A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Han solo and Luke Skywalker had just landed on a frozen planet called Hoth. Their mission was to see if the Jedi had been there and to see if it was suitable for a base, since the rebels had blown up the Death star there was no where to go.

Section one

Han said, " Luke are you there." "Yes", Luke said." so where do you want to start first Han." "Well let's set us a perimeter around the landing zone. You go right and I'll go left. Stay in Comm range." Luke said," ok". Two hours later at the Landing zone Han said," did you find any good place to set up a base." Luke said," No but I did find this rock circle with strange symbols with the middle carved out. Then all of a sudden the inside of the circle turned blue and there where four humans with the oddest-looking clothing and very primitive weapons. So I got up and turned my blaster to stun and stunned them. Then I took their vests and weapons. Before I stunned them they said they were explorers from Earth but I thought they were imperial spies in-disguise. Then I put them in an ice cave near by. After that I came directly back here, I think we should bring them back here." Han said "Sure maybe they know something about this planet and the circle thing."

Meanwhile sg-1 has just regained conscienceness and they find that they are upside-down with nothing but their Clothes. The order was Daniel, Teal'c, O'Neal and, Carter. Now they where all taken to the same base. Teal'c was first to be interrogated then Daniel, O ' Neal then finally Carter. After they where put back in their cell and stunned them so they would not make any noise. So now after the interrogation he still did not get what he wanted so had a torturedevise shipped to the now constructed base.

To be continued