Chapter 7

An hour later, Forge arrives at Muir Island to pick up Sabertooth in a government aircraft. Reassuring the two teams that he would keep a close eye on him, he boards the craft and leaves the island behind.

Meanwhile, in the medlab, Shadowcat's new injures have been tended to, though she still rests in the medlab, rather than returning to her own room. Sleeping, she has no knowledge of the two people that are currently sharing the room with her and watching her intently.

"The dream," says Storm. "It was a warning. But who sent it?"

"Don't know, darling," replies Wolverine, shaking his head.

Falling silent, the two continue to watch the sleeping woman. Only minutes slip by, before Shadowcat wakes up and opens her eyes.

"Hi," says Shadowcat, smiling.

"Good morning, Kitten," replies Storm. "We came to say good-bye."

"Bye?" asks Shadowcat, glance between them.

"We're leaving soon, pum'kin," replies Wolverine, reaching down to take one of her hands into his and giving it a gently squeeze.

"So, it's over?" asks Shadowcat.

"Yes, Kitten," replies Storm, as she brushes a piece of hair out of Shadowcat's face.

"When will I see you guys again?" asks Shadowcat.

"Soon, I hope," replies Storm.

Glancing away once, Shadowcat returns her gaze with a cheeky grin.

"And under better conditions," says Shadowcat.

Nodding her head, Storm leans down and gently kisses Shadowcat's forehead before stepping away. Releasing her hand, Wolverine also moves away from the bed. Walking over to the doorway, they turn once more to look at Shadowcat only to find that she has fallen asleep again.

A small tear comes to Storm's eye. Blinking her eyes, the tear cascades down her cheek, only to be wiped away by Wolverine.

"My child is no longer a child," says Storm.

"Physically, she's a woman, darling," replies Wolverine, glancing once more at Shadowcat before turning his gaze to Storm. "But to us, she'll always be a child."

Leaving the medlab, they head to the landing pad and board the BlackBird. Moments later, the craft takes flight and heads back to America.


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