Title: The Dead Can Rise Again

Author: Nile Reina

Pairings: HP/SS, OC/DM, RL/OC/SB, implied RW/HG

Category: Romance, Dark/Horror, Drama

Rating: M

Summary: The Dark Era has been vanquished, or at least that's what the Magical World thought. Someone has decided to regain dominate control of the fallen Dark Era by using a very ancient, and purposely lost, spell to raise the dead tortured soul of Voldemort beneath a clueless world's nose.

Archive: FFN and Unique Realities

Warnings/Disclaimirs: Not mine...Just borrowing...Really belongs to J.K. Rowling...But I do own the OCs...M/M & M/F & M/F/M pairings involved...Warning: a couple chapters have violence and bloodshed written into the plot...I will be alerting everyone which chapters they are with a warning once posted

Author Notes: This is the sequel to Death's Messenger...I believe this will try to answer some questions asked and maybe clear up a bit of confusion...I also wish to give credit to someone (I have forgotten which one but I believe they are a member to my group) for giving me the basis to start this story...Also, the title to this sequel has been altered from its orginial for easier reading

Chapter One

Most dungeons never allow entrance of natural light. Most never even have magical windows installed. But then again those residing in the stone halls of the majestic castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry were known to have the impossible.

One such room belonged to rich, blonde, Slytherin Head Boy Draco Malfoy. Said male was currently sprawled in a warm bed, curled beneath a heavy object. Even half-asleep, he couldn't quite figure out what that object was.

Sleepy grey eyes opened to see long strands of blonde hair. Blinking rapidly, he vaguely wondered how his hair had grown overnight when the object shifted.

Deeply sleeping, Silver Mage Lucas refused to realize that dawn hadapproached. As a Litherian Elf he didn't care that a set of magical windows allowed a charmed view of a sunrise to enter. He absolutely refused to wake. Simply shifting, Lucas vaguely realized that he wasn't alone. Nor did he feel a sudden change of temperature in the shocked body beneath him.

Grey eyes widened as the Slytherinblonde realized he was barely dressed with a half-naked elf lying practically atop him. This caused a rosy flush to warm his entire body. Fully embarrassed Draco suddenly remembered what had happen the night before. He remembered the professors had confronted War Mage Osiris, only to find out the Mage was really Harry Potter. But he hadn't cared who the Mage was, because in a way he was simply grateful that he wouldn't serve someone like Voldemort. He refused to bow to anyone, it simply wasn't a Malfoy, or him. Then again his father did bow, showing a weakness. "Hmm."

Draco jerked at the humming vibration against his throat as a lithe body stretched against his. Eyes clenched tightly, he fought his instinctive reactions and through gritted teeth he tried to gain the other's attention, "Uh, Lucas?"

Lucas didn't want to wake but a consistent voice kept calling him, his bed continuously moved as well. Groaning, he shifted and gripped his pillow tighter when it suddenly squeaked.

Draco had repeatedly called out the elf's name when the said elf grabbed his hips and curled closer. In response he had squeaked quite loudly, forcing the Mage to wake.

Within seconds of that squeak Lucas flew to his feet, two decorative daggers clutched tightly in his hands, ready to defend or attack. Icy blue eyes quickly searched for their opponent, instead they locked onto a wide-eyed Draco Malfoy. A student still in school and looked almost naked beneath the emerald silk sheets. "Draco?"

Grey eyes were locked on the half-dressed elf, "Uh, yeah?"

"Please say we only fell asleep."

As a Slytherin Draco could lie and enjoy it but the desperate plea and the fact Draco just didn't have the nerve made the blonde answer, "Yes! We just fell asleep!" Beneath his breath he muttered, "Besides I'd know if we went further than a few touches."

The daggers dropped to the floor as Lucas hurried to soothe his mate. Curling against the younger warmth, Lucas inhaled the intoxicating scent of exotic cologne overlaying smooth almond. He had learned over time that his mate's family did their best to keep Draco a virgin until his eighteenth birthday where he would have been a consort to Voldemort, until his death, and to marry Pansy Parkinson just to produce a Malfoy heir. "I didn't mean anything by it. I don't want you to be my mate fully until your schooling is done."

With a suspicious whimper to his voice and a tremble to his smile, Draco tried to be a true Malfoy as well as himself, "I know. But there are times I wish I could." His body began to tighten in fear, "I've been cursed and berated for not being the perfect Malfoy. If I was physically hit, my father was sure not to show them. To everyone I was the perfect Malfoy, always getting my way. But no one knew about the imperfect boy being trained as a whore for a man more than twice his age and then married to a manipulative female only after power and money."

"Shh. I've got you now and I'm not letting go." Draco buried himself into the warm embrace, trying not to sob.

As the two blondes shared a hug, another couple were sharing their emotions. "I can't believe he lied to us! We would have never betrayed him!"

"Sirius! Sit!'

Sirius Black almost ignored his surroundings when a growl interrupted his steadily rising tirade. Sheepishly, he did as the growling voice told. He had almost forgotten there were two other people trying to sleep when he went from a mental to a verbal argument. "Sorry, Remy."

Bleary eyed, Remus Lupin barely lifted his head to tell his male mate to sit. He could hear the steadily rising voice berate its godson while trying to sleep, "You're up early."

"Couldn't stay asleep. I keep thinking about last night. Why couldn't he trust us?"

Both men then stared at the young demon in their bed. Feral tawny eyes glittered, "Isis, love, wake up."

The demanding tone penetrated the demon's head. Instantly, her body trembled into its complete submissive state. Struggling to wake, she moved into a sitting position to show her obedience. But her movements were slightly hindered by her wings.

Both men watched her struggle beneath the tangled sheets and heavy wings. They were glad that her wings rarely made an appearance. "Isis."

Blank lavender eyes stared between her mates as they began the volley of questions. "Did you know Harry Potter was War Mage Osiris?"

"We all did." She sounded empty, almost as if she was beneath the power of Veritaserum, one of the most powerful truth potions created.

"Why didn't you tell us?"

"Despite my being claimed, I am a Mage. Therefore, we are forbidden to give any personal secrets to those outside our order without either the council's or the one in question's permission. Even as a demon before Mage, I could die for betraying my kind or my queen's orders."

Remus frowned but seemingly understood that Isis couldn't tell even if they had asked. "How long would he have hidden this?"

"Until Tom's death. But he did promise that if he was called upon his familiar face he would have told." Stunned, both men could only stare as neither was sure what to say next. Especially considering their stupidity and curiosity didn't allow them to question the War Mage upon his similar looks to their godson. How could they have missed that?