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Red Apple

It had been two weeks since the 'frog' incident and Buffy was beginning to worry about Willow. Not once did she see this so called 'Doctor Thorn' and she was beginning to think that Angel must have been lying. But she well enough to go through another routine, to be around more patience's instead of being confined to her room as she found out earlier on. Not only was she worried about Willow but she was wondering when her parents were going to turn up. Wouldn't the hospital contact them already? After all it had been two weeks. But that wasn't what she was worrying about at the moment. She was in the Lunch hall with the other patiences. Buffy looked down at her food. It looked like a denomic blob she should be fighting. Green and yellow bits. She could actually hear Cordelia Chase screaming a big fat EWWWWWWWWW in her head.

"It's just food, I can eat it" Buffy said as she raised her plastic spoon and scoop some of it and pulled it to her mouth and the whispers came back. She placed the spoon down and they left. She contemplated to try again when a shadow covered her digusting meal.

"I wouldn't be eating that if I were you" a voice said.

Buffy looked up to see Willow there, her hair was in a long red plait that gave her the demeanour of a tough girl. If it wasn't for the friendly face Buffy would have sworn Willow would look like she could kick her ass. "Willow?"

"Yeah, Buffy right?" Willow said as she sat down next to her, taking her name as an invitation to.

"Err yeah, I thought you'd be-"

"Stuck in my room? Doctor Asshole Thorn finally let me out" Willow said "So thanks."

"Thanks?" Buffy said, a little shocked that Willow swore, Willow swears in this world?

"Wanna swap?" Willow said as she place the apple infront of her.

"Sure" Buffy said, "How did you get it?"

"I snuck out" Willow said "And I blackmailed one of the Nurses, can't stand the food here. In fact it doesn't look like food."

Buffy bit into her apple happily, hearing no whispers and thanking the gods that it tasted sweet too.

"Doctor O'Connor, your Doctor, put a good word in for me" Willow said with a small smile to Buffy "I've got a feeling it's to do with you."

Buffy swallowed the piece she was chewing "How would-"

"Nurse Madison doesn't stop ranting about your stubbornness" Willow said, "You tried nine times to get into my room, I ended up getting a security guard because of you".

"I'm sorry?" Buffy said, a little confused at how the girl was taking it.

"You got me in right giggles" Willow chuckled "Why did you want to talk to me so badly? Never wanted to before, in fact you never were around here"

"Things change, I guess I changed" Buffy said "Err, um, you sound sane, what are you doing here?" knowing fully well why.

"Memory relapse trigger, takes control over me. Even though I don't know what the memory is I know that when I go through it I have a total shutdown and then I'm dangerous to everyone and myself" Willow said, Buffy eyes widened "Doc's think I don't know about it, but sometimes they talk too loud. Thank you for keeping to yourself"


"Know? Yeah" Willow said "If Doctor O'Connor trusts you, then I'm willing to trust you. Even if you are insane."

Buffy chuckled "I don't think I'm that much insane anymore"

"How? I mean you're still here" Willow said.

"I don't know, I just woke up from it" Buffy said.

"Unless you're from a comma, no one just wakes up from a world they created" Willow said "Unless it was a dream. So, why were you put here?"

"I thought I was the Slayer" Buffy said.

"Slayer?" Willow asked, cocking her head inquisitively.

"Yeah. One girl in all the world to kick the baddies ass" Buffy said, looking at her apple like it could explain everything to what was going on around here. "Demons, nasty things. The whole nine yards. I was supper strong, could deal with anything nasty, had dreams that could help me. I was the protector of the human race, the guardian of the Hellmouth, a big honking magnet for evil by the way and guess where I am? In the nuthouse"

Willow looked at her quietly; she looked hopeful and yet scared.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"I'm quite sure if I should say this but err, there have been some strange things going around here" Willow said.

"We're in a nuthouse, of course it's going to be strange" Buffy said as she took another bite of her apple.

"No not that kind of strange" Willow said "Strange as in…this one girl left with a tattoo of the latin symbol of fire. Four days later she found burnt but she was a fire starter"

"Uh-huh" Buffy said.

"Another girl, was drowned five days later after she left and she lived by the sea" Willow said "Another girl thrown out the window had the chinease symbol tattooed on her. Another girl, lived on a mountain when she left there was an earthquake five days later and-"

"Let me guess, she died" Buffy said.

"Well, yeah" Willow said.

Going against her instincts she said "Willow, that was purely coincidence"

"They left on the same day down to the minute but different years" Willow said "And I think your next"

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