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Summary: no need for it.

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Winds of Change

I just stand there and watch them. Joyfully, Estel raises his heir and the people of Gondor cheer loudly. I had always found this procedure barbaric, but as I look at the faces of the men, women and children, I realise I was wrong. This is a time to simply be happy.

Our child cannot understand what is happening, but he is contented too I am so proud of my son. Eldarion… He is perfect. For Middle-Earth, he is the hope of a new and better world. And for me too. Just in a different way.

It is over now. I watch the jubilant people leave. They too beam with joy.

Then we are alone, standing there together without uttering a single word. I lay my head on his broad shoulders.

Suddenly, a wind blows from far South. From the sea. I know that, not only from the smell of salt. I feel the longing awakening in me, like it has done every time I have had something to remind me of the great water. Of my family, of my past. Far away on the other side... And for the first time, I can truly ignore it.

I look up at my beloved, who is watching me closely now. He is uneasy, I can see that clearly. He touches my cheek with a calloused, yet so gentle hand, holding Eldarion with the other. Time seems to stand still. Then I smile at him. And it is genuine.

Everything has changed.

The End

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