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Reconstruction began on Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade immediately. Draco and Ginevra spent two days with ministry officials giving report after report. Pansy spent those two days organizing funerals. She had been asked by her friends to work with the families of the dead to schedule them in such a way that they could attend as many as possible, hopefully no more than two simmultaneously so that at least one of them could be present. She was also given a list of names that both desperately wanted to be in attendance at. Then there were those that were completely inflexible. Neither would miss Remus and Tonks memorial, to be held at the same time, for anything. Draco refused to allow Ginevra to attend her brother's funeral without him.

Somehow Pansy worked it so that they would both be able to attend every single funeral of one fallen in the final battle. Many of the families had agreed to hold joint services with each other. When they were done with the ministry, Draco and Ginevra spent ten days honoring the dead. On the twelth day after the war they reluctantly attended a dinner in their honor. It was a fantastic affair held at Hogwart's. Two days later they attended a ball in honor of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. For a month they made public appearances and held press conferences. For six months they worked for the Aurors, helping them trace down the last of the death eaters that had escaped the battle. A year to the day they were married.

Ginevra had wanted a small wedding with only their close friends present but that proved to be impossible. Draco, however, determined to make his bride happy and give her exactly what she wanted, found away around their celebrity status. He threw an engagement party two months before the wedding was to be held. He invited only their close friends. After the engagement party Ginevra went to a spa in France for two weeks with Hermione and Luna to relax from the stress of planning a wedding. Draco was to spend those two weeks hunting with his soon to be brothers-in-law in the mountains of Germany. The Weasley men went hunting while Hermione and Luna went to the spa, but Draco and Ginevra spent their honeymoon on a cruise ship in the south Pacific. Upon their return they lived for six months as they had before, she managed to enjoy the massive public wedding, and then they went on holiday to southern Italy for a month.

The most interesting thing about their public wedding was the toast at their reception. Theodore, as the best man, would have been the one expected to deliver the toast, but he did not. Rather, Draco stood and raised his glass to get everyone's attention. "I would like to thank you all for being here today. This reception is not only a celebration of my happy union with this, thankfully, delusional woman, but a celebration of life. There are many who could not be here today and their absence is sorely felt." He moved his glass toward a row of unanimated portraits lining one wall of the hall. "Her father, Arthur, and brother, Bill. Our old headmaster, Dumbledore. Our very dear friends Silas Sikes and Gregory Goyle. Our..." he was beginning to choke up and Ginevra reached out hold her husbands arm, "our... well, there really isn't a word for what he was to us, Remus Lupin and his wife, the lovely Nymphadora Tonks." He closed his eyes for a moment. "And you really don't want me to name all of those we lost in the war, though I could." He indicated the last frame that held a list of all the fatal casualties, and he could indeed list them all without a glance or a hint. "In honor of their sacrifice we have decided to give a wedding gift to you all." Theodore waved his wand and a false wall behind them disappeared. There was beautiful statue of a Phoenix and on its base was inscribed all the lost and wounded as well as their ages. "It will be placed in the square of the new Diagon Alley. A toast to their immortal memory!" He raised his glass up high and all present lifted theirs before drinking to loved ones and heroes.

Ginevra accepted the post of teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts to become the youngest teacher in the history of the school. Draco intrusted his inherited business to men he trusted and took the post of Potions Master, Snape having retired. There were five Malfoy children, three Gryffindor and two Slytherin, though Slytherin had outgrown the negative conotation it had once bore by the time they were in school. Neville Longbottom gratefully sank into anonymity as the Herbology teacher and married Luna who replaced Trelawny in Divination. Pansy moved to Romania with Charlie when he returned to work with the dragons again. Fred and George continued with their joke shop and moved back home with their mother, sharing the borrow even after they both married and had families of their own. Theodore became a ministry official and eventually Minister for Magic. Siren eventually agreed to marry him and sang at the wedding of their son and the youngest Malfoy. Harry had a long career as Head Auror, assisted by Ron. Hermione Weasley was proffessor of Arithmancy at Hogwart's and eventually became Headmistress. She and Ron had seven children, only one female, the youngest, and named her Ginevra after her aunt. Every year, from the first on, a rather large and loosely defined family reunion was held at Malfoy Manor.

The statue of the Phoenix still stands in New Diagon Alley and a replica was made to stand in New Hogsmeade. Field trips are taken to the Hogsmeade monument every year in History of Magic.