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Summary; 16 years ago, Piper Halliwell abandoned her youngest son. But Chris never wanted to accept the fact that his family never loved him. When he finds the truth, it's like a slap in the face...

A/N/ Some might say this is AU, but, come on! NO ONE ever mentions Chris anymore!


"OK, he's asleep upstairs, monitor's in the living room, and there's plenty of food in the cabinet. We won't be long!" quipped Piper Halliwell to her father, Victor as she zipped the coat of her oldest boy.

"Alright hon. But I'm still not sure why you aren't taking him with you. Chris loves the zoo," responded Victor slowly. They where gathered in the kitchen, Victor drying the dishes, and Piper preparing to spend some quality time with Wyatt at the zoo as a special treat. "And he's been a good boy, just like Wyatt."

With his back to his daughter, Victor failed to see the look that flickered over Pipers face. One who would have seen it might have described it as a mix of annoyance, and outrage, as though the idea of taking her baby out with her was a ludicrous idea...

"No, Chris is allergic to anything with fur," she explained, stooping down to pick up Wyatt. "Besides, he gets really fussy when he's out too long, and, well," she trailed off her voice quickly. "We'll see you later Dad!" and with that, she bustled out the door, Wyatt sitting contently on her hip.

Victor sighed, piling the last dish into the cabinet. He could see Pipers logic; Chris DID tend to get fussy a lot, but he'd always been a sort of nervous, jumpy child. Come to think of it, he'd always been nervous and jumpy PERIOD. Oh, well, he concluded, making his way up stairs, more time for us to spend together...


"Chris loves playing with Wyatt's friends!" Victor argued with his son-in-law, both of them getting a little testy. Leo was having a play group for Wyatt and his little friends today at the manor, and had asked Victor to take Chris back to his apartment for the day.

"They're two years older then him!" Leo snapped back. "Besides, he'd just get upset when the older kids ignored him, and start crying."

"He's one! That's what babies do!"

"Victor, please! I'm his father! I think I know what's best for him! Any way, we have to keep up pretenses! Two sets of cousins, with children the same age? How well would that go over?" and with that, he stormed away, leaving Victor alone in the attic with tiny Chris, who remained completely unaware of the emotions flying high in the room. Victor didn't even get to respond with a logical, Maybe the cousin adopted the orphaned baby, ever think of that?

"Alrighy Kiddo!" Victor chirped happily, for the benefit of his grandson. "Let's go. We'll have our OWN party at Grandpas. How's that sound?"

Chris just smiled and squealed happily up at his Grandpa, causing Victors heart to just melt...


"Please Dad! It's for his own good!" pleaded Piper desperately. "With the FBI on our case, and every one re-opening magic school, what can we do!"

Piper Paige and Phoebe had shown up on Victor doorstep late that evening, Piper coddling Wyatt on her hip, with Chris strapped in his stroller. As soon as he'd answered the door, they started begging Victor to take care of Chris for a week or so, until they could smooth the whole "Glamour spell used for personal gain comes back to bite them in the butt" thing out.

"Piper, you know I'd be glad to take Chris, but why not Wyatt?"

"Wyatts a lot more powerful then Chris. He can take care of himself, can't you sweetie?" she beamed proudly at her oldest...a look Victor had never seen her gaze at Chris with.

"Please, Daddy!" Phoebe wheedled. "Just for a couple of weeks! If we're exposed, they'll cart him off to some orphanage and we'd never see him again!"

Suddenly, Piper turned to her sister and said, in a rush, "Maybe we shouldn't leave him at Dad's, Phoebe. He's busy, and Caring for a baby is hard. There are plenty of good home in San Fr..."

"Don't you finish that sentence, Piper Halliwell!" Victor practical screamed. He couldn't handle the idea of Chris being carted off to some stranger. "Of course I'll take him! I'll be glad to take care of him however long you need me too!"

"Great!" Piper smiled broadly, pushing the stroller inside and depositing Chris's diaper bag beside him. "We'll be back for him... Thanks so much Dad!"

And Piper and her sisters turned away, Piper still holding Wyatt close to her, stroking back his thin blonde curls. There confident stride and giddy smiles weren't ones of a family in danger of being arrested, or that of a mother being separate from her baby. Victor shook his head in shock, not wanting to believe it. She didn't, she would never, ever...

No, Victor, stop lying to yourself, he scolded. Numb from disbelief, he turned and closed the door behind him, and unstrapped Chris from his stroller, holding his tight as he quite happily drooled over Grandpas shoulder.

Walking him over to the window, he stared out onto the parking lt, searching out his daughters car. He spotted them just as they were closing the doors, and Victor caught a glimpse of Piper through her window, smiling brightly back at Wyatt.

"Bubye Mommy!" babbled Chris, waving his tiny little hand, gigging as he used the words that Victor had taught him. God knows he used it enough now adays.

But this was different, and Victor knew it. Gently running his hand over Chris dark hair, he stood quietly for a moment, letting it all sink in.

Piper Halliwell had abandoned her baby.