"

"It's a gift what can I say" said Ben grinning

"One you should keep" she replied

"Hey! You guys gonna stand there and talk forever or what?" asked Jett with a smirk

"We're coming, we're coming! Chill…geez, what's the rush?" said Ben and the left to the mess hall, to that undefined substance Manticore calls food…

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